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Not worth it at this point in time.

IzayoiKagemaru | Oct. 27, 2015 | See all IzayoiKagemaru's reviews »

Nexuiz retail is not made by the same team of the Open Source Nexuiz, even if it where this entry is laughable even at its price. It does have nice graphics but the content is shallow only 3 gametypes and a handful of maps not to mention the mod support by the community is very small don't expect any worthwhile content like UT. The game at this point is pretty much dead with very few people still playing. The game is fast and had enormous potential to rival other arena shooters but at launch was missing Duel mode which was introduced as a paid dlc and hardly got any content updates. Unless you are a hardcore arena shooter fan and are whiling to part with 10€ for trying it out I wouldn't recommend it at all to anyone just wanting a decent low price game. I'll give it a decent rating because the gameplay works well for what it is and the graphics are respectable for a CryEngine 3 game but I get more kick out of Nexuiz 2.5 (Open Source) or its spiritual successor Xonotic (Open Source).


Don't expect much

DragosLoL | July 16, 2014 | See all DragosLoL's reviews »

If you like Quake, then you'll like this game. Otherwise you shouldn't expect as much from this game. I'm not saying this game isn't for the average FPS player out there, you should definitely give it a try. But it'll take you a while to get used to. Nexuiz used to be a mod for Quake, so the gameplay is really similar. But online multiplayer has no one online 99% of the time and you'll be forced to fight bots as there is no "single player story". Nexuiz is gone from the steam store so this is the only place to really buy it. But if you want to just mess around and shoot everything really fast then...go ahead and give it a try.


Reminds me to Unreal Tournament, really cool

TGAlan | July 7, 2013 | See all TGAlan's reviews »

Nexuiz is an astounding graphical demonstration of what a top-notch engine could manage to do with the current technology. The game itself is a classic "Unreal Tournament-esque" action FPS, not bad at it: the gameplay surely feels the same way the old Quake-clones felt back in the days, and it's really fun to play. I recommend it to the fan of the genre.


Modern Unreal Tournament

lok0812 | June 20, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This game have the gameplay similar to Unreal Tournament, you are placed within an arena in a 3v3 match and your objective is to get a higher score than your enemy's team at the end of the game by either TDM or CTF. Along the match, the map will spawn perks in the name of mutator that will give you special limited time benefit. The graphic of the game is very top notch, lots of bloom and blurred eye candy to satisfy the people who seeks graphic in an FPS. Since this is more of an online shooter, player base is very important and it it pretty much dead or non existence at this point. You can still play with bots in a single player game but that will not last you forever. If you enjoy Unreal Tournament types of game and looking for a modern feel plus having a few friends to play with definitely try this one out.


Old-school Fast paced Arena Combat

griff92 | June 3, 2013 | See all griff92's reviews »

Nexiuz is an old-school fast arena combat game with similar styles to classic games such as Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament. The game is powered by Crytek's CryENGINE 3 which gives the game a nice visual style, especially on the higher settings. There are 10 maps available by default, but you can download more from the Steam Workshop. If you want to make you're own maps, Nexuiz comes with its own map editor and a few tutorials if you're not sure how to use it. However, there are only 3 gameplay modes available which are Deathmath, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. The game features an excellent soundtrack and plenty of in-game mutators, however, if you want to make a custom bot match, you can't change the mutator set options or difficulty setting. If you want to change the difficulty setting or mutator set options, you'll have to start a quick bot match. The biggest problem with Nexuiz is that the online community is more or less dead because you can't connect to the servers most likely due to THQ going bankrupt, which means that you'll have to play with bots. The AI for the bots (even on the higher difficult settings) aren't exactly smart. They are a challenge on the higher difficuly settings, but most of the time they end up running into walls, falling off ledges and blowing themselves up. This doesn't really ruin the game, but you may end up winning a lot of matches. Overall, Nexuiz is a fun game with plenty of maps thanks to the Steam community along with outstanding visuals and an excellent soundtrack to boot. However, you'll be stuck with bots with average AI because the community is practically dead. Maybe this will change one day, who knows? However, you may want to consider buying Quake 3 Arena or any of the Unreal Tournament series or even download Nexuiz Classic.


Arena style online shooter.

Bigshrimp | Jan. 30, 2013 | See all Bigshrimp's reviews »

I personally thought that this game needs more polish to contend with Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament games. I got it when it first came out and was really buggy and hard to get into. The mutators were very confusing and it was really hard to find your targets because of the motion blur and other aspects. The weapons seemed quite boring as well, I would have a hard time figuring what they did and how they were best used. Also the matchmaking seemed severely unpolished and overall it game me a headache after playing it awhile. I really just wanted to play UT2004 or UT3 over this game. It may have been patched and be a better game now, but I am afraid to give it another try now. Who knows, I may get back to it someday, but I am may not. 1 thumb down. :(


Fast paced action in stunning graphics!

jpbuntinx | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all jpbuntinx's reviews »

A friend of mine gifted me this in exchange for another game i had 2 copies of. Now i must say i honestly never liked online FPS games. I'm really bad at it. This game however, reminded me of the first Quake game. I loved the fast pace, weapon selection, level design, pumping beats,....It's all there. + It got a trophy called "RTFM" for actually reading the manual...what more can you ask for?


