Reviews for Alan Wake: Collector's Upgrade


Content for diehard fans

vipe_1 | Dec. 10, 2014 | See all vipe_1's reviews »

Alan Wake: Collector's Upgrade simply adds on a sort of "directors" cut level of content to the base game. You will get developer commentary, a very nice illustrated book (pdf), and the soundtrack. The commentary is interesting for those that want a perspective from the makes of the game, and is unique in that it can play in the background of the game as you play. The pdf book is very nice, and a worthwhile read. The illustrations are good and the whole thing is a great complement to the game. In particular the soundtrack stands out. As a big soundtrack fan myself, what Petri Alanko put together is pretty great. The songs from the game are simple and straightforward but are very atmospheric and well constructed. Having the popular style music from the Old Gods in the game is also a fun addition. Worth it for huge Alan Wake fans, this add-on won't disappoint if you want more from Remedy itself.


The Upgrade is Worth It

Qwertyfour | Oct. 3, 2013 | See all Qwertyfour's reviews »

This upgrade adds 3 main things to your base Alan Wake game: The soundtrack, a PDF book, and the ability to turn on developer commentary. The sound track alone is worth it because of how powerful the tracks are. After every episode, one of those tracks play and you're left with a stunned feeling because of how the pacing works. Now you'll actually get those soundtracks. The PDF book adds a lot to the story and other things that happen in the Alan Wake universe. I haven't tried the commentary, but I'll definitely turn it on the next play through, but that won't be a while. Overall, you should get this because it is an amazing sound track and book though doesn't add content


An Original Concept

Kratzer | June 3, 2013 | See all Kratzer's reviews »

I enjoyed this game if nothing less for its originality. The narration provided by the main character adds some legitimate value to the game, which is not always the case, definitely not for this genre. In addition to that, you are fighting against a force that is loosely defined and which therefore makes it all the more terrifying. When, at any moment, anything around you could take life and try to end you, it adds to the plight of the character dramatically. I give this game very high marks.


Late night fun

igzaustion | Jan. 8, 2013 | See all igzaustion's reviews »

Few games capture the horror genre better than this. The only game to scare me more was Silent Hill many years ago, but that might be because I was so much younger back then. The story and design of this game is just brilliant, and if you feel comfortable playing a scripted story, buy this right away.


When Max Payne becomes a horror story

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all abelfs's reviews »

These guys of Remedy are f**** genious. While I was playing, Max Payne 1 and 2 came to my mind, even when the gameplay and atmosphere are completely different. Alan Wake is a game where you fight shadow monsters who are invincible until they are hit with light. The story is suspenseful, mysterious, and with that particular sense of humour made in Remedy. Highly recommendable. Play it if you're looking for a more unique action/adventure game with a nice story.


Good for collectors

dark2025 | Sept. 26, 2012 | See all dark2025's reviews »

This item is really geared towards collectors (hence the name) and features nothing that adds to the game itself, so no DLCs and such. You might want to look to American Nightmare if that is what you're looking for. I suppose if you really enjoyed the game and want to know a little more about the background, design process, and listen to the soundtrack, then there's something here for you, but at $10, it might be too steep of a price.


Theres some great stuff here.

albeenox | May 12, 2012 | See all albeenox's reviews »

I wouldn't really say that its worth the 10 bucks UNLESS you really have it to spare (the collectors edition is well worth the extra 5 to get this content included, however), but there is some fantastic stuff here. Anyone who is familiar with Poets of the Fall from the max payne 2 ending credits, will want this for the three songs in the soundtrack; War is a powerful/emotional rock song and (using the old gods of asgard stage name) children of the elder god is a great rock/metal track. The poet and the muse is a sad and haunting track that ties in wonderfully with the games mythology about what happened to Thomas Zane (the diver, who helps Alan). Its quite a sad and emotional track, but wonderful if you enjoy that kind of music. The Alan Wake files are a great accompaniment that helps deepen the main stories mythology - and if you're like me, you just cant get enough of the rich world and atmosphere that Remedy have crafted, so its well worth a look. Finally, the commentary is fun, just to hear what goes on behind the scenes and in the minds of the developers... something to enjoy in subsequent play-throughs (but NOT for your first one!!)