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maddocks2379 | April 25, 2013 | See all maddocks2379's reviews »

This was the first real tomb raider game i have played as i wasn't too interested in the first series. This tomb raider is fantastic, the graphics are stunning and runs well on ATI cards (heard of issues with Nvidia) The story is involving and is nearly non-stop all the way through which is different, the only issue is its quite short, my play though was only 9 Hours i am now looking forwards to the sequels


Awesome to the end

Stebsis | April 10, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Tomb Raider is on of the best experiences I've had with games in years. When I first got it I wasn't that impressed. Yeah, it looked good and had tight controls but didn't feel that special. Next thing I knew night was coming and I've been playing for hours on end. I literally played this game in one day, not in negative way that it's short (which it isn't, I got nice 11 hours from it + all the collectibles), but because I just couldn't put it down, TR was that good and gripping. You play as Lara Croft, an inexperienced adventurer who's searching clues for this sun queen Himiko. Suddenly a storm arrives and your ship crashes onto an island, and you're stranded and you need to survive and get out, but not everything is what it seems. Story is pretty good and everything starts to reveal at a nice pace without getting stale or feeling like padding. Combat is really tight and feels great. Guns and your bow, once you get them, have weight in them. The transition from normal quite scared Lara to cold blooded killer is somewhat clunky. They set it up nicely and when Lara has to kill for the first time you can almost feel the emotions she's going through because the voice acting and animation are just superb. You get basically 4 weapons, the bow, machine gun, pistol and shotgun, and all of these have some kind of upgrades that change the combat a bit. For example you get rope arrows to your rope that you can use to solve puzzles or pull enemies down from rooftops. Graphically the game is just gorgeous on highest setting, rain effects, Lara's hair, the forests and so on look great. There's also multiplayer which I haven't really tried. It felt just tacked on and is there because other games have it too, it's just pointless and not the focus. Ending just left me wanting for more and I can't wait for what Crystal Dynamics will do next. I'm really hoping for single player DLC if they're the same quality, but sadly they've said they won't put any out.



Xpire | March 28, 2013 | See all Xpire's reviews »

Never was a big fan of the Tomb Raider series, until now. I never did tried any of the Tomb Raider games, so I decided to try this one out since it is just released not long ago. After about an hour into the game, I knew I would love this game. I just realised how much I've missed not playing the other Tomb Raider games. As a reboot, I can not judge this game whether it is any better or not. But as an action/adventure game, this is one of the greatest so far, for me. The graphics are amazing. The gameplay is smooth. The storyline is also great. Had me playing this game for hours, stopping only for toilet breaks. Overall, this game is one of the best I've played this year. This is highly recommended to those who have been a fan of this game for very, very much longer than I was.


Tomb Raider - One of the best reboots ever made

Angeluzian | March 23, 2013 | See all Angeluzian's reviews »

Tomb Raider to me was a wonderful experience, despite some of the flaws (like collectables were fairly stupid imo, but the relics and their story was intresting however). The Game play is liniar, yes, but the controls are wonderful and by all the possible ways to get to some areas and unlock lower areas later in the game from above so you can come back up, it brings it to a new level. If this was open world completly, it would be closer to my ultimate game. To me, Tomb Raider was Assassin's Creed mixed with Uncharted, which I enyoyed deeply. I recommend this for everyone!


Simply beautiful.

Delisitor | March 19, 2013 | See all Delisitor's reviews »

From the very beginning this game drew me in. The intense start got my heart racing and I knew straight away I was in for an adventure I would never forget. The set pieces were incredible. Large scale scene filled with life a colour - graphics which I did not expect coming from a game that was also created for console. You can tell the developers took special care in creating something special for the PC. With DX11 compatibility, you will have your eye glistening the entire time at an the stellar quality and effort put into the game. Even the level of detail which went into character movement is fine tuned. Something you'll see when you play - although I loved the direction TressFX is going in with hair movement, this tech is still short of refined and is buggy from time to time - but it adds to an interesting touch of detail I have not seen in any other games to date. There is so much to explore, and so many different ways to get from one place to another, the open world that your character, Lara, is thrown into is nothing short of an adventure from start to finish. I highly recommend this for any gamer who is out for a fun story, exceptional game play and jaw dropping graphics.