Arena is back!

Stebsis | Jan. 26, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Arena shooters, back in the day there was nothing better, the best form of multiplayer. Unreal Tounament and Quake were one of the most addictive games ever, and still are. After, and also before, Unreal Tournament 3 there seemed to be a biiiig cap in fast paces arena shooters, Halo and Gears of War were ok, but they were nothing like UT, they felt more traditional shooters than arena. If you don't know what Arena shooter is, it's basically what it says it is, an arena. People spawn around the arena and try to just blast each other with tons of guns. It's usually really fast paced and death comes quickly if you're not quick with your fingers, there's no use camping, in fact it's discouraged, the arena's are built like that. Gladly, Nexuiz came. Nexuiz is throwback to those mindless shooters that almost everyone loved. It's fast paced, it's addictive, there're tons of guns to choose and action can get your heart jump out of your chest, especially when you're on a real killing spree, just trying to maintain it and trying to dodge enemy bullets, your forehead sweating and fingers twitching. Unique thing in Nexuiz are the mutators, there's over 100 of them and they can change tide of the battle as quickly as the game plays. Usually it works like this: you find this mutator thing somewhere in the arena, you get it and you get to choose between 3, and they can affect different things, your firepower, everyone gets killed by one hit, jetpacks and all kinds of crazy stuff. As for the graphics, CryEngine makes the game look just beautiful, everything looks so detailed, at least if you just have a chance to look around and not get blasted in the head by a rocket launcher. Nexuiz isn't exceptionally deep, and UT3 and UT2004 definitely are better, but if you've already played them to death, Nexuiz definitely can be a real time waster in a good way, as long as you find people to play with, sometimes it can get a little quiet in the servers.


Old-school fast paced FPS

rulzmaker | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all rulzmaker's reviews »

I loved the Nexuiz idea right from the start, giving the Unreal Tournament and Quake fans their long awaited game brought to date that will eventually become a king in the fast paced FPS category. It does that successfully since it does lack competition in that aspect, but the game isn't bad nor great. It's a mediocre creation of a great style of games. I really hope someone will make a FPS like the old school Quake III Arena which I still play, that will really raise the bar once more. I'm sure there will be lots of gamers playing it. Maybe it's name would even be Nexuiz 2.


A great fun time waster.

fable2 | Nov. 1, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

Nexuiz is mostly an online shooter with team death match and capture the flag. Many may feel that the lack of game modes lets the game down but it didn't bother me. The maps are varied this keeps the game interesting but can at the beginning make it hard to memorize the maps. Memorizing the maps gives you a huge advantage. This game is all about speed, to win all you need is super fast reactions and knowledge of the lay out of the maps. There are a good variety of guns, however some guns feel just to powerful while others extremely useless, often the winning team is the team that gets the rocket launcher or one of the other better guns. Mutators change the game dramatically and have a huge effect on the result of the match. Some mutators are a little pointless such as mutator which mutes the game. Others such as strength or team healing a critical to victory. Nexuiz is a good game to kill some spare time . It offers great value for money and is without question a game that all should give ago.



sYncz | Aug. 24, 2012 | See all sYncz's reviews »

It's simply awful. They tried to make a new Q3 Arena-like game and they failed. In game voice-acting is simply the worst and to top it off there is also annoying dubstep/techno music in the background. Thanks to CryEngine movement feels similatar to awkward. Also I would like to mention that matchmaking is plain joke. Within one server there were two players with less than 20ms ping, 3 players within 30-70ms and 3 players with ping 200ms and more, one guy had 500ms and was warping all over the place. Just go play Quake Live instead. On the plus side: graphics do look nice.


A Modern Unreal Tournament

Xkhaoz | June 21, 2012 | See all Xkhaoz's reviews »

I love arena shooters, so when I heard that Nexuiz was being made, I was excited. I finally got it during a sale, and its great. IT feels a lot like Unreal Tournament, if Epic still cared about UT and made a new one. The graphics are nice, but turn off the motion blur, its just distracting. The mutators are fun, the weapons are great, and the overall feel is just great. If you liked UT, grab this one.


Wasted chance

danteveli | June 10, 2012 | See all danteveli's reviews »

Everyone who remembers Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena misses that fast paced style of gameplay. Nexuiz is remedy for that. Arena game with really quick actions and vibe of mentioned titles. We have two sides of fighters and different characters plus many weapons and arenas. Exceptional graphics only makes it all way sweeter. Something had to go wrong because not that many people are playing it. Maybe its the free to play games or people like slower FPP titles but multiplayer here is empty. That kills all the potential Nexuiz has. If you want to play this one better look among your friends or Internet for companions.


