Reviews for Spells of Gold


Unique idea for RPG

kokosabre | Feb. 4, 2013 | See all kokosabre's reviews »

SoG is a really good RPG even when the graphics isnt so good but still the game has much to offer.In the game you arent only completing quests and kill monsters,you also can trade.Buy food from 1 city and sell it to other for profit if it didn't rot.Also you are gaining 3 kind of experience depends on how you fight or how much profit you are making.So you earn experience for warrior,mage and merchant.When you level up you get 10 points that can be used to level your stats.There is much more about the game so if you want to play something a bit different than Hack'n Slash RPG go try this one.You won't regret it,


Quite unique experience

nurz | April 10, 2012 | See all nurz's reviews »

If you look for good hack & slash look elsewhere. If you look for gripping story, complex combat or maybe expanded NPC relations look also elsewhere. But there is one unique feature - trading. I know that you can trade on almost every role playing game on market but there are few titles from genre which allows you trading in for pure profit purpose. The game itself is mediocre but it could give some fun if you like the mix of light rpg & light trading game.


Russian style ;]

Muzicjohn | April 20, 2011 | See all Muzicjohn's reviews »

This is (as u see) very ugly game. And it's very archaic. Sounds are awful. Etc, etc. But game is still playable and have some strange russian magic ^^. Don't know how to explain it, but I spent some hours with this game and wasn't that bad, game is still giving fun, even with all those defects. It's hard to rate it, but if there will be any "hot deal" for this game (because 12,95 is a lot too much) and you are a bit crazy (just like me), you can try it ;].