Reviews for The Darkness II (ANZ)


A brilliantly executed first-person-shooter.

PrimalHunter779 | July 26, 2014 | See all PrimalHunter779's reviews »

The Darkness II is a phsycological horror first-person shooter sequel to The Darkness, a console only game released back in 2009. The original game was interesting despite its flaws, and was a highly enjoyable game in terms of story and gameplay. Its sequel, The Darkness II, goes above and beyond to deliver an absolute gem of a gaming experience, and a masterpiece of the art form. You play as Jackie Estacado, the head of a feared crime family, who is the host to an ancient evil known as The Darkness - this evil resides inside Jackie and gives him supernatural powers. Jackie constantly wrestles for control, and The Darkness forced him to stand by and watch as his girlfriend, Jenny, was murdered. Jenny's murder is the driving force of this entire game. Throughout the game, Jackie experiences hallucinations of Jenny, and interacts with her as she if she never died. These moments are the soul of the game; Jackie and Jenny are beautifully acted, and you can genuinely feel the emotion in these scenes. This made the story a compelling and enjoyable one, and I felt personally compellled to stick this game through to the end. In between cutscenes and interaction with Jenny and other NPC's, Jackie will engage in numerous combat situations. This game uses a unique and innovative combat system, in that the player is able to 'quad-wield'; the player is able to dual wield one handed firearms in combination with the demon tendrils produced by The Darkness. These tendrils let you rip, slash, throw, tear and stab your enemies in a variety of highly entertaining ways, but be warned that these kills are extremely gory and not for the faint hearted. In fact, the entire game is extremely dark, and contains very dark subject matter beyond the usual video game. The player also has to avoid street lights and other artificial lights and shoot them out where possible, as you cannot regenerate health or use Darkness abilities whilst in the light. This game is beautiful in every aspect. The game engine employs a distinct comic-book inspired aesthetic like the Borderlands games, and it really helps make the game look and run nice at the higher settings. Substantial effort and polish has gone into the production of this game, and it really shows; character models look and move realistically, and environments are dazzling to look at. In addition to the perfected single player campaign (which I have been careful not to spoil) there is a mini co-op campaign, which allows you to play with 3 friends and use a wide range of guns and abilities to kill enemies. This mode emphasises fun and action, and lacks the depth of the single player campaign. However, it was certainly fun, and I didn't feel like it detracted from the campaign in any way. Overall, The Darkness II is a masterpiece of the gaming industry. A brilliant, well constructed tale of love and loss and eventually redemption, this is a game for the ages. I can't recommend it any more than I already have, which is why this game earns a 10 / 10.


Under appreciated masterpiece

PhlyQ | May 13, 2013 | See all PhlyQ's reviews »

The Darkness released early February 2012 and was a game that didn’t receive much advertising or player generated hype. The Darkness 2 follows the story Jackie Estacado a mob boss who inherits a peculiar ability which is wielding the Darkness. The game uses cell shading similar to borderlands which compliments the game world well. The gameplay is quite original and lets you “quad-wield” which basically means you can wield a gun in each hand while also controlling your two darkness demon arms. The controls feel a bit fiddly when using a mouse and keyboard, if you own a controller I would recommend using that instead. This game has some of the most gruesome kills I have ever seen in a game. Using your demonic arms you can rip your enemies in half, slice of their head or even pull out an enemy’s spine from his butt the list goes on. The single player campaign took me about 6 hours on my first play through and left me wanting more, not because the game was bad but because it was so darn good. There is also a co-op campaign which was fun to play with friends but got boring very quickly. In summary, I really enjoyed this game and its unique gameplay but found it was bit to short.


Absolutely amazing! BUY! BUY IT NOW!

StewartX | July 31, 2012 | See all StewartX's reviews »

Wow, just... wow. I can say for sure that if they hadn't of used cell shading graphics then this game would have been banned in most countries for excessive violence. For instance you can shove your demon arm things up an enemies butt and pull out his spine... yeah... and that is the tip of the iceberg my friends. I really enjoyed this game and even though The Darkness 1 was a console only they do their best to get you up to speed. The single player is short(ish) as I was able to finish the entire game (taking my time as well) within 9 hours but it is worth every penny! Another great aspect is the multiplayer, you can join up to 3 others and do missions that tie in with the main campaign in which you can choose different characters with different strengths and weaknesses. Awww... thinking about it I've got to play it again. So to recap, NOT FOR KIDS! Don't buy for your children, this is an adults only game and well worth your money! Pros: Everything awesome town has to offer Cons: Very short. Multiplayer adds another 4ish hours but still very short on the time scale. Graphics: 9/10 Gameplay: 9/10 Story: 9/10 Multiplayer: Yes! OH YES!