Reviews for Brink (UK)


Didn't get the success it deserves...

zhack075 | Sept. 2, 2012 | See all zhack075's reviews »

Splash Damage gave us one of the best multiplayer FPS but thanks to an awful release ( thanks to bethesda ), it is now empty. The customisation is great. Even if character's one is quite simple, weapons' customisation is awesome and permit you to create your own play style. Graphics are quite good, not perfect but good. A french review consider this game as "the best team based FPS since Team fortress 2" and in my opinion it's true. You can't win without teamplay and each of the 4 classes are useful and different. Actually this is a powerful feature of this game. Even thought bots aren't as stupid as they're told, it's a shame that most of the servers are now empty. I trully think this awesome game didn't get the success it deserves.


Highly original, but largely unloved

Cooberstooge | Aug. 2, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

Brink is too original for its own good. That is the only conclusion I have been able to come up with for why so many gamers absolutely despise it. If more work had been done on the campaign, and further refinements to weapon balancing and squad workings had been undertaken, Brink would still be out there kicking butt and taking names. Being able to slide over, under, along, and around objects and cover is easily the highlight of this title. There's nothing like running out of ammo, only to take down a foe by sliding across a desk and snapping his neck with a foot in the chops. Crank the speakers up in a battle, and you're liable to make the folks next door call the cops and say we're being invaded - you can identify a weapon by the sound it makes, for once. Graphically, it manages to keep a style all its own, somewhere between the cartoony wackiness of TF2 and the seriousness of BF2. What's the best part of Brink? That's easy: the guns. Not, mind you, actually using them...but customizing them. Ever wanted a silenced shotgun? Brink's your man. How about a minigun that'd make Duke Nukem weep? It's all in there! I highly recommend this, if you're like me and take most reviews with a grain of salt, and want to finally blow somebody away with a gun you can call your own. The multi is dying, but the campaign is plenty long enough to keep you busy for a while.


Not a good game at all

StewartX | July 31, 2012 | See all StewartX's reviews »

I was really hyped for the release of Brink, the videos and trailers made it look like it was going to be game of the year material however upon release it was a mess. Was buggy and not fun to play at all. Imagine Team Fortress 2 but did everything wrong. It was a multiplayer game with empty servers and the bots are just brain dead. I'm sorry to say that I didn't enjoy this at all. Still, each to their own so if you see it for under $5 buy it, give it a shot and at least then you can say you tried it. Grpahics: 7/10 Gameplay: 2/10 Story: 2/10 Multiplayer: Yes


A Great Disappointment

Endyo | June 1, 2012 | See all Endyo's reviews »

The hype around this game was more than you'd see for your average game. It looked like it would really raise the bar in class based shooters. However, dodgy interfacing and controls along with laggy gameplay and limited scope really turned a good concept into a bad game. It had its moments of intense action that kept me playing for a little while, but those moments were fleeting and rarely occurred. The firefights were generally bland affairs with little to do but fire and respawn. The weapons don't seem to have much kick or responsiveness, nor do they seem to lose any accuracy as you'd assume a weapon of that nature would. I wish I could say more about the gameplay, but there's not much to it. Each side has objectives that lie behind enemy lines. They do require some class synergy, but even that seems to be overridden by how shallow the game really is. If Brink has one thing going for it, it looks nice. The environments are detailed and responsive and the art style for the character is unique. The animations they perform seem to be concise and realistic given their physical structure. It's fun to look at if you can stand to play it for long. I honestly wish the game was as entertaining as the trailer. It had me roped in from the start, but it's just not anywhere near as good as it should have been.


Good ideas, bad AI

catranizi | Feb. 7, 2012 | See all catranizi's reviews »

If you can get a group of 8 or more together, and work as a team to beat the AI or another team of players, then this game is for you. It has decent maps, a decent weapon system and upgrades, interesting customization options and a relatively interesting way of presenting objectives in game. If you are looking to play this with two or three friends against the AI, then it is not for you. Your AI teammates are beyond stupid, routinely doing the same mistakes over and over, not protecting mission objectives, while the opposing AI scales with your level and becomes brutally precise near the end of the game, leaving you to repeat missions over and over with your braindead AI teammates. It would seem like something that would have been somewhat easy to fix or patch but alas, it has yet to happen.


Good concept, but...

R4Z13L | Jan. 4, 2012 | See all R4Z13L's reviews »

Prior to its launch, Brink seemed like one of those games that was the love child of some of the best games on the market. In the case of Brink, it seemed to be a mixture of Borderlands (art style - graphics), Team Fortress 2 (Classes system) and perhaps CoD/BF (weapon customization). While back then this seemed to be a winning combination, it turned out to be pretty mediocre for me. Firstly, the positive side of things: + The graphics are great. The art style is wonderful and there is a fair bit of detail. The whole style of the game isn't so realistic like some other games and seems to be on the lighter side of things (Thus the comparison with TF2/Borderlands). The characters look pretty good and are fairly detailed, although some of the textures on the environments are not as good, but generally this game looks pretty good. + The sound quality, is overall ok. Weapons sound good, although some better than others, and the ambient effects set the mood fairly well, with other sound effects, although they aren't too strong. The music, for the most part, is ok, but sometimes it doesn't seem to fit in well, and other times you don't even notice it. The character voices are ok, I don't really know what to say there. + Customization (character/weapons) is pretty nice, with a huge variety of weapons and attachments you can put on, such as scopes, extra magazines, silencers, etc. These aren't anything revolutionary and we've seen similar stuff in many other games but this does still add a bit of depth into the whole customization factor and makes it more enjoyable. Most of the weapons and attachments work well and for the most part, are balanced, although a few are somewhat useless, but it depends on how you see the certain weapon/attachment. - Multiplayer is alright, however once you've leveled up your character and such, it gets pretty boring as there is not much to do. If you still enjoy PvP gameplay then its not bad although the online community isn't as alive as before, however co-op is great and pretty fun although some of the missions are repetitive and boring. - One of the downsides of Brink is the large amount of bugs. While there have been patches, the bugs are still rampant (as you would expect in a Bethesda game, really) and you can expect anything form getting stuck, having visual anomalies, freezing, crashing (to desktop) or having your system lock up (Possibly related to drivers or other software though). There are also the few times where the game will crash shortly after you start it. I think overall this game is alright. Pretty fun, especially with friends, and if you're thinking of getting it in a sale, then its worth it (if its at a low price), however I wouldn't spend too much on it as it gets old pretty quickly, or you might just not enjoy playing it with all the problems it gives. Really a shame, this could've been a great game had Bethesda spent more time testing the quality of the final product,but as always, they didn't. :p