Reviews for Mass Effect 3: N7 Digital Deluxe Edition (EU)


The final chapter of the epic sci-fi videogame franchise

FreeMan85 | May 23, 2012 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

You probably heard about the rant about the game ending, changes, graphics, etc. So I skip these and I wrote about what's good in Mass Effect 3 and why I liked it. The gameplay and action is similar to ME2 a bit arcade like, but more fluid and action oriented. Shepard moves and actions are more fit to intense gameplay, then in the previous titles. They also add a great melee weapon: the Omni-blade! The well known Omni-tool became a deadly and silent close combat weapon. The weapon and armor upgrades are more like in ME1, but much simpler and clearer. You bought or find the upgrade then on the weapon bench you can upgrade, mod your weapons. And there' no more class speficied weapons. Shepard can use any type of weapons, but much weapons has much weight, which slows down the skills cool down time. But you can find upgrades to light weapons or right loadout selection. The skill tech tree is became much detailed with a nice tree like graphicon. You can choose, check and see which upgrades what type of effect has for Commander Shepard. We got plenty of weapons and new skills too. But we can use heavy weapons just in specific circumstances. One more thing I liked in ME3: you can found every previous games armors, weapons and other stuffs. Now you can simply buy them from in-game shops! Like the Collector Armor or Dragon Age Blood Armor or the Terminus armor, etc. You can also choose in the settings to remove Shepard's helmet in the cut scenes. And your team members will interact with each other on the ship! Yes, you can find them to talk each other via com or the bar, or they simply not their used posts. Makes the ship feel more like real and live. The co-op multiplayer is an awesome addition to the game. You will like it, it's simple and straight. A simple survivor type game mode with specific sub-mission between waves. There's 8 maps and 3 type of enemy. All 6 class is playable. There's also alien races like: Krogan, Salarian, Asari, Turian, Drell, Quarian, Batarian, Geth - all of them with unique skills and moves! About the N7 edition stuff: From Ashes: a short, but interesting mission to the main game. I'm guess I don't spoil anything, if I tell the new team member is a Prothean (by name Javik), who is the last survivor of his species and you can find him on Eden Prime. Pick him up soon, because his got a few secret about the last cycle, got a nice rifle (a Particle Beam weapons which doen't need heat clips) and he's on of the best character in the ME universe! I recommend take him with you everywhere, you will witness a few intereting and funny conversations. N7 gears: nice N7 arsenal, if you play as a soldier maybe you will find more interesting then me. I prefer class specific skills like Engieneer or Sentinel. Of course these weapons can be added to any team member. N7 hoodie and dog: the leisure like suit is a nice addition to Shepard's casual outfits. He/she has a few anyway, but you will ike that one better. And the robotic dog... well, she's cute, but sadly she can be found at the cargo deck only. Art book and comic book: the art book has nice sketches and concept arts, they're beautiful! But beware! Read after you finished the game, contains minor spoilers. The Invasion comic book first issue tells a story how Aria loose her space station and ended up on the Citadel. Soundtrack: ME3 has a great score. Some tracks reminds me to TRON and it's not a big suprise since two composer worked on TRON: Evolution video game soundtrack. Clint Mansell has a nice theme for the game. And the enthusiast will happy the digital soundtrack is in full bitrate WAVE format! Mass Effect 3 is a great and epic sci-fi action RPG. The combine of previous games makes a perfect mix. The graphics could be better, but it's not that bad. And if you have an older PC which can runs the first game at maximum settings you will run ME3 at maximum settings too. Can't say that much game series. Also gives you even more content, if you import a character. You will encounter many familiar faces, if they survived in the previous games. If you played the previous Mass Effect games, get it! If you like sci-fi games or the action RPGs, get it! If you simply want a great game with great content plus multiplayer, get it! It's a great game with a few flaw, but with rich content and epic moments, especially for a fan. The N7 edition is a perfect choice for a fan of the series!