Reviews for Duke Nukem Forever: Hail to the Icons Parody Pack


Nice apart from the price

Finka_Karfein | May 25, 2012 | See all Finka_Karfein's reviews »

It's a good add-on for the multiplayer game, the 3 new modes are really cool and still the people out there are great to play with. And maps - it's pure humour and good design. New weapons are also a new lease of life Duke Nukem Forever multiplayer mode. However, there are some downsides. Firstly, the price - this DLC is overpriced and you should buy it only during sales. Members of the Duke club got it for free so there's quite a lot people to have fun with this one. And only them because the add-ons are unavailable for those who don't own them and want to join the host. All in all, it's good to have it but for a lower price.



Blubberito | March 7, 2012 | See all Blubberito's reviews »

It's awesome - what a fun! The 3 new multiplayer modes are pretty cool. Take your friends and have fun! This DLC is very interessting to all Duke Fanz :-) HAIL TO THE KING, BABY!