Reviews for The Darkness II [Legacy]


Addicting Gameplay

thegaminglyfe | June 21, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Darkness 2 has one of the most addicting gameplay features I've used in a game. The demon arms are lots of fun to use and you will spend hours just cutting people open. The story is pretty good but not as engaging as the first Darkness game. I really love the graphics in this game that have the same cartoon style as Borderlands. The game sounds great with little pieces of humour around the game. The guns are lots of fun to use but lets be honest, most people won't even use them when you have the darkness. This game is a must buy and offers and experience that you won't get from most other games.


A polished diamond!

DanielZo0 | June 11, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

The Darkness II is like a good polished diamond. It has a great story with psycho elements, you can get confused easily. Gameplay is excellent, no complains here. You can tear enemy with your demonic arms, kill them with a gun, throw a bucket or metal strips to them, also later you can get more abilities, like use swarm of insects, use energy instead of bullets or drop vortex that will suck all around it. But that's not it, you can grab enemy to perform one of four finishing moves, which will grant you different bonus, like health, ammo, shield or faster restore your abilities. It's a nice bloodbath with good variety of gameplay. But I didn't liked the autoaim function, which works even on hardest difficulty and can't be turned off. It helps you when you use a controller, but otherwise it is a nuisance. Slow motion headshot are pretty damn cool, you get the time to looks around for the next enemy. Sounds are done nicely, not like in other games, where if you stand far from talking person you barely hear him. Also killing squishy sounds are cool and of course you will like the "darkness" voice, I can hear it even now! Through the game a darkling demon will help you in some situations, you can even get control of it in some parts of the game. It's about 5-6 hours of gameplay that won't leave you disappointed, the ending will make you excited. One con I found in this game is that there are too many names starting letter J - Jenny, Johny, Jimmy, Jackie, it's annoying. But anyway a game is worth of your time and money


Mob + Demonic = One of a kind game

icolson | June 8, 2013 | See all icolson's reviews »

The Darkness has a unique setting and premise plus having a fantastic graphical art style and very solid gunplay its a great game to recommend especially if you can get it on the cheap. The guy who does the voice for the Darkness is great he will send chills down your spine as he talks and he seems like one of the most evil people ever so kudos to him. I did get an occasional bug here and there but for the most part it was not an issue and it ripping peoples hearts out and eating them sounds like your kind of game then you have come to the right place.


Good game in my opinion

kalil | June 4, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Very good game, you might call a "Shooter" as the protagonist Jackie has an internal power was lost, That was the dark inner power, desvelaré a bit of this game with your first part to give an example of the dark. We started getting off of a car, we are with our friend from the mafia "Vinnie" which leads us to the tables with two very pretty young, started talking to them and we can see from the window as they pass a car when suddenly you stuck the twin on the right side (depending on the orientation of the character, I mean Jackie) and then we see that a car through the window destroying completely and leaving leg immobilized, Vinnie finds us and gives us a gun, tells us that we will face all enemy that appears on the road while driving us after we complete this kitchen which is flooded gas and tell Thugs exploit so there were totally injured if we wake up and we move slowly until Darkness leave us free, which does not allow you die, and she is responsible for killing the enemies that were around and leg heals, there can acquire this power, the game is good. Jackie was killed his girlfriend "Jenny" which the, from history will hallucinating with her, the uniqueness of this game is that it is a little confusing because they sometimes have parties where we are in an asylum and all Characters in the history of mobsters appear in the madhouse, this confuses you a bit because you do not know if the Mafia and darkness is real, or a dream or part of Madness is real, or a dream, Jenny also "girlfriend" Jackie is a doctor. Actually I really liked this game because I value to 10.0 missing something but I loved it, I also loved the part where Jackie telling stories appeared phrases. You have the ability to use the two whips or Monsters that are on your Right and your left: * On your right you will use it for Hitting * On your left to grab things or Enemies or guns away. The good thing also is that you have skills and you can find relics unlockable throughout the game, The Darkness II This I really liked this issue because its gameplay is very good, I congratulate you for this juegaso 2K GAMES.


The Darkness 2 nice arcade fps !

