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Prepare your knife for some stealth kills.

sergebelanger22 | June 27, 2013 | See all sergebelanger22's reviews »

In Velvet Assassin, you will play the role of Violette, a British agent used to stop the Nazis during World War II. You will also be able to use a SS uniform in some missions, but that will make the game almost more difficult because of your boots. You will need to stealth kill a lot of enemies during this game, but many of them will not be very wise. They will always walk though the same pattern, so all you have to do is to examine it and then kill them or pass around them while staying in the shadows. However, if you disturb them from their routine, they will become very unpredictable and that's where you will have the bigger challenge. Another challenge is when you have to use your gun. I highly recommend that you decrease the mouse sensitivity to the lowest that you can. It moves so fast when gunning that it becomes very though to aim on your target. The ammo is so rare in the game except for the last 1-2 levels that you really have to use your bullets wisely. There are some collectibles hidden in the game that will allow you to upgrade your character one they are found. You can upgrade up to 5 times your stealth speed, force and your morphine. The morphine mode makes you walk while not being discovered. The collectibles do not unlock anything in the game though. There is absolutely no replay value in this game. There are only 2 difficulty levels, Normal or Agent. So, I highly recommend you playing at Agent since the AI is poor. Also note that there is no multiplayer mode in this game. The levels differ from each other and you will never find identical places. They are well constructed and the shadows are thought for the player to hide almost everywhere. Technically, the graphics are good enough but the sound of the bullets is too loud compared to the other sound. I would have appreciate more replay value for this game that last only about 8 hours and has no multiplayer mode. But globally, it is still a good game for only 7,99$ if you like stealth action games.


Very Enjoyable

DanielZo0 | June 11, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

I must admit I've waited a long time before buying this game, having read numerous negative criticism and having decided it wasn't worth trying to test it. I was wrong. This game is actually quite good. The graphics are great, and the whole art direction is coherent and at the same time very "new", using sepia tones and dark, cold atmospheres are the same time. The gameplay is... well, I don't know. old school? Simple? Yes, it IS simple. But while the beginning of the game has a definite emphasis on stealth, the ending is much more frenetic. In short, it doesn't get boring at all. The audio is so-so. The ambiance sounds are good, although the music sometimes gets too loud and can distract the player. But then again, It may be just my opinion, since I usually don't like music in games anyway. The voice acting ranges from good to downright awful, depending on the language : german acting is good, which is expected since it was developed by a german studio. The English acting (the hero) is average. It could be a bit better sometimes, but it's still bearable. The French acting is AWFUL. The story itself is the most original and the best part of the game, in my opinion. I've played a lot of WW2-themed games, and this one definitely portrays the atrocity of war the best. The scenario isn't a generic copycat of other mainstream games I won't name (it starts with a C, end with a D, and there's a o in the middle), and it definitely works great. My only regret is, as usual, the portrayal of the main character. I can accept the oh-so-tight pants that don't look practical at all or the sexy makeup (on a WW2 spy!). Those are clichés, alright. I'm used to seeing them on female videogame characters. But playing 1/5 of the game in a nightie... come on. Seriously? Alright, she wakes up in a hospital. So obviously she doesn't have her normal suit anymore. But give her clothes at some point in the game, damn it. The violence of the ending becomes ridiculous when you realize you're playing in a NIGHTIE. Hello, half-naked hot chick killing nazis. Can you keep your serious there? No. It's absurd. And the problem is, the game is stone-cold serious the whole time. The atrocities of war, everything. This game, right here, says "man always lose wars". You can't have both a very serious story and a ridiculously clichéd sexualized character.


Velvet Assassin - review

carlyle | Jan. 9, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

The title in question is a stealth game, the actions of our protagonist will be mostly hidden from the eyes of opponents who indeed should be removed from us so silent and stealthy, so we should take advantage of shadows and avoid passing in front of light sources that could detect the our presence. There is a graphical as well as being very pleasant it is also lightweight, which gives this title to have almost instantaneous uploads, also the 'use of checkpoints and the low resistance of the protagonist are not factors to be considered negative but rather they are fully functional the game as a whole: to study the patrols and the movements of their opponents to accomplish it in a number of situations until the next checkpoint is even satisfactory, and once you're comfortable with the game is by no means impossible or even difficult. It 'a title that probably does not make a leap into the future in general, be interpreted in many ways that you can hate or love no middle ground, which obviously depends on the subjectivity of the player, but certainly in an overall assessment and objective positively deserves to be taken into account.


