Reviews for Darkspore (NA) [Legacy]


Spore's Answer to Diablo

AkaRai | Jan. 4, 2013 | See all AkaRai's reviews »

Put simply, Darkspore is a dungeon crawler that uses the Spore creature creator, resulting in alien, extremely customizable (and for some reason often hunch-backed) heroes to fit with weapons, armor and new body parts, and sent out into alien planets to battle hoards of alien parasites. You control a team of three heroes at a time -which you can swap between at well if one is taking damage- with various elemental affinities and play types to try to cleanse the universe of a plague wiping out all life as we know it. Early on the game is quite compelling boasting a wide-range of heroes with different playstyles and unique and interesting abilities, including teleporting around the field, summoning pets to fight by your side, or manipulating time to various effects. The problem is, as different as the characters all look, many of them play effectively the same. Several have abilities that cause an object to fall from the sky and hit an enemy, many share the same weapon type. This is compounded when you unlock higher level heroes, as the game tells you there are 100 to unlock, but after the 25th you come to discover the remaining 75 are slightly altered versions of the first set. That aside, the combat is fast, fun, and frantic, and if you love collecting tons of loot and high levels of character customization, you'll probably have a lot of fun in the character editor affixing the seemingly endless number of items you get to your heroes. Unfortunately, at a certain point it all starts to feel very repetitive, despite some very impressive boss battles and interesting locales.


Great rpg styled action shooter!

NoLove3827 | Aug. 9, 2012 | See all NoLove3827's reviews »

Darkspore combines the customization of Spore with an RPG-style action game with great results. The gameplay is addicting and customizing your character is great fun.