FreakDeity | June 4, 2013 | See all FreakDeity's reviews »

A great game that is compensating for some of its flaws for a good story, brutal and addictive gameplay and last but not least for its distinctive charm. If you are bored to death by modern shooters with their constant flood of soldiers, tanks and other army-like stuff, and if you are tempted to get intoxicated with an effective obscure power of the Darkness, you should not miss The Darkness 2.


For the Better or Worst

decemberfate | June 2, 2013 | See all decemberfate's reviews »

To start things of, yes, I do really love the Darkness game series even though both games are from different companies. What the Darkness 2 sacrificed from the Darkness is that of the semi-open world experience, which can be considered a positive or a negative. Whats good about it is that it can now be able to tell you the story clearer as compared to the Darkness due to its more linear structure. Gameplay wise it remains more or less the same with its quad-wielding mechanics with your character having 2 "tentacles" and having the ability to dual wield 2 pistols or smgs. Overall, highly recommended for its gameplay, story and the excellently narration for the collectibles, making them probably the only collectables in any game worth collecting that do not affect your gameplay in any manner.


Bloody but amazing!

gamersuman | May 28, 2013 | See all gamersuman's reviews »

I recently purchased The Darkness II for PC and I must say that the concept of this game is very unique. I haven't played the previous version of The Darkness but still I enjoyed the game. I really liked the story, combat system and voice acting featured by this game. The quad-arm combat is just amazing and addictive. It is hell of a fun to slice the mobs in pieces. However, the game is extremely violent and bloody. Also, there is high level of profanity and there is a level where extreme sexual content is present. Thus, this game is not suitable for people younger than 17 years. But, I must say that if one can ignore the extreme violent and timid graphics, then he/she can enjoy this game fully as the story is addictive and battling with two monster hands and two normal hands is just awesome. The game worth the price.


Very gory, in a good way.

onewinged90 | May 28, 2013 | See all onewinged90's reviews »

The original Darkness game never reached the PC platform, and that is a bummer. Picked up the Darkness II a little while ago, not disappointed by it but somehow I wished the developers could offer the player more. It has some RPG elements where you level up and acquire skill points after killing enemies in the most gory way possible. The cel-shaded graphics are necessary for such gory game, and it looks pretty good. The multiplayer is well done as it adds more backstory to the single player campaign and again, I wished it is more than just that. The game is good but it suffers from short gameplay length, around 6-7 hours and it is even shorter than the predecessor which is around 9-10 hours. Controlling the demon arm while shooting the baddies are satisfying. Get it on sale.


A top quality FPS.

fable2 | May 27, 2013 | See all fable2's reviews »

I think that this is an amazing sequel. The story is great, the darkling is a funny and entertaining companion, and the noir style graphics are awesome. The co op missions are awesome, they are missions that take place in the single player campaign, ex: Jackie wants someone, in co op you get that some one and bring them to him its awesome because in the campaign Vennie says "I'll talk to the new guys". Making me think "thats awesome". The powers are upgradeable and you will always feel powerful, you can do crazy killmoves and dispatch 10 enemies in maybe around a few seconds depending on how good you are. I recommend this game.


Darkness 2 - Brutal FPS experience

eishun | May 26, 2013 | See all eishun's reviews »

Darkness 2, you play as jackie who is infested by demon and now posses demonic tentacle power that can bite and eat people in a second Graphics : Overall great looking game, it's dark and hollow world but they presented the atmosphere in a great way and fit to the world Sound : nothing impressive, great but i cant remember any single soundtrack from the game, at least none of them are out of place Gameplay: Great FPS game with some gimmicky control for the demonic power, overall interesting experience with fun combat Story : mediocre writing, but the story is ok, mediocre at best overall a great game, not good but not bad either, give it a shot when it's cheap or on sale, it worth purchase



Obbag | May 24, 2013 | See all Obbag's reviews »

first of all i love the gameplay. it offers something different from the traditional shooter mechanics since you also have 2 tentacles to grab and slash enemies in half. the story is great too and there is no need to play the first game, it all gets explained to you. the game doesnt revolutionise the genre but it is really great fun and i still like to fire it up from time to time to get all the abilities. if you like games that make you feel like a badass while providing a good challenge this is definitely for you! at the price that it is right now i can only recommend it!!


