Reviews for Bulletstorm (NA) [Legacy]


Not for everyone

Jray264 | Jan. 22, 2013 | See all Jray264's reviews »

Bulletstorm seems to have an identity crisis. One one hand it wants to be like shooters of the olden days, and in the other hand it wants to be just like all of the other modern day shooters. It's a bit of a mess but it's possible to find some pleasure in playing it. The game encourages you to kill in the most violent and stylish fashion. At the same time, wants you to feel like you're playing a modern day shooter. So while you're in the middle of setting up an amazing kill, you have retreat and hide behind cover until your health comes back, slowing the game's pace drastically. It's lewd, crass, vulgar, gory, and self aware. If that sounds like something you'd want to play then go for it.


Very Solid, Pretty, FPS, Killing at Its Most Fun

Brumbek | Dec. 29, 2012 | See all Brumbek's reviews »

A very solid FPS with beautiful visuals. The whole skill system is very cool, and the weapons allow for some great action. It is a very enjoyable experience, although the game's short…however, it’s worth replaying a few times every now and then since it is just plain fun to kill enemies. It's totally worth playing if you pick it up cheap. The Coop mode is fun to but it only last about 2 hours since there’s only a handful of maps. Oh, and the game uses the HORRIBLE GFWL. Still, the game itself is an extremely good FPS. Never has pure killing been so much fun.


Best family fun time vacation ever.

Damien_Azreal | Oct. 11, 2012 | See all Damien_Azreal's reviews »

Ahh, what can I say about Bulletstorm. It's vulgar, yeah... violent, sure. Immature and childish... at times. But, it's actually surprisingly well thought out. From the trailers and previews it's hard to imagine that the story and characters actually run rather deep. The characters go much further then the profanity laced previews that Epic released would have you believe. Gameplay wise the game is fantastic. Fast paced gunplay that gives you choice. Allowing you to either run and gun your way through a pretty lengthy campaign. Or, you can slow down a bit and think about how you want to fight back. Use your weapons in combination with the environment. Add in your leash and your boot. Mix things up, combine weapons and alt-fires... It's wild, absurd, and over the top... but well thought out, engaging and a ton of fun. Also, it's gorgeous.


Turd of a game

rstokes | Sept. 25, 2012 | See all rstokes's reviews »

Bad voice acting... Check. Violence for the sake of shock value... Check. Meh gameplay.... check. This game is nothing more than an attempt to be as shocking as possible for all the free press that comes with the title, Nothing about this game is fun, the guns suck, the enemies are borderline retarded. Just stay away from this game unless you can score it for under 5 bucks. At 5 dollars its not a bad way to spend a few hours but i wouldnt value it at anything more


Disgusting, demented, warped, and wickedly awesome

Cooberstooge | Sept. 2, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

Bulletstorm really doesn't deserve all the negativity the gaming press and gamers in general have given it. If you go into it knowing what to expect, you'll find one of the coolest shooters around, and one that knows it needs to poke fun at itself to succeed. Getting rewarded for shooting something in the nads has never been so much fun. Points are awarded for creativity, and grabbing some hapless grunt with your whip, then tossing him into a man-eating plant never gets old. The weapons are totally overpowered, with one thing latching explosive bolt rings around any poor fellow that gets between you and your objective. The highlight of this one? The graphics, of course. The sense of verticality in many areas is off the wall crazy, and abandoned cities and mining encampments come to life with all sorts of vibrant hues. This is one game that looks better than the preview shots shown before release, and it runs so well it's a little scary. The campaign is pretty short, and I clocked in around eight hours before finishing it. On the other hand, being on my ninth trip through it now, I'd say it's worth even the original price tag. The multiplayer is also fun, with you and your friends trying to set up massive combos by utilizing all your whips at the same time - there is still a decent sized online community as well. Totally recommend Bulletstorm to anyone who loves shooters, and likes them shaken, stirred, and left in the path of a runaway train. This game is so full of win I can barely handle it.



aqnickdan3 | July 3, 2012 | See all aqnickdan3's reviews »

This game is a concoction of the best graphics, gameplay, environment, enemies, and bosses all in one. This game has EVERYTHING to put forth in a first person shooter. You play Grayson Hunt, a man of which almost nothing is known of, and all you know to do is kill every monster you see. You are given an arsenal of weapons which are futuristic and creative at the same time, and that offers plenty of different ways to kill your enemies and have fun doing it. The story line is great and amazing. I recommend this game. Hands down.