Rare fast paced shooter

Frypo | May 25, 2012 | See all Frypo's reviews »

Playing this game really reminds me of Quake. In the world of gaming there aren't many fast paced shooters making this one look fresh. But the small maps did make it difficult to play. This game will be hard for people who are used to sprint, use grenades, killstreaks because this game has completely different game mechanics and pace of gameplay. One great think about it is, it has still saved constant arcade gameplay fun like it was in Quake. And to make gameplay a little bit different there are these called "mutations" aka perks as you could call them. I like this new feature but at the same time I hate it because what was nice in Quake or the classic Nexuiz was equality in start of the round everyone had the default weapon and default armor,health. But seems like every game in our modern-times need to have perks,killstreaks or DLC what you need to pay for or people just won't play it. I would be very happy if they would just add HD graphics to classic Nexuiz but I understand that modern-time gamers have completely different wants how the game should look like. So in the end you can look at it from two sides. Comparing it to classic Nexuiz it's "so so",from the other side comparing to other modern shooters this one is really good and fresh. Making this game kinda good.


A missed opportunity

Rzepak01 | May 17, 2012 | See all Rzepak01's reviews »

Nexuiz is a missed opportunity. It should have taken what made the old mod great and improved upon it. As it stands it is a shadow of its former self. The tiny maps and 4v4 matches are pretty disapointing. That being said the game is good for what it is. The graphics are amazing, the weapons diverse, the mutators very fun. The gameplay is smooth and fast like other twitch shooters. The modes are standard but theres nothing wrong with that. The population is big enough to always find someone to play with. The problem is that the matchmaking system is terrible. It can take ages to fill the required slots to start a game. This is something that will most likely be improved as time goes on so its not a major drawback in the long run.


Old arena gamestyle, with a twist

Syco9933 | May 14, 2012 | See all Syco9933's reviews »

Nexuiz is the next arena shooter. it could compared to quake but in my opinion, its better. This game got the stuff, beside from just killing each other theres alot of mutations around that can turn the game around. You pick up a mutation-selection and get to chose from 3 different mutation to fit the one you need right now, ex upgrade a weapon for certain time which makes you deadly and can rack up kills fast. This game is awesome because you can play ranked and try be the best show-off, Or you can play custom matches which you can adapt for just your special server by turning stuff on/off. This is fun even if you're not playing with your friends and i would recommend this to any quake player because its a old arena gamestyle, with a twist. I bought this on release and im happy i did.


Highly recommended

Halibleach | May 11, 2012 | See all Halibleach's reviews »

I initially bought this game hoping for something to take over quake live, however this game gives more than your standard arena shooter. Once finding your feet you'll be hooked. Great gameplay great graphics and so far great community already. Thanks greenman as this is the best price I can find anywhere.


An old skool arena game reimagined

FreeMan85 | April 30, 2012 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

I'm testing the beta and I really enjoy this game. I don't even know there was an old Nexuiz, which is free and still alive. This Nexuiz is a remake of that game with the superior CryEngine3 with a budget game's price. The plot is the Kavussari and the Forsellians are at war for centuries, but they made an agreement and they fight with each other an arena like combat. Which was became a galaxy wide show. Red faction and Blue faction, and not just the colors different. The armors, the weapons, the announcer. The gameplay is the classic UT, Quake like arena type tense and intense shooter. There's a start weapon, a shotgun with unlimited ammo. It's quite an effective weapon by the way. And there's... well, too much weapon to tell, but there's all the classics: SMG, rocket lancher, grenade launcher and other futuristic weapons and every weapons has an altering firing mode. But here comes the Mutators, you need to pick a 3 colored (yellow, red, blue) weird little thing which grants you a special power for your team or mix the whole match at least 20 sec. Like invert the mouse, remove all ammo from the map, a random player simply blow up, triple shields, rapid firing mode, all the enemy team's players transport at you and similar insane mixs. The music and design also great and unique. It's strongly build to the Asian culture, art and armors and the music also a bit, but mixed with fast, techno like rhytms - like in in UT2k. The graphics is nice and even my old 8600 GT can handle it at low-med settings and runs fine. And even in low settings the game looks nice. Thanks to the detailed artistic design. Nexuiz is an old skool arena shooter with an interesting and fun upgrade. I think many old skool player who loved UT, Quake games kill love that too.


Bringing back the classic style of shooters

ruready12 | April 15, 2012 | See all ruready12's reviews »

This game is absolutely fabulous so far in the beta stage. The game has graphics that are unbelievable and the game itself has so much variety while maintaining the classic Unreal Tournament style of gameplay. The weapons are unique and individual and the maps are a perfect size. The only bad thing I have encountered so far is the matchmaking, even though it's really bad, it's only in the beta stage so this will most likely improve. I would reccomend this game to classic Unreal Tournament shooter fans.