Excellent Horror\Action FPS

gabumonbr | May 22, 2013 | See all gabumonbr's reviews »

If you enjoy a horror FPS, this one is a must have. Awesome Novel Graphics, weapons, powers,fatalities and story line. There is two ending that you must chose, making the game replayable not only to see the other ending, but because the action of this game is awesome. I had no texture problems or crashes.


Short but pretty awesome.

Zharwyn | May 16, 2013 | See all Zharwyn's reviews »

The Darkness II is a short (single player campaign is about 5-6 hours) and gory but a rather fun game. The story is somewhat depressing but it also sets the mood for it. You're meant to feel Jackie's rage - and he will rage, a lot. The plot has some rather interesting twists, which made it enjoyable. The game is cartoon-styled, much like Borderlands and The Walking Dead. I really like the way the game looks and it makes the gory details seem less.. gross. The gameplay is really fun, you earn points on being creative that you can spend on upgrading your abilities, in the end you might feel like you're almost invincible. Since the Darkness is vulnerable in the light you have to stay out of it, which can be a challenge sometimes. I love the game play, the demon arms are a fun addition and saves the game from becoming just a generic shooter. You also have a companion that you can throw around, he deserves it for calling you "Monkey"! There are some extra side-missions with co-op and a new game+ mode as well that might earn the game a bit more replay value. Since it's a short game you should keep in mind if you are considering to buy it.


Excellent game but ver short

britishlad | May 8, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

The Darkness II is like an excellent game. It has a great story with awesome characters. Gameplay is excellent, no complains here. You can tear enemy with your demonic arms, kill them with a gun, throw a bucket or metal strips to them, also later you can get more abilities, like use swarm of insects, use energy instead of bullets or drop vortex that will suck all around it. But that's not it, you can grab enemy to perform one of four finishing moves, which will grant you different bonus, like health, ammo, shield or faster restore your abilities. It's a nice bloodbath with good variety of gameplay. Sadly It's only 4-6 hours of gameplay including co-op and the campaign ends on a cliffhanger


Brutal playground

Camling | May 5, 2013 | See all Camling's reviews »

Where else is it possible to tear enemies apart with your demon arms, while also dual-wielding weapons in your normal arms, just to finish everything with pocket sized black hole thrown into the middle of the room? The Darkness II may not be the longest of games, but that mainly means there are no slow spots. The story moves forward all the time and even without playing the first Darkness, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks to the art style of a moving comic book, it looked awesome even on my mediocre machine and it is pleasure to take screenshots of everything that moves and splatters and dissolves and explodes all around you. Taken together, I can wholeheartedly recommend The Darkness II, it was the best FPS I've played in a really long time.


The Darkness returns

sonarctica | May 3, 2013 | See all sonarctica's reviews »

This time better. The game was a lot of fun, though a lot of people might think it was way too brutal and gory but hey, it's a game and people like that kind of stuff. Gameplay and the story kept me going through the whole game, which sadly, wasn't very long but to be honest, I'd rather have a short good game than a long boring one. If you're looking for a game that makes time fly fast like crazy, this is your game. If you're an achievement addict, this is for you as well. I had fun with it and I doubt you wont.


A Great Game, Though Mac Users Beware

Onefatcow | May 3, 2013 | See all Onefatcow's reviews »

Look, I think most of the reviews have reached a consensus, the game is pretty darn good, not perfect, but good. However, be wary of buying it if you are using a mac. Although this game claims it has Mac compatibility, many people have reported problems about textures, crashes, and the game just not starting. If you do get to play it though, the game is extremely good, the combat feels satisfying and using the tentacles make up for some mediocre gunplay.


Not as good at the first, but makes up for it with style

reid1745 | April 29, 2013 | See all reid1745's reviews »

As other reviewers have pointed out, the original The Darkness is a much better, longer experience that is less linear and has you struggle more. The Darkness 2, while not quite living up to that, is still quit the thrill ride in every sense of the word. It is short, quick, fun, but ultimately loses its charm after going through it twice. The game looks amazing, and while some might not agree with the art design I think it meshes nicely with the grisly beheadings. The multiplayer, however, feels completely tacked on an just a way to pad the game length. I wish they had taken the dev time of the multiplayer and added another single player mode



TheGrizzlyB | April 24, 2013 | See all TheGrizzlyB's reviews »

This game is the most brutally violent game I've played in a while. That being said it is amazing. The executions you can perform are by far the most brutal ive seen, with one allowing you to rip a person's spine out of their backside called an "assecution". These really help to make the game really original and fresh. not only that but the story isnt half bad too. The only problem is is that the game is very short. I was able to beat it in 1 day of continuous play. Other than that it is a great game.


