Reviews for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (NA)


A fun game!

Xgoesrawr | Sept. 5, 2012 | See all Xgoesrawr's reviews »

The single player campaign: It took me by surprise as I hadn't played the first bad company. The characters were pretty humorous. If I remember correctly it took me around 6 hours to complete and I enjoyed every bit of it. The multiplayer: Its just a lot of fun. I enjoyed rush mode and felt it was a great addition to the game series. Sadly the population of the multiplayer has dropped quite a bit since Battlefield 3 is out however there is still a decent amount of servers full daily. Finally the graphics were pretty however I recommend disabling bloom as there is A LOT of it used in this game.


A solid entry, yet manages to stand on its own

Cooberstooge | Sept. 2, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

Despite the Bad Company games seeming to be pint-sized full BF titles, there's plenty of action here to be had, and awesome stuff to see. Much of this title is set in a dark, humid jungle, where firefights are brief, shockingly violent, and rather sporadic. The campaign is around eight hours long, and features plenty of action for those of us more interested in the solo side of things. The fantastic destruction engine ensures repeated play-throughs are never the same as well, since different ways of approaching the objective always result in different things being blown up, knocked down, or turned into Swiss cheese. The graphics are outstanding, with the sections set in winter a special treat. The blowing snow and howling wind really help to crank up the immersion level too. Car chases are simply awesome, with enemy vehicles sliding into position behind you, and drifting off the edge of a cliff or cartwheeling after being hit by an RPG. The multiplayer, of course, is Bad Company 2's main selling point and also the best part of the game. There's always tons of people playing online, even this long after the release date, and little to no lag in-game. Cheaters are few and far between, and the community is quite welcoming to new members.


Great multiplayer and a good solo campaign!

chinesephoneme | Aug. 30, 2012 | See all chinesephoneme's reviews »

Despite the non exciting single player plot, this game is very attractive, it has very realistic graphics (especially the light), very challenging but interesting style of shooting, and very magnificent destruction system which allows the player to destroy any buildings. Bad Company 2 is the peak of FPS in 2010, even today it is still unbeatable, and at some point, it is even better than Battlefield 3.


Awesome game

NoLove3827 | Aug. 2, 2012 | See all NoLove3827's reviews »

Bad Company 2 is one of the best military games, the single player mode is great, the graphics are great, the sound is amazing (especially on WarTapes mode) everything is great. Highly recommended to anyone. Only "Con" is that the single play is somewhat short. But the MP and everything else make up for it!


Battlefield Whether you Like it or Not

ROKET | June 20, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I dont care what any of those BF haters say. The game was well built, well thought out, and worthy of its Battlefield title. Gameplay wise you got a game that allowed you to excel while keeping everything grounded in reality. You got modern weaponry, tons of guns, and classic BF game modes such as conquest and the introduced Rush mode. I spent 180 hours on the multplayer alone and will always love this game. Dont listen to anyone. Buy this game. I highly recommend it.


A Good Distraction

Endyo | June 1, 2012 | See all Endyo's reviews »

In the realm of the Battlefield franchise, this game was mediocre. That's saying a great deal though considering the high quality of so many Battlefield games. It certainly exceeds its predecessor, but it served only to be a distraction in the aftershock of Battlefield 2. What you get with Bad Company 2 is a fairly simple single player campaign that has its entertaining moments and a fun multiplayer scene that fell short of previous Battlefield glory. Multiplayer rolls along in the middle ground between the smaller maps of Modern Warfare and the sprawling arenas of other Battlefield games. The number of vehicles (as well as their breadth and variety) are far limted to those that you'd see in other Battlefield games. Jets are gone, but helicopters remain. Combat is fast and intense, but it seems to lack that feeling of being delightfully overwhelmed that you'd get in games of a larger scale. Bad Company 2 does deliver the goods when it comes to spraying bullets across a map and ducking for cover in somewhat destructible environments. Buildings crumble and collapse under sustained explosive fire and maps make it difficult to lock down every possible route of advance, so the evironment works to improve gameplay. Bad Company 2 also introduces the new game mode, Rush (and Squad Rush), that puts one side as the attackers and the others as defenders. The objectives are two MCOMs,which must be rigged to explode by the attackers. If the attacekrs are successful, the defenders move back to a new set of MCOMs and the cycle repeats until all of the pairs of MCOMs are destroyed. Of all the additions to the Battlefield series, I believe this is the most enjoyable. For the price, this is game is fun enough to let you enjoy some newer Battlefield action without emptying your wallet. If you want a more entertaining game with a larger playerbase? Battlefield 3 is your best bet.


Great war game

ruready12 | March 24, 2012 | See all ruready12's reviews »

I played this game for countless hours on Steam and let me tell you, It's worth every penny its costs! The game has mindblowing graphics that makes you feel in the center of the action throughout the game. The story is long and immersive, as well as quite humerous. The multiplayer is amazing and the gameplay is so real you will forget your playing a video game. There are so many guns to choose from as well as vehicles and many enjoyable maps! Beware about buying this game, you WILL get addicted!!!