Reviews for Crusader Kings II: Dynasty Shields


Okay DLC

Venhiem | May 6, 2015 | See all Venhiem's reviews »

This crusader kings II: dynasty shield III dlc add focus to olden families of gds like Munso, Kraven and Stenkill. It is an Okay DLC, for good price, I'd say you should get it to add content to your game. 7/10 for players looking to add content to thier game


Not worth €2

igzaustion | Jan. 7, 2013 | See all igzaustion's reviews »

As the unit skin packs, this DLC is purely cosmetical, and should only be bought if you have an abundance of money and a lack of things to spend it on. While the shields are a nice little improvement on an already great game, it is not worth paying for. I got it for free (as a gift), and that price feels about right.


It's just shields.

jeyko | July 1, 2012 | See all jeyko's reviews »

The Dynasty Shields DLC adds 50 shields. I can't find anything good in this DLC. It's just shields. I guess if you are a hardcore shields fan, you could get this, but there are a lot of other DLCs, which are actually worth your money.


Pretty much useless

Gh0st233 | July 1, 2012 | See all Gh0st233's reviews »

This DLC is quite useless, and while 50 may sound like a big number, and it certainly is, it still is not worth 2$. Truth is, you probably won't use half of them. They are worthless gameplay-wise, I wouldn't recommend, at all. A perfect example of milking customers, but still, the game is great.