The beautiful side of Darkness

balbo79 | March 26, 2013 | See all balbo79's reviews »

The Darkness II, like its prequel, is part of the genre of first-person shooter. However, unlike the work done by Starbreeze Studios to its predecessor, there is freedom for the player on the fighting style to be adopted. Now you can equip two arms and a heavy, early in akimbo mode hybrid. E 'possible to make use of the tentacles of Darkness that accompany Jackie in his short adventure, right tentacle is cut horizontally and vertically above obstacles and enemies while the left allows you to interact with the scene collecting pretty much anything and even enemies stunned . E 'can also collect your opponents when they are stunned and perform in special executions to restore energy, ammunition. So, The Darkness II is a frenetic and enjoyable shooter with a combat system that is able to give great satisfaction of even the most demanding because of the freedom offered on how to deal with their opponents and good interactivity with the scenario.


Short but fun!

CrysisX | March 1, 2013 | See all CrysisX's reviews »

This game kinda reminds me of Borderlands cause of the comic like graphics. The story of the game is well written and as you progress in the game, mysteries will start to unravel one by one. This game contains a lot of gore and violence which is not recommended for kids. The sound effects in the game are okay but the voice acting is great! Finished the game in around 5 hours and it was fun ride! If you haven't played the first one yet then don't worry, they tell parts of it in The Darkness II.


Unique story

Lekes | Feb. 23, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

Unique story, great gameplay, decent graphics. You will really feel connected with Jackie Estacado and all what he does. The plot is well written and executed. It's not so common in shooters anymore. I'll honestly say - The Darkness 2 is one of the most enjoyable FPS i played the last year. It makes you feel powerful, it's bloody as hell, dual-wielding kicks major ass and darkling is pretty funny. Enough of this chaotic mumble, i've got only one serious issue about this game. It's really, really TOO SHORT. I've finished the game on Thug difficulty (guess it's "normal"), then I played it again on the highest difficulty (New Game+ feature). After that, Vendettas Co-op campaign, Vendettas Hit-list missions... There's 15 hours of gameplay on my clock and 50/50 achievements done. So... Nothing else to do. Keep in mind, not everyone will play the whole game two times or finish co-op mode... So, for the of the people, gameplay time will be shorter. Still, great game, 8.5 points well earned.


Fear the light, embrace the darkness

Guardian412 | Jan. 30, 2013 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

"Fear the light and embrace the darkness if you want to live", maybe these are the best lines that with I can describe The Darkness II. As mafia don, Jackie Estacado, after a deadly hit against you and your people, you have to descend into the darkest corners of darkness to take revenge, to find redemption, to save the soul of your dead love and foremost, to survive. And what is worse, your greatest ally in the desperate adventure is the sadistic hellspawn, The Darkness itself, which keeps you alive just to feed on you and your brutal actions. It is a dark story which is capable to grab you from the first moment and won't let you go until the end. But while the story is great and well presented, filled with memorable characters and scenes, its relatively short. But fortunately the game won't end with the relatively short single campaign. The Vendettas cooperative campaign, what you can play in solo as well, is a great expansion with a different storyline, telling what has happened parallel the primary storyline. In this game mode you can choose from four different characters, each of them with different skills. The Darkness II has a great cell shaded graphics, excellent narration and storytelling, and a unique atmosphere. The game mechanics is mixing the standard FPS gameplay with melee fight, which is represented by the Darkness itself. As you're progressing with the game, your character is evolviing and you may also open new powers to use against your enemies. The Darkness II is a bit gory game and because of this maybe some people won't like it, so as because of the dark atmosphere. But if you're capable to accept a story where you have to choose between the bad and the worst, just to stay alive and in the hope that you may do some good, and to find your love, you'll definitely love this game.


