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Use Mods!!

Blinkon | Nov. 20, 2014 | See all Blinkon's reviews »

Mount and Blade Warband is a great game. I would recommend skipping over the original Mount and Blade unless there is a specific mod that you want to play that is only available on that version. Similar to Minecraft, Warband has a great longevity because of mods.There are tons of mods out there to play once you get bored of the base game, which make this game a really great value.


This Game is so Great!

Kveni | Nov. 11, 2014 | See all Kveni's reviews »

This was one of the games that my friends and I would literally sit down and play for hours, just because of how amazing it was. It was one of the games that allowed you to play as a knight and actually siege a castle, or defend your castle, whatever you wanted to do! You could roam the land in search of enemies, or people to take prisoner. It gave people so much freedom to do whatever they wanted, and combined aspects of an RTS game, with a Third Person camera angle when you are actually down on the ground fighting. This was one of the games that showed that you don't need to have amazing graphics or game goals, because if the game is fun, that's all that matters! of course, you can get the newer Mount and Blade games that look great, but this is a classic!


One of The Best Games Ever Made

Aducan | Oct. 23, 2014 | See all Aducan's reviews »

This game, in my true opinion, is the 2nd best game ever made. Really, I mean that. The thousands of hours I have put into the game are a testament to that. The only game that surpasses it is the sequel, Warband, but I tend to treat that as more of an expansion to this masterpiece than a whole separate game. Why do I like this game so much? Lets list down some points: - The Scale: Battles are huge and you truly feel like one of many. You may be a degree tougher than your men, but you are no Demigod. The battles are, in terms of size, almost like an RTS. - The Combat: Easy to learn, hard to master. The combat in this game is unique, and anyone who has played War of The Roses and, to a lesser extent, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare should feel it become familiar after a while, as you begin to slaughter dozens of those filthy peasants in quick succession and with elegant grace. Then you'll go into the multiplayer, where things really heat up... -The World Map: The game possesses a world map, inhabited by 5 super powers; The Nords, Rhodoks, Swadia, Khergit Khante and the Vaegir, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to combat, and all with unique geographical areas. The Nords hold the coast, the Khergit inhabit the rugged Tundras, the Swadians open fields so as to make the best use of their cav, the Rhodok use the natural hills and mountains in their kingdoms to make excellent use of their spear/ crossbow build up and to counter enemy cav and the Vaegir inhabit a land of snow and cold. -The Mods: The modding community breaths fresh life into the game, providing countless new worlds and scenarios to participate, HUGELY extending game time. Star Wars Conquest will be my favorite mod ever for a long, LONG time. There are bad sides to the game as well, including the slow progress on the World Map at times and the terrible diplomacy mechanics, but nonetheless it's still a great game. I'd recommend buying Warband, as it fixes many issues with the original and has a much more active community. So what are you waiting for? Buy it, and ride into legend.


Mount and Blade... What is it?

adrianching7 | June 18, 2014 | See all adrianching7's reviews »

Mount and Blade is a thrilling free-roaming sandbox game where you can be anything you want like a mercenary, merchant, Lord of a piece of land etc. The best feature that has made me hooked into the game is the fact that we can lead huge parties of men and fight parties like a real army would. The battle stimulation in this game is absolutely the most spectacular and realistic I've seen in any game I've ever played. There are also siege's in this game to give it a more realistic taste to the game. If you are looking for some hard-core FPS games set in the medieval era then this is the game for you!


A great collection of games, simple but great.

GeorgeStorm | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all GeorgeStorm's reviews »

Mount & Blade is a corker of a game, despite it's iffy looking UI, basic sounds and graphics, the gameplay more than makes up for it. You control a character, starting at the bottom, wandering about the map, able to do whatever you wish, build an army, become a knight, marry a Royal Lady perhaps? The two game modes are the one mentioned about, where you control your group on a map, able to see towns, other groups and the landscape, when you come into contact with another group, if they're hostile (which they often are) then you'll be taken to the 2nd mode, which is a 3D battle view. You control your character as you hack, slash or shoot your way through the enemy. It has a simple yet complex enough to make challenging and fun combat system, slightly customisable to allow angled strokes and blocks. With a wide variety of weapons, armour and other items allowing you to tackle combat multiple different ways., whether it be a mounted archer, a sword and shield bearing footman or even a lancer! The collection includes both expansions/sequels which add more items, more quests, more everything really whilst still keeping the core of the game the same. Fire and Sword adds in firearms which change the gameplay somewhat, and personally is my least favourite of the 3. It's also very moddable, with hundreds if not thousands of mods available doing all sorts of things, whether it be just changing the map, or a complete overhaul with custom units, quests, items, the whole lot!


In the name of myself!