Great Reboot

Xibalba | March 17, 2013 | See all Xibalba's reviews »

As far as a 3rd person action/adventure game goes this is very good, as far as a Tomb raider game goes it's not too bad but it could be a lot better. From the perspective of a reboot from a great series this is certainly a nice breath of fresh air and there is a lot great things that has been put into this game: The environments and visuals are some of the best I've seen in a 3rd person game let a lone an action game for current generation technology.However I do feel that this game is missing something, it's missing the Indianna Jones style tomb/booby traps explorations we all grew to love in a Tomb Raider game. A decent game and deserves a respectable score, however if you're looking for the true Tomb Raider feel you may be left slightly dissapointed


See it as THE Uncharted for PC

MarkDeejay | March 12, 2013 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

The new Tomb Raider is the closest thing we PC gamers will ever get to an Uncharted(-like game). It's the combination of beautiful graphics, Metroidvania gameplay, great combat, and treasure hunting that makes this new reboot so much fun to play. The game starts off fairly slow, with a lot of QTEs. It will take about an hour or so before you get to fully control Lara and walk around completely freely. And the environments are actually very open later on in the game, with multiple paths to take and the occasional hidden tombs to find. There are also hundreds of things to find and collect, making you feel like a real treasure hunter. But the tombs... The tombs are the only thing that I can think of that I actually disliked. Let me explain: it's not that I hated them or anything, they were really fun to complete, but they were sooooo short. Think of them as one big puzzle, set in one big room. That's it. Complete this puzzle (which is mostly physics driven) and you're done and get to collect the treasure. I expected so much more in that department. Maybe they'll make them lengthier in a possible sequel ? I hope so, because it's wasted potential. But don't let that ruin the experience though, because it's a solid 15-20 hours game and there's so much else to enjoy. I completed the entire game, 100% (and I don't do that very often), so you can imagine that I was quite taken with it. The multiplayer isn't worth your time, however, it feels tacked on. It works, but that's about it. There's nothing more to say I guess. You'll just have to experience this wonderful game yourself. And that's not a bad thing by any means.


Tense action sequences, impressive gameplay make this a must buy

fable2 | March 6, 2013 | See all fable2's reviews »

Great PC port, for those worried over that aspect of the game. Controls are very fluid and smooth with a keyboard/mouse. Some people hate QTEs, so if you hate them, too bad, think they're a perfectly fine gameplay mechanic. Combat is like the controls, fluid and smooth. I'm shocked, considering Crystal Dynamics has largely far inferior to this in the past. Very cinematic gameplay that is a mixture of Uncharted/Assassin's Creed. The optional "Tombs" have been relatively easy. I was always a fan of the Tomb Raider stories/lore, but never a fan of the puzzle-based gameplay in the previous games, and while there's some small element of puzzles in the main game, it's definitely more of an action/adventure than an environment puzzle. Which I think is great. The story, and character evolution of Lara has also been great. Just fantastic presentation, solidly smooth gameplay, and far more likable Lara now that she isn't wearing hotpants with Double D cups. The game is supposed to be a linear game and just because it is linear doesn't mean that's a bad thing. The game runs well on my HD 7950 and TressFX makes Lara's hair look and behave realistically. Unfortunately the hair comes at a significant performance loss, but it's worth it if you're not too bothered about getting 60fps on a high end system and a massive fps drop during the in-engine cutscenes. Well, the multiplayer is not so good but overall is a very good game and you should not miss it. Definitely get this if you're a PC Gamer that hasn't played the Uncharted series and still get it if you have.


Best of the Modern Tomb Raider Series

Endyo | March 6, 2013 | See all Endyo's reviews »

