Reviews for Hearts of Iron II: Complete [Legacy]


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mutsuriini | June 8, 2013 | See all mutsuriini's reviews »

Hearts of Iron 3 was a highly ambitious project that in many ways is light-years ahead of its predecessor, HoI 2, even heavily modded. The Vanilla game had a shaky start (to say the least) but over the years since its release it has become a massive success, a true re-imagining of the Hearts of Iron series. The game needed the two expansions and countless patches (all included in this Collection) to become fully fleshed out, so entry into HoI 3 from here is an absolute must. Its major difference compared to HoI 2 is in its enhanced automation; the player simply chooses the parameters and goals and the armies will order themselves until their objectives are reached. Getting allied support along the front is equally simplified, reducing the need to constantly shuffle expeditionary forces during larger military maneuvers. The player can choose to deactivate this automation at any time in favor of micro-managing armies (as in HoI 2), allowing the more tedious tasks to be maintained by the computer (e.g. defense of front) while the player can mount a proper attack on another front.


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jeyko | Aug. 18, 2012 | See all jeyko's reviews »

Hearts of Iron 2 is an amazing grand strategy game. It takes place during World War 2 and its consequences. All the scenarios are historically correct and based off actual events, but there is skirmish too. The whole game is just an awesome and irreplaceable experience. You can command all of the actions your troops and country do and fight your way to dominance. It's just so satisfying. If you even remotely like history or strategy games, get HoI2 as it is one of the, maybe even the best, strategy games I have ever played