A linear stealth game

panz3r88 | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Velvet Assassin is a stealth game with a good story and a charismatic character, Violette Summer, a British spy that must work behind the enemy lines to achieve its objectives. The gameplay is the weak point of Velvet Assassin: the levels are linear and the only thing you must care of is to sneak behind the enemies and kill them t reach the next area. The game is quite easy, but if you have trouble you can activate the Morphine mode,similar to a cheat, where the time stops and you can do whatever you want.



Javas | Oct. 21, 2012 | See all Javas's reviews »

I was suprised by this game, during the release I only saw low ratings for this game, but once I finally played it myself I really enjoyed myself. Set in the feverish dreams of O.S.S. agent Violette Summer, you experience past missions of World War II. Violette is not the super soldier we are used to play as, instead she is fragile and silent. You spend most of the time sneaking around darkness and shadows, trying to fulfill your mission objectives and eliminating Nazi guards standing in your way. What really suprises me with this game is the extremely dark atmosphere and the difficulty. Although the game isnt hard, you´ll find yourself in sticky situations which sometimes kills you, so there is a challenge thankfully. The game consists of twelve missions, each took me about one hour each to complete, taking my time when I snuck around in the darkness. The missions manages to feel interesting, yet a bit depressing due to its dark nature, but it just boosts the atmosphere of this game. If you like Splinter Cell you will probably like this game, it uses more melee stealth kills but has silenced weapons if you can find them. Overall I´d say this is an underrated game and its really worth the current price of 8$


A more oldschool aproach to stealth

CJV | Sept. 30, 2012 | See all CJV's reviews »

Velvet Assassin distinguishes itself thanks to it's great atmosphere. It has some great graphics and shadow/lightning effects that really great with the game's tone. In terms of gameplay it is a fairly trial and error stealth game, you'll have to learn the enemies paths in order to succeed, so it might not be a good game for less patient players. If you are into stealth games, so you should definitely give Velvet Assassin a try.


Sneak supreme

Cooberstooge | Aug. 28, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

This is one of the most underrated stealth games ever made, and is widely overlooked because there's so many World War shooters out there nowadays. Rest assured, this one is miles apart, and is loaded with old school stealth goodness. You play a character based on an actual historical figure, and the whole game is morphine-filled flashbacks from her deathbed. You most certainly use your gun, but the silence, and therefore bladed weapons, are more your friend. Stalking your prey is awesomely fun, and making a noise to draw them in and then end them is great. The game looks phenomenal, and runs fantastically well also. Proper voice actors who seem to enjoy doing their lines only adds to the mood. Velvet Assassin is, unfortunately, not without flaws. Enemies sometimes sense you through buildings, and almost always seem to turn and face you, even when you're totally hidden and completely safe. One section near the end of the game is mind-bogglingly difficult until you get all your timing exactly spot-on. If you don't mind the occasional well-sighted AI and a few overly difficult level sections, Velvet Assassin is one nice little game, and for once is one that doesn't revolve around mindlessly shooting the same generic enemies wave after wave.


Atmospheric stealth

RainbowBunchie | March 4, 2012 | See all RainbowBunchie's reviews »

Finally some new stealth action! Sort of... I was really looking forward to this adventure made in Germany. Replay Studios score with authentic setting, great art direction and mature presentation without the typical Nazi-cliché. However, the gameplay mechanics are more like inspired by other games than brand new. This may work in its favor; sneaking through dark catacombs like Garrett in Thief: Dark Project pulling secret levers and hiding corpses. It seems like Splinter Cell when sniping or luring enemies with shots into nowhere. Sometimes it's even comparable to Resident Evil 4 upon finding items in lockers (for example) and then having them come up as 3D objects in your inventory. The sneaking mechanics are way too conservative: no acrobatics, no shadow transitions, no lightbulb-shooting. The mission design leads you into trial & error passages. and because Violette never really develops a unique character. In the last third of the game all these issues occur at once! That's why it could be considered bad. But in the dozens of hours I played, I always continued and ignored these flaws because I always saw the quality twinkling and showing me why I bought the game. Everyone waiting for Garrett or Sam Fisher to return as we love them should try this game.