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Ridge Racer brought up to date.

Dean_Demon | Jan. 9, 2013 | See all Dean_Demon's reviews »

Ridge Racer a name from the mid 90's mainly on consoles finally makes an appearance on PC and fully updated for the modern era and completely surpasses all other versions of the name Ridge Racer. The game play has changed but all for the better, graphically it's superb if you have a good set up but even on the lowest settings it looks great, sound like every racer nowadays is a big part of the game and there are plenty of music tracks to keep everyone happy, sfx is also very good but it's the action which stands out, the replays are excellent when you have destroyed your rivals, plenty of cars to unlock and the various races are quite varied from the all out win at all costs to time trials and total destruction of the other racers which does make the game very similar to Need for Speed series so if you love that series then give this a go, i for one love this as it's great fun.