Fails to Live Up to its Predecessor

Zikron | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all Zikron's reviews »

The Darkness originally came out in 2007 where it was largely overlooked because it had to compete with the likes of Bioshock, the Orange Box and CoD4: Modern Warfare. However, it managed to have much more of an impact on me because of its compelling story that kept you on your toes and great character development. While I preferred the art style from the original game The Darkness II lends itself to the comics. The death animations are amazing, there is a leveling system and this time around you get a little demon that likes to relieve himself on your fallen enemies. Sadly these elements grow tiresome the longer you play luckily you won't be playing too long, about 5 hours. This short play through made the game feel rather rushed, concepts were not fully explored, the final boss battle felt premature etc. It would have been nice if the developer had considered having more of an open world like the original then filling it with side quests to prolong the game and encourage the player to do them to research new skills. In the end it is not a bad game but the original was so much better, it is a shame that it was never released on PC and even if it was the story would be ruined after watching the intro to The Darkness II.


Awesome game

RoKkie | Jan. 26, 2013 | See all RoKkie's reviews »

It's too bad that first game is not on PC because its sequel is an excellent FPS. The comic book-like art style is great and the adult storyline is engaging. The English voice-acting is well done and soundtrack is excellent. As a shooter, the gameplay is decent but is nothing special. I really enjoyed working my way through this and the gun play was improved massively. Totally recommend the game.


Great game! Let's have fun

CymTyr | Jan. 22, 2013 | See all CymTyr's reviews »

This is one of those games that at first you look at the screenies and think "Will I like this?" Then you play it and it's like... Oh yes. I think I do. Something strangely seductive about the gore, much like getting desensitized from playing DA:O this game is fun, and NOT for kids. Get this game. It's trying something new and the devs should be rewarded for that.


Solid FPS

Damuel | Dec. 29, 2012 | See all Damuel's reviews »

The real shine of this game is the comic book style, it looks very cool and tells an interesting very comic bookish feel story. The graphical style again matches the comic very well. The gameplay is somewhat average. A lot of guns feel wimpy and almost useless. The quad wielding is neat but still needs some work. the darkness is a cool power but it simply feels better to be using your guns to kill people. And a lot of times it's easier to use your weapons. The major cons of the game would be the poor predictable cliche ending and the extreme lack of upgrades. By the end of the game you will have nearly every ability and not feel the need to play through again to unlock the rest. The Darkling gameplay is pretty awful, with repeating the same kill animations over and over and the poor stealth AI system. For the most part though, the game is very enjoyable and the interesting story and characters and little details really help you push through. Sadly, the game ends after about 10 hours and everything but the main story is somewhat mediocre.


Great game

insane11 | Dec. 13, 2012 | See all insane11's reviews »

I like The Darkness ll. It's a game that's linear and typical in terms of envrionment design, but oh so fun to play when it comes to story and gameplay. The Darkness is the ultimate weapon, you can use it to melee, grab, and literally tear apart enemies. I love the idea of relying on the dark to access the darkness abilities. You can also upgrade your powers. The weapons are awesome, quite a few to choose from and they all sound great and make a great addition to the darkness powers. There are several choices throughout the story as well. The character animations bring the characters to life and the enemies act like living breathing people rather than dull AI that just tries to kill you. I just don't like that its short single player campaign...


A gem lost in the AAA dog-eat-dog games landscape

corto1976 | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all corto1976's reviews »

A true hidden gem. Sound shooting mechanics, great almost sandbox gameplay where the player can mix and match different ways to address the enemies using guns or the snakes and gorgeous graphics with a distinct art direction (cell shaded). Can't recommend enough. An innovative first person shooter in 2012. Imagine that!


A great game, not to be missed

rulzmaker | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all rulzmaker's reviews »

I've played the first game in this series on the 360 but I didn't really like it that much and I wasn't really excited about the sequel. From what I've read on reviews on the net I thought it just may be another mediocre game but man I was wrong. I've bought it from GMG which had an excellent offer on it and I don't regret doing so one bit. The game is very good, kept me playing for hours straight. It has a fluid gameplay and interesting elements which a nice little story to back it up.


