Reviews for Armada: Gold


Great 4x Game!

warspite2 | Nov. 5, 2012 | See all warspite2's reviews »

Start by saying I am a long time veteran of 4x space games. I can certainly say this is one of the better 4x games out there. Strong AI and so much depth and addictiveness just as you would expect from these type of games. You can even fight with ground units on planet level. Also really nice diplomacy model. The gold edition here comes with the supernova expansion pack so at the low price GMG is offering this game, you can't go wrong! I highly recommend.


Great Game but takes time to learn!

FalconGrey | April 16, 2012 | See all FalconGrey's reviews »

This is a great game but it takes a lot of time and practice to get into how the game thinks and works. Once you get a feel of the game engine, the game is worth playing. I gave it just shy of 75 as a score due to the fact that it is similar to many games out there, especially Galactic Civilization. The feel is very similar in fact. The difference is the battles are less spectacular but you can control the battle and its outcome.