Reviews for Gotham City Impostors


Amazing Game, Horrible GFWL

IganX | July 23, 2012 | See all IganX's reviews »

Fun for hours, colourful and stunning graphic art-style, and a dynamic gameplay make this game a must for you FPS lovers who are looking for something fresh. If it wasn't for GFWL this game might get to be something quite big, but still, its enjoyable until it crashes and you start getting those annoying updates.


Fun game while you can play it.

MarvinUQ | July 17, 2012 | See all MarvinUQ's reviews »

The game is not outstanding, is good and fun, but I uninstalled cause of the GFWL update system, after like the 4th time of re download the update without being able to play was just enough trying, if you have no problems with the update it could be a fun game, if not it will be frustrating,


Utterly odd, awesomely fun

Mattiebo | June 15, 2012 | See all Mattiebo's reviews »

When I first saw this game I thought it was just another downloadable FPS which I would throw away after a few weeks. When it came out, reports of game-breaking bugs and matchmaking problems made it even less appealing to me, but I decided to buy it while it was cheap on a GMG sale, and I'm glad I did. I've played a lot of multiplayer FPS games and after a while, they just all get so samey and boring, but Gotham City Imposters aims to shake up the formula a bit. An FPS set in Gotham City seems like a strange idea, but the iconic landmarks and characters that are payed homage to server as terrific fan service in an FPS that is as much about having fun as it is about shooting the guy in the cardboard mask in his face. The game is packed full of customizability. You can unlock and buy new weapons, appearence items, calling cards and slogans, all of which contribute towards making your character completely unique. Gameplay-wise, GCI plays pretty much like any other FPS, but with fun additions including the ability to fly and move really fast depending on a special item you can choose in your loadout. If you're looking for a fun, over-the-top first person shooter with tonnes of customizability and a lot of reason to keep playing (I believe the level cap is at 1,000), then Gotham CIty Imposters is a great game to consider.


A very satisfying and very fun

0rolando0 | June 13, 2012 | See all 0rolando0's reviews »

This game is a combination of Call of Duty and Team Fortress, wich is a really good combination, giving the humor of TF2 and the real weapons of COD; bringing you lots of fun


Call of Duty lost brother

Frypo | May 23, 2012 | See all Frypo's reviews »

This game is absolutely like COD trippin' ! Why ? Because you won't see Cod being this colorful. This game is one of its kind. The Gadgets, fun facts,characters all makes this game completely different from all modern shooters. First round for a newbie maybe be kinda "rough" cause of all the high levels with more weapons and skill and utc. But after few rounds it all balances. One more great thing about GCI is community and the company who made this game, they are always listening to what their fanbase tells or asks. Still there are some overpowered weapons or gadgets, so instead of nerfing them down to complete useless, you have a way how to counterattack "Rocketspam" "Juggernaut". This feature makes gameplay unique. Whatever class you will choose, you will have strong sides and weak sides making you in need of your teammates. What makes me love this game so much is the way how they deal with over powered things, not nerfing them down but giving you ways to beat it. Overall making this one of the best 15 bucks spent on a game !


Expect good things

Spattercat | April 14, 2012 | See all Spattercat's reviews »

I've really enjoyed my time with this game. It's got all of the elements you'd expect from a team- based shooter, thrown into a neon grinder. Thing is, there are more than the basic options to be found here. Plenty of unlocks, with WACKY being the guiding principle. It's not enough for you to be a light body type... try having six to choose from. Some of the combinations are flat out overpowering, until you learn how to adapt. That's really the way of this game... You'll be able to unlock your preferred kit pretty quickly, which is nice because it puts you on an even footing with the folks that have been playing since launch. However, it won't be long before you start having second thoughts. Maybe you're being overwhelmed by heavy body types on gliders (with rocket launchers!). Maybe some beanpole on roller skates and a megaphone is racing circles around you. You'll want to unlock more, just to find the right combination to take down that "flavor of the month". There are plenty of unlocks to be had, many of which are cosmetic (including a customizable calling card). The animations are fun, and reflect the developer's intent to a T. Loading the ball bearings in your "mini gun" brings it all home... the distinct weapon types, the spot- on sounds, and the feel of impact when shooting are all top notch. It's a pretty fast- paced game. You won't be camping, because there are too many ways to be exposed. Lots of aerial tactics and shooting on the run. The devs are seemingly gung ho, too... one free dlc so far (new map and unlocks) and something planned for the near future. I probably like it more than I have a right to, but it's got a seedy charm that especially appeals to a comic book fan. Bright colors, fast action, and wise crackin' bad guys. Doesn't get much better. My only real detractions involve the repetitive nature of the game play, but that's always going to be true of team- based shooters. More maps and gametypes (3, at present) will alleviate that.


Quite generic, but with a bit of a twist

ShiroYasha | March 5, 2012 | See all ShiroYasha's reviews »

The premise of the game itself is quite good. Set in a Gotham where wannabe Batmans and Jokers are everywhere, it's got quite a nice ring to it. However, the gameplay itself is a bit.. regular. Weapons are the regular deal: Rifles, Sub-Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles and such. This isn't major but I feel like they could've been a bit more creative and wacky with the weapons, especially with the Jokers. Gameplay-wise, this game plays like a normal shooter (say, Call of Duty) mixed in with something like Team Fortress 2. It has a class system with customization, which means you are able to choose which weapons you want for which class. There are also different types of items different classes can use, such as an invisibility bomb or a cape which grants gliding. This is kind of a bad thing. Players are able to equip items and such to classes such as a heavy, which makes it hard to kill them in itself, but with their own additions they can easily move around the field without worrying about how their weight should affect movement speed. Other than that complaint, the game itself is still quite fun. If players aren't necessarily abusing the class system, you can easily get quite a fun experience out of this game. The graphics are also quite nice. While not amazing they are still easy on the eyes and they definitely fit the game's mood and style itself.