Stoltverd | Jan. 18, 2014 | See all Stoltverd's reviews »

Ever wanted to be a king? But not the kind of king that sits on his thore and fattens up? Do you want to be a warrior king? How about a mercenary? Or a thief in medieval society? Or a peasant that becomes king? Or play as a lesser noble that is so neglected by his king that decides to start a rebellion? Or help a claimant to usurp the throne? Marry into a noble house? Participate in a tournament? You can do this and a lot more in any of the mount and blade games! And even more if you install mods! (My personal favorites being Brytenwalda, A clash of Kings and Freelancer) This is a medieval battle simulation, you control your character, a custom made one, you personalize his/her face, its story etc. You can do almost whatever you want to do, you can recruit peasants and train them into killing machines. You could be a bandit hunted by everyone, you can be a warlord with land but no right to rule (in the eyes of those weak kings). Charge into battle on your horse or by foot, maybe your horse was killed but do not despair, kill a raider and hop on his horse. He is dead anyway! Fight for a princes, learn poems to gain her heart. Ask her hand to his father and marry her. This is YOUR tale. RIDE INTO BATTLE!


Axe to the head

Mscigniew | Jan. 12, 2014 | See all Mscigniew's reviews »

Now were talking,Mount & Blade came as a surprise when it first came out,(Im not sure but I think it was one of the first games that started this whole Indie boom)graphics are poor,theres no real goal,no big personalities...and yet it worked.The game is a one big medieval sandbox,without a specific goal,your just thrown on the map,there are some wars going on,bands of bandits hunt you,there are some kings and nobles wanting something from you...There you are,you,your men and your axe(thats what i Choose).Boy this game is fun,battles are pretty epic,especially later in game,not only you lvl up but your men as well,it forces you to be a lil of a tactician,cause losing men hurts. Awesome game,instant classic buy it if you havent yet.


What do you mean you want more than war?

Argentum | Dec. 9, 2013 | See all Argentum's reviews »

Rhyming is fun. But the statement above is also a very neat way of summing up this game. I started playing it one night and before I knew it 4 hours had rolled by and in terms of quests I had done 2, the starting ones. I later found out there are in fact 4 starting ones and that technically I was still doing the "tutorial" but I didn't notice that, what I did notice was the heaps of fun I was having in the countless arena fights and wars with lords. Essentially you are a person who goes around the world hiring folk to fight for you, and thats pretty much it, I'm told if you do enough for fellow lords you get land and eventually you can even run a kingdom (but to be perfectly honest I have yet to get that far), I however am just content to see if I can get enough me to storm that castle for the sole reason that I lost the tournement by one f'ing round. In terms of game play, its solid but not special the menus are all very obvious which is good but finding out where the obnoxiously named towns are is a faff, the combat is spot on between simple and varied. There 6(?) styles of combat but with various weapons in each style and it doesn't seem to get old. The best part is that its easy to pick up and despite losing a few of my first fights I never felt too overwhelmed (apart from that time I said "Yeah I can take on 13 men by myself"). The graphics are weak, and thats the nicest thing I can say about them, the game feels dated despite only being out for around a year (the collection at least the individuals are a little older than that) but I'm aware of mods out there that improve it. Overall I think the game needs a texture overhaul and maybe a little more direction but apart from that its one hell of a timehole.


One of the BEST Games out there by FAR....

Riddix123 | Nov. 28, 2013 | See all Riddix123's reviews »

The Mount and Blade series has been one of the favorites for a long long time. I remember playing the first one about 7-8 years ago and I was hooked. The idea of a First Person Hank n' Slash was just heaven for me. Mount and Blade doesn't really need to exist as Warband expands on everything. More factions, more weapons and much more variety in the game world. With Fire and Sword adds guns into the mixture, I for one find the guns way to overpowering and I usually find one lucky shot by the enemy takes me out in one and that really annoys me. But one features that I love is the multiple endings in the game. You can take on "Special Missions" from faction leaders and find yourself deceiving there enemies . It is so immersive. I have clocked a total of 96 Hours in both Warband and With Fire and Sword. I haven't had much experience with he online Multiplayer but from what I have played the swordplay and gun play machines are still pretty solid and the teams are evenly matched the majority of the time. Overall this is a Must Buy. Even if you just by one on its own just to see if you like it. Its still worth it. Also Taleworlds are Working on Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. I cannot freaking wait.


