Reviews for Whirlwind Over Vietnam


A helicopter Sim gone wrong

faraany3k | Aug. 24, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

Just like the Vietnam war. This game goes horribly wrong. Although premise is exciting and fresh. But the game fells flat on almost all fronts. Firstly graphics are really poor. Although helicopters are really well detailed the rest of the environment seems really dull. Game doesn't teach you to fly the HELI instead it puts you in the battlefield right at the start.While a determined gamer can learn the ropes and eventually drive the HELI with perfection, for a causal HELI Sim fan who has no experience of flying HELIS in another game felt horribly wrong. And controlling the thing was a daunting task. It is a shame that a game with som much potential doesn't feature a tutorial for a newbie. Adding to the injury are the performance issues. Game is littered with unexpected crashes, uneven frame rates and generally poor performance. I don't see myself playing this game often. If you are interested in a HELI sim there aren't enough choices though. Try it if you can get past the performance issues and steep learning curve.


This game needs some patch

JackFive | June 8, 2011 | See all JackFive's reviews »

This game combines two things that I love, Vietnam and Helicopters. I bought it principally for this, because it’s a event more unique than rare find them in a single game. The last game about Vietnam who I adored, was Vietcong. I still love that game, and I desired that Whirlwind Over Vietnam was at least a good game, but unfortunately, it isn’t completely. When we start the game, we are ready for the mission, driving our trusty helicopter. But there is a problem, how the hell you ride the helicopter? There isn't a tutorial that explains the buttons and the maneuvers required to drive it. We will have to discover by themselves what to do. This could discourage many to leave the game immediately. We can use however the autopilot, to make this easier, but it works so badly that we will not ever use it. I recommend to play this game with a gamepad or better, a cloche. It is quite impossible be able to pilot the helicopter with the keyboard. Missions are long and sometimes boring, because we spend a lot of time all over the map, flying from one area to another, doing nothing. But the biggest problem, what “destroy” the game, are the performance problems. I tried with my old and my new PC, but there are however almost the same problems. Long loading, unexpected crash, drop of FPS, bugs that force to reload the mission to be completed. Concluding, this is not a game for everyone. You must dedicate a lot of time before you can have fun. And despite everything, you could stop playing because of the many problems that has this game.