Hello Monkey! Time to have some fun!

aronater | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all aronater's reviews »

The Darkness II is one of those games where once you've started you won't want to stop, and once you've finished you'll want to play again and again. Although the story may not make sense at times (at least for those who haven't played the original), the amazing gameplay makes up for that, and then some. The game is technically an FPS, but if you play it like a standard shooter you'll really be missing out. The two demon arms given to you are you're power, go into a lighted area, and although your weapons work you'll still be powerless without your demon arms. It's with those that you demolish your enemies whether by slicing them apart and eating their hearts, or by attaching them to the wall with a well thrown pole. The game rewards you for your creativity in killing your enemies, and as you gain "essence" you unlock new ways of killing. Although the setting is dark and sometimes slightly creepy, the Darkness II doesnt have that traditional horror game scary feeling. This is partly due to your insanely obnoxious companion, the Darkling. As you kill your enemies he's going through his wild shenanigans, injecting a strong humor into the game. It's difficult to imagine how the game would play without him as your companion. The only complaint usually given is about the game's shortness. While that may be true, it is only a testimony to the writers skill in packing together tight gameplay inside of a cool story, without adding in unnecessary segments. To sum it up, if you like great action and funny humor set in an interesting setting, and don't mind a bit of blood and gore, well there is no reason to miss out on this great game.


The Darkness II (never played the first)

Naviigator | Dec. 7, 2012 | See all Naviigator's reviews »

Having never played the first "The Darkness" or read the comics I thought I would not be able to understand the story. I knew the setting, saw screenshots and read some articles. The game starts off well, the story is explained and everything looks great. I played trough this game in about 8-10 hours (single player only). I am not a completionist. I like to enjoy my games, not explore every single inch of the level. I think people who like to explore more and find secrets will probably spend about double the time. The game can be surprisingly difficult at certain points (when played on the highest difficulty). I got frustrated and played on a lesser difficulty pretty quickly. I would like to recommend this game to anyone who likes over the top action (kills feel really satisfying, especially with the demon arms), shooters or people who generally like a good story.


A nice sequel

Daxionan | Nov. 11, 2012 | See all Daxionan's reviews »

Really different from its predecessor, The Darkness II adopts a more classic FPS style. This title is now more about action than brain puzzles. Not sure that fans of the first game will like it, but the game retained some important clues to the original. Very brutal, the game will please all the gamers who are craving for blood.


So awesome, I bought it twice!

tritian | Oct. 21, 2012 | See all tritian's reviews »

The Darkness II is so enjoyable that I had to buy it again for PC, on top of already owning it on a console. I was a huge fan of The Darkness and have been looking forward to the sequel for quite some time. The good news - the game looks prettier, with improved graphics and a nice graphic novel-esque cell-shading to the gameplay. The bad news - its a really short game. The Darkness II is a constant run and gun with some fun RPG elements in the form of upgrading your character's tools of destruction. Though the story is lacking, and the whole campaign took me around 5-6 hours to fully complete, it still was a blast to rip through endless hordes of henchmen with uniquely fun special powers and guns. If you are a fan of some brutal and gory action games, this is a must have for your collection!


If you love gory games, you're in for a treat

schroff | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all schroff's reviews »

This game has an interesting game play mechanic - the demon snake like things on your character and you have to be in the dark to use them and even heals you as you devour enemies using them. The mechanic is REALLY fun to use and I couldn't help but chuckle when enemies were terrified of the sight of the Demon/Darkness. The visuals are cell shaded thankfully so we don't have to endure more brown, grey and red. The sound was my favourite bit - they have a forceful effect when you use the Demons to attack. Guns were okay, you don't play this game to shoot anyway. Sadly, the game gets repetitive and I eventually got tired of doing the same thing and grinding for more points to spend on the skill tree. If you've got nothing much to play and can't get enough of gore/brutal executions then get this one asap!


A nice FPS

Zinzun | Sept. 10, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

Based on the comic book by Marc Silvestri,and sequel to the first consolle only The Darkness,Darkness 2 is a very funny cell-shading fps. You will use many weapons,but the funniest part are darkness powers:with them,you can grab enemies,slash them,use enviromental staff like shiedl and many more things. The game is short,around seven hours,but it's very nice to play!


Releaaaaase the daaarknesss jackieee !

zhack075 | Sept. 2, 2012 | See all zhack075's reviews »

This game was a pleasant surprise ! It's a nice FPS with the demonic touch that gives you the feeling of being a real predator. The light weakness is a great Idea and even if you're overpowered by the darkness, you're far from invincible. The story even if you guess the end easily is really nice and the characters too. Graphics are good but not amazing. Even if the game is really violent ( in the uncensored version ) the gore works perfectly well in the dark atmosphere of the game and the desire of vengeance of jackie. A nice FPS with an interesting feature that allow you to unleash youre wrath upon the ennemies !


