Reviews for XIII Century: Blood of Europe


Better than Medieval Total War 2 if you like the Battles...

thekman | April 20, 2011 | See all thekman's reviews »

What this is: XIII is the standalone addon to the original game in the series. Real-time tactical strategy game (please note the addition of the word Tactical…)

Don’t compare this to the Total War series, if you like the Medieval era of games then you need both, if you like big battles between huge armies, you still need both. If however you like the turn-based bits get the Total War game, not this.

Graphics: Good, better than Medieval Total War 2, but then this came out later, of course not as good as the later Total War games, but you won’t be disappointed.

Sound: Perfectly fine, it fits the battlefield and the battles well.

Multiplayer: It’s ok, LAN was fun.

Singleplayer: There are a lot of missions and campaigns here and the gameplay is much more strategic than Total War, elevation, flanking, terrain etc… have a huge effect on the battles and the maps are mostly well designed to give you a chance to use these different tactics.

Problems: A little rough around the edges perhaps, but no real problems.

Summary: This plays in a different way to Total War (I know I keep saying that, but it does!) and I prefer the Battles here, as you get a chance to do tactics that have big impacts on the Battles.

There’s a lot here to keep you amused and interested and I think this series has sadly been over-shadowed and over-looked.

Change that, buy it…