Reviews for Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning (EU)


Good looking action romp

AkiMatti | April 15, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

It is like a MMORPG without the online part but better. The combat is satisfying and versatile, the graphics are colourful and interesting, the world is imaginative and full of stuff to interact with. Buy it in a sale if not else, you likely won't regret it. It is more likely that you won't be able to stop playing. That happened to me even in the short demo version (which you should try to know that you should buy this game).


Wasted Potential

Sganotak | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all Sganotak's reviews »

If I had to describe KoA in one word that would be generic. The world is generic, the characters are generic, the plot is generic and the quests are generic. Such a shame for a game that wasted a huge amount of budget on hiring talent like Todd McFarlane and R.A Salvatore to create the game's world and lore. If you ignore all of the above KoA can be quite a fun RPG since it features an excellent combat system, tons of loot, a very unique and vibrant class customization and leveling up system and a lot of interesting enemy types. The cartoony graphics fit the game quite well and you will feel right at home if you enjoy games with similar art direction like WoW The game also offers a lengthy main quest and lots of side quests which are unfortunately very similar to the boring grinding quests available in MMOs If you can get past the generic nature of KoA, it is guaranteed that you will have a lot of fun with it since it is a very polished game, with tons of content and solid gameplay mechanics


Bethesda and Bioware combined

Mscigniew | Jan. 3, 2014 | See all Mscigniew's reviews »

If you like DA,ME or Oblivion/Skyrim,you gonna love Kingdoms.The game gives you almost endless possibilities of character design,combining classes,just whatever you want to do with your character you can do.The fighting is fun and looks very impressing no matter if your a rogue,knight or a mage.Dialogues are very similiar like in Bioware games,which is awesome.Graphics are beautiful,and so is the music.The story keeps you hooked up and makes you want to play. In short Kingdoms are awesome and you should at least try it!


Kingdoms of Amalur - review

Neapolis47 | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all Neapolis47's reviews »

The title has a component GDR really wide thanks to a series of spells but most of armor and weapons really immense, the paraphernalia is improved due to the presence of different types of weapons: long swords, swords, hammers, chakram, fae blades, daggers and bows. Inolte you have a large number of skills and the presence of cards of destiny that will be used to outline the main style of the character. The technical sector is very good thanks to a series of dungeons richly detailed, colorful and varied even though the graphics are hampered by a number of bugs and designed by polygonal models of characters lacking in detail. The sound is the highest level with great samples and with a soundtrack reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings. The game world is vast but not fully explored, and wide exploration is felt but too linear. The story captures immediately the player thanks to a well crafted storyline but to be mistress are secondary missions, able to keep the player glued to the screen for several hours. Finally Kingdoms of Amalur is a great game but is penalized by the lack of a true soul staff taking different elements from RPG noble, some game mechanics reminiscent of Skyrim, the gameplay is very similar to that of Fable, the graphics are similar to that of World of Warcraft even if characterized by a lot more detail and plots and the music all too reminiscent of lord of the Rings.


Good game though with flaws

Demilisz | June 11, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

Kingdom of amalur isn't bad and it is sad how this game and it's developers ended. To put it simply - it looks like someone wanted to make a MMO, but at one point decided to change it into singleplayer instead. There is large world, many generic quests and even more monsters to kill and grind on them. You just do this alone instead of with friends. It is generic fantasy universe with immortal elves, division in them and now bad elves are trying to conquer the world. The nice twist is a class system (three basic: mage, warrior, rogue and many subclasses for this three and their combinations. Each class and subclas has their special bonuses), here called Fates and it is probably the brightest side of this game. Outside that - you are again Chosen One, special for some reason and must save the world, so plot isn't that special (though you may be interested tofind why you are special). Worth trying, if you don't mind a lot of slashing.


Awesome RPG

kokosabre | Feb. 3, 2013 | See all kokosabre's reviews »

Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning is a really good RPG with the good graphic,with its really good crafting system and awesome combat system.The only problem is that AI isn't so good but nobody is perfect.And also maybe they could increase the difficult since I was full might with skilled crafting and all crafting gear and Hard wasn't really that hard.But the RPG is must have or at least must try and if you choose the second you gonna have a bad time for not buying it.


