Reviews for Dead Space 2 (NA) [Legacy]


Insanity Spreads, Time to Fix it Again Engineer

CrimsonWizard | Dec. 30, 2012 | See all CrimsonWizard's reviews »

Dead Space 2 is another in EA's survival horror franchise, built upon the framework of Resident Evil 4 in space. After barely escaping the Ishimura and destroying the Necromorphs in the first game, engineer and psychiatric patient Issac Clarke awakens to find himself on a mining colony shortly before the Necromorph threat re-emerges, making short work wrecking the place and infecting the survivors. Deep rooted stress seems to have done our hero good as he's finally allowed to speak in this game, making Isaac a more engaging character as he's forced to survive and figure out what's going on this time around. The character cast is also a marked improvement rather than just voices telling you where to go next. You find out you're not the only one going insane, and what you thought you knew gets twisted around and back. Other improvements over it's predecessor are the increase in environments. Instead of being stuck in either a tin, industrial ship, or space, Issac gets to also fight through an actual city with a church, school, mall, and residences. It actually helps make the Necromorphs appear more threatening, showing how they'll rip apart anything, even our cities for their goals, rather than just some giant mining ship in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, the game still isn't very scary like it's predecessor with monsters still relying on jump scares or sneaking up behind you. The environments are spooky with the marks of death and darkness permeating the colony, but you never get that overwhelming sense of dread like an actual fear gives you. However, the game seems to know this and instead opted to improve and embrace what Dead Space 1 was good at. Instead of the magnet boots for zero gravity, you get a fun jet-pack to fly around in those sections this time around, and puzzles still pepper the game. Your arsenal from Dead Space 1 is back, but some weapons have gotten nice upgrades with the Military Pulse Rifle finally packing some punch, and the flamethrower not being a complete waste of time. Your stasis power to freeze enemies is also better this time around, a bit faster and makes the tougher Necromorphs manageable. Dead Space 2 isn't very good at horror, but as an action game it's very nice, improving on every other facet of the prior game. Isaac's an actual character this time around, his supporting cast is better, and the fun of Resident Evil 4 in space is still there, but now with an awesome jetpack. I give this game a big recommendation, and hope they continue the momentum upwards for Dead Space 3. I do have one question though for EA, how come Isaac looks like boxart male Commander Shepard from Mass Effect?


Worth it

ROKET | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

I had trouble with the first game. It was clunky, slow, and didnt keep my attention for long. I got this game on sale and took a very long time to play it. I didnt think Id get into the mood to play it for a long time but one day decided to make myself play it. I was so very pleasantly surprised. Story: The story is presented very well. I liked the cutscenes and dialogue a lot. You pick up after the first game. Theres a movie out that tells the story of one of the characters in game called Dead Space Aftermath (I think) and that helps a lot to catch you up on what happened just before you wake up in Dead Space 2. Gameplay: So much tighter than the first game. You dont feel as much clunk and the M/K controls are very fluid - if not better than using a controller. You get a much of new and old enemies to kill and man - some are seriously terrifying. You are tense straight through this game...its awesome. The weapons and upgrade system are effective and very satisfying. You really get the feeling that you're making yourself safer but the upgrades never turn you into a steamroller. Presentation: This game is sooo much better looking than its predecessor. I loved the detail and the gruesome atmosphere. It was really awesome. The engineering suits on their own were so freakin cool looking. The lighting and textures were also very well done. There were times where I felt total dread walking into dark areas. I loved it. Haha. Verdict: Freakin loved it. Get it. Its on sale ALL the time.


Isaac... speaks...

Damien_Azreal | Oct. 10, 2012 | See all Damien_Azreal's reviews »

Continuing the story of Isaac and picking up three years after the events of the first game, Dead Space 2 continues to put Isaac through hell. And does so better then the first game. With more polished gameplay, a more varied and impressive environment to explore the gameplay remains mostly the same. Slightly faster paced and all the more brutal. New variants to the Necromorph enemy continue to keep the fight interesting, while the new weapons (and touch ups to existing ones) make the combat all the more fun. A stronger focus on story, and making Isaac central to it help craft a tighter and more gripping tale. The voice acting is once again, superb, and the character and enemy animations are extremely impressive. Add in some wonderfully tense and creepy scenes, intense scripted moments... and you've got a game that is miles above and beyond the first.


A decent ride

dark2025 | Sept. 21, 2012 | See all dark2025's reviews »

If you enjoyed the original Dead Space, you should enjoy this one too. It's a little too similar though, and to me felt like I was playing an expansion pack. Not that this is a terribly bad thing however, since dismembering those necromorphs (this time with a few new variants) is still fun, if a little repetitive. Dead Space 2 relies on claustrophobic hallways, sound effects (which as mentioned before, is fantastic), and extremely low lighting to try to instill fear into you. While those elements do a nice job of creating a creepy atmosphere, the game isn't actually scary, at least not after the first hour or so. Since the game goes for the 'Boo!' scares, eventually you'll pick up on when a nasty critter will try to jump you. You might even learn to aim at a necromorph's location before he even jumps out. The scripting is very predictable - you know that when there's a big empty room in front of you that a horde of enemies will be jumping out as soon as you take a few steps in. You know that pretty much every important action you perform plot-wise results in an attack, and you know which vents they'll be pouring out of. Horror is not about having something jump out, flailing its arms about as it screams 'boo!' Hitchcock said it best - "There is no terror in a bang, only in the anticipation of it." Therefore it's unforgiving that these 'bang's in this game are so predictable. Dead Space 2 is also a very linear game. You literally can't stray away from the main path at all. It would have been much more impressive (and scarier) if you had more freedom to explore the 'city' or even just the ability to choose different paths, not knowing where each may take you. As it is stands, the replay value is pretty low. You can play it again with tougher difficulty levels and utilize different strategies if you wish, I suppose. All that being said, it's still an enjoyable game, but if you're looking for a truer horror game, go play Amnesia.


Scary game!

NoLove3827 | Aug. 2, 2012 | See all NoLove3827's reviews »

Very scary at times. The graphics have been upgraded for this installment so you know it'll be creepier! Lots of "puzzles" to solve and the gameplay is paced well, your never too rushed and it never gets too slow. The story is fairly long. The sound effects are awesome! Surround sound helps alot, but not necessary. Recommended for any horror fans!