Reviews for Nemesis of the Roman Empire


Great game

chivshiv | March 5, 2013 | See all chivshiv's reviews »

This is a great game. I have played this game tons and once you understand how the heroes work within it it's a blast. Armies are attached to your heroes and all units gain XP through battle. Bases are unique. It’s entertaining and even a bit educational, at least from a historical perspective. And while the audio and visual elements are admittedly showing their age, the core game engine is solid and the computer AI is untouched by anything else in the current crop of competitors. There are certainly better titles on the RTS horizon, but until those games materialize Nemesis is a worthy addition to any strategy gamer’s collection and will keep you engrossed for countless hours of historic battles of epic proportions.



jeyko | Aug. 18, 2012 | See all jeyko's reviews »

Nemesis of the Roman Empire, made by the small but by no means untalented Bulgarian studio Haemimont. NotRE is a deep war real-time strategy. There is an interesting historically correct storyline, but where the game shines is its gameplay. You have control over every single building and unit. The music isn't that great and the voiceovers are mediocore, but the main game is amazing! Every strategy games fan should check out Nemesis of the Roman Empire.