Tomb Raider has become a classic since it's blocky console launch so long ago. Lara Croft has been the star of several games and movies and depicted in many different ways, but always stayed true to her clever and adventurous ways. This game does not depart from the classic core formula, but offers a much more cinematic and higher quality experience than we've seen of the modern titles in the series. As we all know, they have been marred by poor controls and bugs. However, this iteration, created by a a handful of quality developers under the Square Enix umbrella (primarily Crystal Dynamics) has deviated from that trend quite well. First of all, I have to say this is a beautiful game. It doesn't have that ultra-real feel that you'd get from Crysis 3 or something like that, but there are so many exceptionally designed elements that you find yourself just sort of hanging out and gawking at them. The lighting is superb, whether its sunlight filtering through the clouds or trees or torch-lit caverns dripping with water, you really get a feel for the environment through the way the lighting is executed. Running the game on ultimate (which from what I’ve heard from others is a bit rougher on non-AMD machines) is just a delightful experience. TressFX, a system designed to animate hair, is actually pretty impressive. I never thought I’d be particularly concerned with the hair of a character, but it looks completely authentic at times. However, the physics sometimes gets a bit wonky and it takes something that looks very life-like and makes it seem… very awkward. Water in particularly has a quality that is a bit unlike other games and, while different, it does at times seem like it’s flowing and moving with properties that you don’t expect from pre-rendered things. If you have the rig to turn this game up to the maximum levels, it’s definitely worth it. The gameplay is nothing that will blow you away if you’ve played Tomb Raider games. You’ll be solving puzzles, jumping from place to place, lighting torches and fires, climbing, sliding, and so on. However, this title offers something that the others seldom did (if at all), some quality physics based puzzles. The good kind too, sometimes eclipsing what I saw in Half Life 2. What stands out the most for Tomb Raider though, is that despite being a console port, it is done so well that I can’t even tell it wasn’t made for PC. There’s nothing wrong with using keyboard and mouse or a gamepad, in fact, I actually found the keyboard and mouse setup to be a little more comfortable. Usually console ports to PC that involve careful timing and jumping are a pain in the ass for PC controls, but this works out pretty well. It’s come a long ways from its predecessors. Tomb Raider is one of those games that transcends its following and could certainly be one of those mainstream “must-have” games regardless of whether you’re in to the series or action-adventure titles. It has benchmark-worthy graphics that can make you really appreciate how far technology has come and how well it can be executed even on more moderate machines (like my own). It also shows that PC ports don’t have to suck, which is something that has been pervasive in the rise of popularity of consoles. I’d recommend giving this game a shot if you’re on the fence about it. It’s hard to say anything is outstandingly bad about it. It’s not absolute perfection, but it is certainly a cut above.


As close to PERFECT as you can get..

wfosnot | March 6, 2013 | See all wfosnot's reviews »

This is the best of the TR games. The graphics are fantastic. HairTress is amazing! Gameplay: This is Lara Croft at her best. Adventure - tomb raiding - it's here. Action -- hunting and shooting bad guys -- it's here. Questing/leveling -- get XP for exploring and doing stuff -- it's here. The developers really show the love of this character by making this game be everything it should be. The voice acting and motion capture bring real life to this game. You "FEEL" connected to Lara. The cinematic quality of everything is amazing -- it's like playing a movie. Can't wait for a sequel!!


Less like Tomb Raider and more like Uncharted

rstokes | March 5, 2013 | See all rstokes's reviews »

If you are looking for huge sprawling tombs filled with puzzles then you will be let down. The tombs for the most part are linear side missions with one puzzle and a big shiny chest at the end, the rest plays like uncharted mixed with rpg elements. Its very cinematic, and the combat (which is the focus of the game) is action oriented with a basic, player crouches near cover, cover system. The game is pretty fun overall, But I find the new Lara Croft rather annoying. I understand they intended to show her transitioning into a tomb raiding badass but they play too hard on the "helpless girl" motif, she spends far too much time moaning in pain and acting helpless when Lara Croft is supposed to be a super intelligent, resourceful badass. Aside from it not feeling like a real Tomb Raider game, and the way Lara is portrayed, If you take the game at face value its actually alot of fun


Tomb Raider re-imagined for a new generation.

Bigshrimp | March 5, 2013 | See all Bigshrimp's reviews »

Everyone that remembers the old Tomb Raiders know the classic feel of raiding tombs and surviving all the platform style challenges. This new game is more of a blockbuster and cinematic game compared to the games of old. This game gives you a look at her before she became the "Tomb Raider" in the older games. This game is more gritty and intense and tried to pull you in emotionally. The combat with the different weapons like the bow and gun are pretty fun. The upgrades seem to work well too. I really am enjoying the single player experience. The multiplayer seems like a throw away, doesn't have any value to me. It seems boring and does not feel very balanced. I would only recommend playing this for the single player in my opinion. Overall this is a totally great singler-player game and I highly recommend it for what it is; if thinking of other games similiar to it, I would think of Uncharted especially. It has the same feel as those games to me.


Excellent Reboot

Jinnrou | March 5, 2013 | See all Jinnrou's reviews »

Fluid animation, marvelous graphics, interesting storyline and top notch voice-overs. They have taken a different approach to the Tomb Raider series in this reboot with an emphasis on storytelling. This is where Lara Croft becomes who she is. Good job Crystal Dynamics and SE.