Reviews for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action


Expected more

Kwydin | Feb. 6, 2014 | See all Kwydin's reviews »

I had more hopes for a rework of the series, well I'm slightly dissapointed. Better graphics and nice 3D effects. Gameplay is a bit better than earlier and I really like the active pause and action planning with possibility to time actions of your merc's. Change from actions based on turn/point into times needed in active mode. Less accessories and no more DIY accessories. Health regained instantly after applying meds (no need to wait for them to heal) - exception when your merc was revived. Merc's are employed for the whole game - it was bit of a pain to remember to renew your contract but it was more realistic + earlier you could hire more expensive merc's for a shorter time. You can only hire military by giving them a weapon personally (the pain ...) . Overall still a fine game to play.


Enjoyable Game

Woundead | Oct. 12, 2013 | See all Woundead's reviews »

I found this game fun and intresting to play. Pausable "turnbased" strategy with some rpg elements with level ups och likes/dislikes towards other mecenaries(party members). You loot money and weapons and in turn can make your mercs better and/or hire new better and more expensive mercs. Fun game I recommend, although I have not played the previous games in the series.


Good but should be better

bala1201 | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all bala1201's reviews »

As a great Jagged Alliance fan I had very high expectations when I tried this game. Well, at first sight it was a disappointment. On the first map I easily killed all the guards with an axe, I couldn't repair my kevlars, the AI is incredibly stupid without any tactical sense they simply start running towards you and shooting when in range.The difficulty only means increased numbers and better equipment. Money was the only issue at the beginning but later it also became a piece of cake. Too easy with some annoying bugs but still played to the end :-)


More like spin off

Demilisz | July 11, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

Back in Action is formally a remake of Jagged alliance 2, but in real time with active pause. At the beginning, the game was a mess with a lot of bugs. Now, after several patches, it is much more enjoyable than before. While fans would never forgive this game for not being turn based, the rest of gamers may take a look as the combat system isn't bad - especially if you played Commandos series. And there is always a active pause with some nice features (like synchronizing actions of several mercenaries) for someone who prefer slower approach. A good game overall, but mostly for non Jagged Alliance fans


A solid tactical game

Lekes | Feb. 11, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

When this game came out, I was not a fan, it was riddled with bugs and game-play errors. These have for the most part been fixed, but there are still some major issues that need to be addressed: The learning curve is extreme, you go from fighting guys with fire axes to heavily armed assault squads with insane accuracy, but I could overlook all of that, IF you could repair armor. In the end this game just doesn't live up to the jagged alliance series we expect ,but the game in-itself is a decent and I do enjoy playing it (For the most part).



Woundead | Nov. 25, 2012 | See all Woundead's reviews »

Good: Plan and go Customizing your characters (rpg elements) Somewhat unique gameplay Bad: Inventory and collecting items are a choir. The patch fixes this somewhat. Militia allies and AI overall is not very good and reliable.


Not true sequel, thankfully.

berowe | July 12, 2012 | See all berowe's reviews »

This game provides some realistic tactical combat. It's not the grognard-friendly number-crunching classic that it follows, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The game requires the use of real-world tactics in an unforgiving environment. Plan and go is amazing to watch when you give it a good plan, and horrifying with a bad one. This is a small-budget title so expect that going in. Overall it's a winner if you're in to customizing little 3d dudes and letting them use in a series of engagements, getting pissed off 75% of the time, and savoring your dubs (wins...).


Good try but severely flawed

GodlikeKSoldier | Feb. 16, 2012 | See all GodlikeKSoldier's reviews »

This game had a lot of potential when I watched it in development, but they made some design decisions that went off the path of the original JA 2 that were poor ideas. The plan and go is quite a good system that is fun to use the problem falls with the non core to gameplay. Militia is a nightmare to deal with useless and horrible to use for me they almost single handedly ruined the game. Then there is the inventory system which is the biggest chore that just will annoy you to no end. The item system where you cannot repair anything, but your weapon is not a game breaker in anyway, but tends to be once again an annoying chore that persists all game forcing you to mule back and forth between battle and airport. Overall it had a lot of potential, but all the small problems build up to ruin the game experience causing me to put the game down and not want to return to it.