Reviews for UAZ Racing 4x4


More fun than I expected!

psychicparrot | March 4, 2013 | See all psychicparrot's reviews »

UAZ Racing is similar in style to MotorM4x: Offroad Extreme, only it takes more of a fun, slightly arcade approach to the offroading. It's not as pretty as MotorM4x but it's certainly more aimed at fun driving than punishing realism. The physics may not be all that realistic, but there's enough depth in the driving to make it feel significant in terms of skill requirement and enough to make the levels challenging and, in turn; rewarding. There are a good number of levels, too, so if you struggle with one you can always have a go at another and come back to it later. As someone else said here, there are only four vehicles- it's a shame because I would have loved to have had more choice or perhaps vehicles to unlock. That said, I find myself getting stuck in a 'just one more go' loop when I play it and getting quite immersed by the experience anyway. If you get this on sale and you're a petrol head like me, this is a great little game for the collection.


Off road madness

faraany3k | Aug. 24, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

If you are a fan of off-road racing, UAZ Racing 4x4 provides an immaculate experience. It features a ton of content suitable for off-road fanatics. Game is not confined to linear tracks and it lets you roam in a free world which gives an added challenge that how you will handle your vehicle and drive through a tough terrain. UAZ Racing sadly features only 4 vehicles which handle more or less the same. So this is really a disappointment that a game about driving feature such a short list of jeeps. Graphics and music of the game is average at best. There is also an element of environmental effects on car. Driving night time specially amps up the difficulty as it is more challenging to navigate. In rain, track feels more slippery and you have to drive more cautiously . Sometime the animations are a little clunky but are generally good. A good off-road racing game.


Promotional racing

JackFive | June 3, 2011 | See all JackFive's reviews »

I was skeptical about this game, especially because UAZ Racing may seem like a promotional games. But I wanted to give a chance to play this game and I had to change my mind. Certainly not perfect, there are better games, but not completely bad. What sets this game apart is the presence of game modes never seen before. All races will be held off-road, there isn't the slightest presence of roads. I really like the environment. roam free in the jungle is really satisfying and impressive. The races are mostly daytime but sometimes at night or in heavy rain which also affects the grip. Unfortunately, the game contains only four cars. So this is a huge point against. The graphics are functional, although not in any way it is ugly. The sound is excellent with grumbling low-speed engines, transmissions and cool Russian rock music. The presence of more cars would have definitely helped the game, so I recommend to buy when it will cost less.