Good series on the right track

Stuman31 | Nov. 25, 2013 | See all Stuman31's reviews »

I have played all three of the Mount & Blade games, and they were all good, and they are all similar, so you could get away with just owning one, but if you were to ask me which one.... Im not sure which i would recommend. The original Mount & Blade was where i was able to log my most hours, and personally i find combat a lot easier and more enjoyable in this one. However the downfall of this game is that it doesnt really ever end. With the other two i find the combat becomes a little more awkward, but these two games are more expanded than the original (you can have companions and there are achievements etc). Warband and Fire & Sword are pretty much the same too, it just depends on which era you are more interested in playing. Ultimately i think these games are all building blocks for a great epic game, that they havent cracked just yet. Well worth a look in


Wonderful Medieval RPG

cybrxkhan | Nov. 14, 2013 | See all cybrxkhan's reviews »

The Mount and Blade Series is a rare gem among RPGs. Despite its outdated graphics, I’ve found it one of the most engrossing simulators for medieval warfare and politics. Unlike many RPGs, you aren’t a “chosen one” or a superhero of sorts - you are just one of many people struggling to gain power and glory. There is no real main quest, which gives you a lot of freedom to achieve your goals - if you survive, that is. For some this sandbox gameplay - which bears some resemblance to the Elder Scrolls series, in a way - may be too overwhelming and confusing, and I would not recommend the game for those who don’t like sandbox games. To me, however, this lack of structure gives the game a much more immersive feel, particularly in the beginning, when you have to find ways to survive against bandits and ruthless nobles. Unfortunately, as wonderful as the game’s concept and ideas are, it can get somewhat tedious once you get the hang of it - this is where mods really help, and the dedicated modding community has developed many mods for all sorts of players and tastes.


Best game out there

cup99 | Nov. 9, 2013 | See all cup99's reviews »

This game is by far the best game i have ever played. It is realistic the combat system is great, and it has a good online community. This is my favorite game for the PC, and my favorite game overall. The armor, weapons, and horses, are all changeable and all look unique with their very own stats. I recommend this to everybody because it is a fantastic fighting game.


teaches you what the heck a couched lance is

gwynplaine | Nov. 4, 2013 | See all gwynplaine's reviews »

That's when you hold the lance tight against you and use it to ram the other guy, just like in jousting tournaments. The game is a long adventure in single player that eventually and hopefully "snowballs" when you upgrade your units and have an all star team of NPCs. There are twists and turns in the campaign, but building up your character to own on the battlefield and sieges is what defines the game. Multiplayer is a different affair - where you're not the star of the show but just another foot soldier. It's definitely more challenging and may be more fun for deathmatch and multiplayer fans. The game comes with plenty of mod support and is an enormous amount of value for what you pay. There's something for everyone in this game.


Fantastic set, but you only need one......

ncorbin | Sept. 12, 2013 | See all ncorbin's reviews »

WARBAND, hands down the best pc war game ever made, you will sink hundreds if not thousands of hours into this game. it takes a few hours to get into but once you do YOU ARE HOOKED. I felt with fire and sword had a great idea but nothing was really improved, it was like playing a mod where you randomly get 1 shot in the head and die to a musket (which is completely random to aim) and the original is great but surpassed by warband. with warband 2 announced and in the making if you don't already own atleast one of the Mount & Blade games this is the way to go!


Stands the test of time

fredward93 | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all fredward93's reviews »

Mount and Blade was one of the first role-playing kind of games I ever bought and it did not disappoint. I felt that it was an altogether good game with some cool party management and battlefield features. However, it was Mount and Blade: Warband that really impressed me. They took everything that I thought was great in the original and made it even better in Warband. Small things like the possibility for treason, marriage, personal wars, and even the possibility to become king really makes the game a cool experience. Better than that, combat is improved, party management is made better, and a brand new nation is involved. Fire and Sword is not by any means better than Warband, nor is it in my opinion as good as the original Mount and Blade. However, that doesn't make it a bad game. Guns can be infuriating as they are usually one shot kills, and after a certain point in the game you can pretty much have an army that cannot be beaten. However, it can entertain for a little while. None of these games have really any story. It is pretty much just you and your band of merry men doing whatever you want to do. The lack of a story isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it can be a turn off to some people. The modding scene for the series isn't too bad either. Warband seems to have a pretty hefty amount of mods that can give huge replay value as well. Overall these games are totally worth trying out, especially for the 30 bucks you will pay, if you are a fan of RPG or medieval style warfare games.


Fun and Realistic

dannymzi | Aug. 10, 2013 | See all dannymzi's reviews »

This game is fantastic if you like to play medieval RPGs, it sets you in the game really quickly, especially when you're in a guild. You follow commands of the captain and you're on your way to victory very quickly! Lots of different classes and combat is actually challenging!


to put it simply. M&B is the best PC exclusive to date

noamlol2 | June 28, 2013 | See all noamlol2's reviews »

this strategy+FPS/TPS hack and slash/shooter is the damn best game i ever played on PC i'll make it short buy this pack, buy the napolianic wars DLC and you'll have loads of fun heres the pros and cons PROS: -innovative combat mechanics -a cool blend of strategy, hack and slash with bows and guns aswell as swords and axes -horse mechanics are one of the best on the market -MODS, lots of mods for this game -bargin price for a game that will keep you playing for more then 1000+ at least CONS -dated graphics -glitches, game bugs are present online sometimes -campaign mode is one big chore for those who prefer instant action -some balance issues between the factions