Demonic Power!

maciej2601 | Aug. 30, 2012 | See all maciej2601's reviews »

The Darkness II is a continuation of the popular comic book based on a series of first-person shooting. The deweloping game studio team responsible Digital Extremes. Players take on the role of Jackie Estacado, head of the Franchetti crime family, who must confront the Brotherhood - a dangerous organization who wants to control the Darkness. In clashes with opponents main character can use a rich arsenal of conventional weapons, but also its unique, demonic power.


So much blood...

Cooberstooge | Aug. 2, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

Enjoying a violent, gory game this much can't be healthy. I mean, it really can't. But I am, and I don't care one bit! Solid mechanics, great graphics, and fantastic voice work make up for a pretty short campaign in this game. Easily my sleeper FPS hit in the past two years, with not a single bug to be found anywhere. I clocked in 9 hours in the campaign, after having to replay a couple spots and taking extra time in a few places, so you speed-runners might be a little disappointed with this one. It's got plenty to keep you interested, though, and I enjoy a deep yet short shooter far more than a long, mindless one. The story does get seriously spaced-out near the end, though, which is the one big mark I can put against it. If you're not one to mind a whack load of gore, and like something with a story, I highly recommend The Darkness II. Can't really go wrong with this one, folks.


Worth every single penny

Cynaris | July 13, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

Darkness II is amazing. It's visceral, it's brutal, it's fun. But if you are looking for more... It does have more. The game looks great. Some people might be put off by the cel-shaded visuals, but let me tell you, it suits the comic feel perfectly. To me, the story felt very moving, which is rare amongst all these FPS games. It always keeps you on your toes, wanting to find out, what the hell is actually happening to you. Character interactions work well, you aren't necessarily just a lonely badass dude who shoots at everything that moves. And while a lot of you out there expects and wants exactly that, I'd suggest everyone to give the story a shot. Especially because you really don't have an option, the story is woven into the gameplay, you can't really skip it. But if you are willing to get past this, you are in to a helluva good time. The game also has a great sense of humor.


What is real and what is not?

ENDOOO | July 3, 2012 | See all ENDOOO's reviews »

The Darkness 2 is very brutal, bloody but graphically beautiful game.The thing that makes The Darkness 2 original is the two creepy demonic arms that is connected to your body. These extra arms makes the game more interesting as you can grab objects, throw them, tear out human hearts, make human-shields and kill enemies in really brutal ways. Though you can use these extras while fighting in dark, so you will have to think twice before stepping your foot into light. The story is pretty simple but characters makes you care about them . Especially the girlfriend. On the occasions Jackie catches up to her, they are flirting, this illustrates his dedication. But is she real? Is anything you are doing is real? You can only understand the meaning of everything in the end of the game. It is a great game because of it's story.


A great comeback for a series

flamedance58 | March 28, 2012 | See all flamedance58's reviews »

For anyone who's played the first game you'd know how horrid it was but the second? Sit back cause this is one wicked hell of a game! The graphics are amazing, up to par with most of the modern day games. The voice actors are great and everything sounds natural even from the Darkness's Imp creature that follows and helps you out. Lotsa of guns to choose from and of course there's the Darkness itself which allows you to whip enemies, pick up objects AND enemies to throw, but it also has it's own set of special abilities that'll have you throwing blackholes to getting special armor while outside of lighted areas. A must have for someone who wants a little something more than their usual shooter.


Eat their hearts!

