Reviews for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition


One of the best RPGs of the last generation.

heerox328 | Dec. 7, 2014 | See all heerox328's reviews »

Do you love BioWare storytelling? Do you love a dark, mature, and more realistic fantasy setting? Do you enjoy a game that offers morally ambiguous choices where there is no right or wrong option? The Witcher 2 is just the game for you.

This is the story of the anti-hero Geralt of Rivia, the legendary Witcher, on a quest for answers and to clear his name. Witchers are mutants, humans modified through alchemy and mutagens, created to slay monsters. I will not talk about the plot, but as the title of the game suggests, regicide plays a large role in the experience. There are a lot of politics, a lot of war, and a lot of relationships that are built as the story progresses.

You don't technically need to play The Witcher 1, but I would highly recommend it to be familiar with the characters and what is happening early on in the game. None of the choices in The Witcher 1 really impact The Witcher 2 in any major way, but the last moments of The Witcher 1 directly tie into this game.

The combat, while loved or hated, provides a tactical and challenging approach to engagements. You must use your wit, your signs, your accessories, and your Witcher swords to successful obtain victory. There are also quite a few romances that are possible, and large environments to explore in every chapter of the game.

I really do not have a criticism of this game as it more or less improves upon the original in every way. Definitely a must buy for all RPG fans. This game is on sale a lot, so definitely keep an eye out.


Some very nice extras.

scottnat | April 20, 2012 | See all scottnat's reviews »

The extras of the enhanced edition (or free ~11-12 gig patch for standard Witcher 2) really add some gloss. The new opening cinematic alone is gorgeous and makes it worth the download/buy if you're a fan of the game. I've only played a little of the extra mission content - tutorial, and some of main game extras - but what's there fits in very well with the non-Enhanced version content. Also, I'm not sure how extensive it is but it feels like the game is running a little smoother; as though some extra effort has gone into an engine overhaul along with the new content - though whether this is a result of this EE specific version/patch or prior patches that have been included in the EE version but were available prior to it I'm not sure.