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BioShock Infinite PC Preview

monster99 | Nov. 5, 2012 | See all monster99's reviews »

It’s been five years since the BioShock PC version got released bringing a brand new IP to a market oversaturated with FPS shooters, many of which focused on multiplayer action rather than single player narrative. BioShock 2 was released several years later; a solid game which expanded on some of the features of the original while keeping the setting of the underwater dystopia of Rapture. While a solid game that did nothing wrong, with no dedicated multiplayer hook and the story of Rapture played out not once, but twice, many gamers were left wondering where the BioShock series would go next. The release date of BioShock Infinite now firmly set in February, gamers have finally got their answer, and it’s one few people would have guessed after the underwater ending of the second story. BioShock Infinite trades the seas for the skies in the city of Colombia, so far removed from the original games that series designer Ken Levine has not even confirmed it to be set in the same universe as the first two titles. Despite the obvious setting change, previews and trailers of the game hint that the series is going to retain much of what the original such a landmark title for the genre. Remaining focused on action; gamers who buy BioShock Infinite will be treated to the same attention to detail, story driven gameplay of the first two games, albeit with some interesting new mechanics. One of the more notable features that the BioShock Infinite PC community will enjoy is the ‘1999 mode’, which will force players into a more difficult version of the game, making choices and specialization more important to the overall game and making the endgame a more difficult experience. Like the originals, developers Irrational Games have already worked out a range of different pre-order and limited editions of the game. Two different versions of the BioShock Infinite Limited Edition have been announced, featuring a variety of books, statues and more for all major formats.