Durandir | March 2, 2012 | See all Durandir's reviews »

The Darkness 2 does what it set out to do quite brilliantly I think. Instead of being an "ok" shooter with some decent demonic powers and a great story as the first one was, this is a great shooter with brilliant demonic powers and a great story. You still play Jackie Estacado, and you still use The Darkness to plot your revenge. This time however you have lot more control over your demonic arms, making the fighting pretty damn awesome. You usually run around with two guns out, and with your demon arms and imp-like Darkling, you can do things like this: You enter a room, see five guys. You headshot one guy with your Desert Eagle, while picking up a pool cue with your demon arm. As you move your aim towards another enemy your Darkling buddy jumps on the head of third one, making him occupied with other stuff than you. As you fill the second enemy with lead from your Uzi, you send a swarm of Darkness… bugs to distract the two remaining enemies. The one with the Darkling on his head is already distracted, so he is easily dispatched by throwing your pool cue at him, then you quickly snatch the last one with your now free arm and rip him in half. This only took a few seconds, and it is cool as hell when you can pull it off! The graphics are pretty well done, making everything seem you live in a comic-book world, without being to unreal. The blood and gore helps making you feel like an evil demon badass, which you are in a way. Sometimes I almost felt sorry for the enemy henchmen as my demonic snakes pulled spines out by the bottom end. The best part of the game however is the story. You seldom see a good story in a shooter like this, but this actually manages to have not only a great story, but also a great love story in it. I can count games on one hand and still have fingers left if I where to mention games with good love stories in them. All in all, I can heartily recommend this game. It is a bit short, but with a New Game + option it doesn't really need to be longer. You also have a quite interesting Co-op mode, which seems to work in parallel with the main story.


Fun and brutal shooter - this game makes my day!

horebesoklibur | Feb. 26, 2012 | See all horebesoklibur's reviews »

First of all, this game is fun. Period. Different developers tends to take different approach from the previous game which led to several changes which spawned critic "hatred". The game itself is fairly short and changes from the rather open environment seen in The Darkness to corridor shooter in The Darkness II. However, Darkness II manage to exhibit a brutal & fun gameplay which makes the game worth playing. The overly brutal gore-fest is there at their finest, supported by superb sound that lets you hear each bone crack and break. Executions are pretty neat and cringe-worthy while demon arm slash is fairly fun to use, especially with gamepad (however it's quite hard to control using mouse). Gunplay is so-so, nothing special until some skills kicks in and turns your character into a superior killing machine. All of these skills, gore and everything surrounding the gameplay almost never get stale. The story itself tries to be compelling, at least until the last part which just got weirder and spiralled out of control. It tries to humanize your main character which is a rarity compared to robotic-killing-machine characters in most shooters these days. The story is supported by great voice acting that make the whole thing worthwhile to enjoy. Overall, this is a fun and brutal shooter. While this wasn't the best game out there, it's still worth your time and will make your day.


Great corridor shooter

tixepower | Feb. 18, 2012 | See all tixepower's reviews »

I bought this game from Green Man Gaming and I've played it for 3-4 hours so far. The game is really fun to play, a corridor shooter at heart. You can use your "darkness arms" and weapons at the same time as long as you stay out of the light. Light makes your vision blurry and kills you slowly. The darkness arms are not working in the light. The story is average. I can't say it's bad because some moments are really beautiful and make you think, but I still feel like it's lacking something. The main problem I have with this game is FOV and blurry vision. I felt sea sick after a while because the FOV is ported directly from consoles to PC. You can't see a lot of what happening around you. I really couldn't play this game after a while, blurry vision and low FOV doesn't work for my eyes. Another problem is the way you pick up weapons. This is a console port so the weapons are limited and that makes things confusing. I couldn't pick up all of the weapons but I had to pick up new weapons all the time as my ammo ended fast. So I switched weapons a lot of time without wanting to do so. There was no way to see if a weapon had any ammo left or not, for me this is a design mistake at least on PC. Still, it's a good corridor shooter if you don't mind the FOV. The developers said that they will maybe fix this soon so keep an eye on it.


Underrated and Fun

Squiffy | Feb. 12, 2012 | See all Squiffy's reviews »

A lot of the reviews I've seen out there expect too much of this game. Yes, it's shorter than some games out there. The people saying they finished it in 4 hours were probably playing on the easiest setting because I'm 6 hours in so far and haven't finished it yet. At the end of the day, it's got a good story, it's guilty, gory fun action and it has a New Game+ mode that allows you to replay with your bought upgrades. The multiplayer mode is a neat diversion, though it suffers from people working to hog as many points as possible instead of exhibiting any teamwork. If you're looking for a fun game with story, it's worth picking up. If you're expecting the best shooter game you've ever played in your life that totally revolutionizes the gaming industry as a whole (like most reviewers seem to want,) then give it a pass.