Great game

dondiablo29 | Dec. 7, 2012 | See all dondiablo29's reviews »

It's a shame this most probably won't get any sequels, but I'd call it the offline World of Warcraft, because the world seems much more similar to an online one rather than a game like Skyrim. Amazing combat system, a little light on the story though, but great customisation


Awesome and long action RPG

oginer | Nov. 7, 2012 | See all oginer's reviews »

I really enjoyed playing this game. The controls feel very responsible, the combat is awesome, fast placed and looks and feels very good. Graphics are not outstanding but the art direction is very good, special mention to character design. And long, this game is very long, specially if you do all side quests. There tons of maps, all of them quite large, although there's a lack of variety in them. The story is just your average fantasy tale. It has some nice touches, though, and there are some decisions you can make that change the outcome. The biggest problem with the game is that it gets way too easy because the drop system is somewhat broken. You sometimes get a piece of equipment that's just way too overpowered for the level you are. Very enjoyable game overall, which will give you tens if not hundreds of hours.


Good RPG Game

Sharptap | Sept. 24, 2012 | See all Sharptap's reviews »

Kingdoms of Amalur is a really great game. I loved the combat and I really got addicted to it.The controls and graphics are great and the game is easy to play.The game is huge and there is a lot of things to explore. Its sad to see that the sales of this game were not high enough and 38 Studios closed. The game is so good and they didnt deserve it. I Hope to see another game of this saga in the future.


An offline mmorpg

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

This game is basically a multiplayer massive online game...offline. So if you played games like World of Warcraft,Final Fantasy XIV,the gameplay is basically the same:a lot of quests,a nice story and a good graphic.Sadly there are many bugs that developers can't patch because theier studio is been closed. Good game if on deal,buy it if you like the genre.


Really nice ARPG

nicolaidynbru | July 13, 2012 | See all nicolaidynbru's reviews »

This game is a very good ARPG. The fighting is really fun and you have 3 different type of talents. A mage like, a warrior and a rogue. You can mix this up if you want to. The world is really huge and very well made. There are alot of content. There are also some bugs that need a fix. They were working on a patch before they went bankrupt. Some of the fights might get too easy later on because you levelup too fast. This can be fixed with a cheat engine table. Overall a good game.


Awesome game.

arkantos | May 21, 2012 | See all arkantos's reviews »

I can say this is one of the best game i bought in this year, i personally would buy it again since i had much fun, the graphic is simply gorgeus, the story itself isn't very long, you play as a shapeshifters who's been brought back to life and will have to decide the fate of many people, it's also has a lot sidequest that will lead you to see awesome locations, and in-game achievements which kept me busy playing it for 77 hours almost non-stop only downside is the many DLC's that adds few hours of playtime, for a price around 9€ but apart that i would enjoy to see this game being a GOTY, if you have a chance to get this game, do so, you won't regret it.


Kingdoms of Amalur Review

nibblemonkey | May 17, 2012 | See all nibblemonkey's reviews »

Kingdoms of Amalur is an RPG game made by 38 Studios which sees you play as a character who has been brought back to the dead. The unique thing in Kingdoms of Amalur is Fateshifting, as you defeat enemies you fate meter slowly gets filled and when it is full you can activate Reckoner mode. If this mode your attacks deal a lot more damage and allow you to finish them off with a special finishing move. The controls for the game are nicely suited for the PC with the mouse used for attacking and moving the camera, WASD to move and your magic abilities are swapped through using the numbers which overall these controls work well and make the game easy to play. The story in the game though seems a bit un-noticeable though as for most of the game I wasn't really too sure what was happening in the story although the quest objectives are clearly marked out so this isn't much of a problem. Overall though the game is defiantly worth playing as while the story is a big weak it is still there and you can pay attention to it still as well as the rest of the game being well done and fun to play, the game will last a long time as there is a huge amount of quests scattered through the world.