More than a simple medieval videogame

MarcoCav | June 11, 2013 | See all MarcoCav's reviews »

An example of Mount & Blade gameplay, better than any review. <<I'm moving with my army, 21 men including knights and infantry, into the city of a neutral realm to participate in a tournament like many others, when I see a message that tells me that an ally castle, which only a few days earlier I had helped to conquer, is under siege. I decide not to miss the tournament, and its rich trophy, but once it ends I urge the horses and soldiers to get close to Ribeyet before the decisive battle. Once I arrive there, I found several Swadian enemy armies arranged around the fortress, but taking advantage of the sunset I can get around them and get into the castle, where I decide to settle down together with a few units already waiting for the attack. In only a few hours, at night, the enemy attacks, with twice as many men at my disposal since they I am the only lord to defend the castle. The rain of arrows that initially the enemy archers throw on the towers are soon replaced by the stairs, and then by a frontal assault where there is no space except for a furious battle. After a fight without quarter (where I do not lose any of my men, but unfortunately several of those who were in the castle), we expel the enemies from the walls. Outside it is still dark and the enemy armies, now reduced in number, are still camped in the vicinity, probably waiting to recover their strengths for a further assault. As soon as it dawns I see two friendly lords approaching with their armies, probably recalled by the siege; without wasting time they run at the attack of the enemies camped next to the castle, completely dispersing the remaining units. Ribeyet is no longer in danger, so I leave the castle in the hands of soldiers who was already there, and with my men I set off in pursuit of the fleeing enemies. At the end of two fights that took place in open fields, this time in clear superiority, one of the enemies lords who had tried to conquer Ribeyet become my prisoner, while another falls into the hands of an ally. A third manages to escape. The Swadian army does not conquered the castle, and has suffered an heavy defeat.>>


Medival Masterpiece! but now,complete!

WildWest123 | June 6, 2013 | See all WildWest123's reviews »

Again,its paradox,so when it comes to medival games,they just rock.In Warband,you can do everything you did in the older games,just better! heat one ladies,be the king,or better,be the EMPEROR of the whole country,the modding community is big and theres also multiplayer,so when you want to take a break from the never-ending campaign to rule the world,you can do that by chopping your friends heads on-line,also,in this collection they add the two other games dirt cheap,and believe me,they are just as worth as warband,well,perhaps fire and sword requires diffrent taste in games,but still,an interesting pick for some people


A great medieval simulator

kalil | June 4, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

The game is practically medieval simulator where you command your forces you. It lets you do what you want in a vast continent, can plunder villages and fritters or join any of the five kingdoms, conquer castles and cities It has a rich variety of weapons, both hands-one hand bows and crossbows spades arrojables-armor and horses. Their battles are massive and brutal both on land and in sieges by the AI machine-to 100 soldiers but is upgradeable through the battlesizer-and has a good degree of difficulty, If increases correspondingly clear It is noteworthy that each of the game's fictional realms represents a real one Its graphics are not the best but bancan but bear in mind its great battlefields In addition to the above one of its pros are the many mods that change the gameplay both their sound their music and even their graphics Highly recommended in order considering that weighs less than 1 gb and asks almost nothing


Amazing set of RPG

Chauci | June 3, 2013 | See all Chauci's reviews »

This is the best collections of sandbox oriented RPGs, if you ignore Mount and Blade: with fire and sword. This game will treat you with some of the best skill based combat around. Leaving you decide which direction to attack from in order to bypass enemy defenses, block the way you suspect they will attack and lead your self-recruited armies to victory. This game is wonderfull because it lets you mange both your army, companions and main character, and will always leave you to decide whether you wanna side with one of the many warring factions or try and take a castle for yourself. This game is brutal and you will need a good amount of dedication, but you will be treated with one of the best RPG experiences around.


Amazing offer

dagozu | May 18, 2013 | See all dagozu's reviews »

This is an amazing chance to own all the Mount & Blade games at once. Mount & Blade series is probably, actually is one of the best medieval games made to date. You can storm castles in singleplayer with your band of thugs and soldiers. In multiplayer you can storm or defend castles with hundreds of other players and this creates a real feeling of war. You get anxious when the enemy breaks through the gates of your castle and you and your allies rush to meet them and stop their advantage. That is what this game is all about, teamwork, working together to defeat the enemy. I personally recommend this game to anyone who wants to enjoy medieval warfare with tons of other players. Also, there are lots of mods available for single and multiplayer. Get it when you have the chance!


It's a pretty great game.

ExtinctThings | