Reviews for Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight (NA) [Legacy]


An interesting take on the RTS genre

nairume | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all nairume's reviews »

While C&C4 may not be a particularly great game, I must admit that it is an admirable attempt at shaking up the real time strategy genre that takes it out of the 90's and drags into the 21st century. Forgoing the typical base management and resource management of the previous C&C's and the genre they helped to popularize, Tiberium Twilight instead gives players a mobile base and does not require any resources to build units or defensive structures. Instead, you now have a limit of how many total units you can have active at a given time, while you compete with your opponents for command points that award you points towards the requisite victory score. While most other RTS games are focused heavily around micromanagement and rewards those who can amass resources and troops faster than the other player, C&C4 is now based heavily around macro management and rewards players that can see beyond unit numbers and understands the battlefield as a whole. This is a fantastic change of pace and is a positive direction for the genre. Meanwhile, specific play styles are rewarded as players can choose between offensive, defensive, and support classes that unlock new units and abilities that compliment and improve upon your strategies. What ultimately drags the game down is the clunky interface that still reflects C&C's roots as a micromanagement focused game, lending itself poorly to the new direction for the game. Also, the game does not quite do the best job in telling you what units and structures are balanced against what, leaving a considerable amount of trial and error for players to suffer through. Finally, while the new direction means an entirely new dynamic for competitive matches, it is also the only offering available for play, stripping out many of the different modes of gameplay other RTSs offer.