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Red Shark Review

irogue | Aug. 31, 2011 | See all irogue's reviews »

For those who want to immerse themself without reading a 100 paged manual to fly a helicopter and still get a sense of combat without too much arcade feel then this is a good starting point,there is 15 missions in total your arsenal consists of 3 weapons “Vikhr” anti-tank guided missiles, “S-8″ unguided missiles, and 250 mm automatic cannons. There is 3 combat areas: Russia, the Western Europe-Russian border, and Libya all three regions are pretty well depicted in the game. Control system you can use keyboard mouse and or gamepad though using a gamepad really is the last choice tbh. Graphics are not as greta as most "Aracade type games which concentrate more toward this area however they are passable" and the animation is a not greta either and seems a touch jerky, the use of lights in battles are nice and add a bit to the visuals. Also Trees or buildings can be destroyed which adds to the overall feeling of destroying something, as does the terrain deform which is nice. I would reccomend buying this if you are new to helicopter games and dont want to spend a month learning how to take off, the enviroments are pretty large and you spend alot of time just flying around exploring aswell as fighting.


Heli of a lot fun.

robertification | April 12, 2011 | See all robertification's reviews »

As you might not understand the joke in the title, I'll tell you what this game's about. You are the pilot of a helicopter and have to try to alter history for the better. The graphics could be better, but the gameplay is so much fun, you'll take it for granted. It's fascinating to wonder how history could have been, by just playing this game. There's not very much to it, but it's a great game and definitely worth buying.