Reviews for FIFA Soccer 12 (NA)


Yet another step up for this awesome series

Cooberstooge | Sept. 11, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

The FIFA Soccer EA games have always been that old standby for those of us craving a solid, quality alternative to the purpose-built games, but as of late, EA has really kicked up into high gear. Soccer 12, the latest iteration, makes the game feel so real, you very well may dive out of your chair and leap to the floor when a ball heads at the screen! The graphics are insanely good this time around, and the new physics engine makes just watching the players an absolute joy, let alone taking part in the game. No more jittery, stopping animations and lack of continuity during heavy play - it's all smooth sailing with this one. I've never once hit upon any lag here, either - despite what may be fairly steep requirements for a sports simulation, the game runs very well on low-end setups. Management is much more enjoyable this time around, and the game has really been reworked so you feel far more involved in the day to day activities of the players on your team. You can truly build a dream team with this one as well, and follow the highs and lows of each individual in the real soccer world with constant internet updates. Multiplayer is a bigger option this time around, since it has been more refined and the joining and match mechanics rebuilt. No more dropping out in the middle unexpectedly due to a hiccup in your connection - a really good thing for us folks with temperamental connections. If you even remotely consider yourself a fan of soccer, you need to get this game. FIFA Soccer 12 is something you'll waste away many an hour on, and not regret any of it.