Reviews for Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam (NA)


Vietnam Done Right

ROKET | July 28, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

I loved this expansion even more than the base game. It was detailed, it was elaborate and it was large scale. I loved the combat and absolutely loved the new guns and vehicles. When you guy this expansion you just simple enter the code into the in game menus and bam - you're in. When you first get into the expansion menus you're met with Vietnam war era music and have access to all weapons from the beginning. Graphically you get a feast of lush maps with detail everywhere from scorched earth to beautifully detailed character models that really set the two factions apart. It really is a joy to play. This expansion really makes the map feel like a huge gritty battlefield and I highly recommend you pick this up if you buy Bad Company 2. Its well worth it.