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Was Too Hyped Up to Succeed

ROKET | July 3, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

This game was almost too ambitious with so much going on and so much promised that you almost knew before it was released that it wasnt going to deliver. The game is shallow. That may seem harsh but it really is and doesnt give you as much as it advertises. You start off playing a minigame of cat and mouse consuming smaller creatures to grow larger and larger until you are able to move from the sea to the land. This part is slightly entertaining and introduces you to the customization system but it otherwise dumb. When you get to land you begin to progress from era to era exploring the small "planet" you are on until you get to the space age. All the while you are designing and redesigning different aspects of you civilization and potentially sharing you designs and civilizations with the interwebs. If you do share you have the possibility to discover and interact with the worlds of other players. The only caveat is that you dont interact with the players themselves - you just download their world and play in it. If you play through this cycle the game is very short and doesnt really entertain along the way other than to allow you to fully customize your characters and world as you progress. Combat and world interaction is very lackluster as are the very bland and underwhelming visuals. I do not recommend this game AT ALL. Its just terrible.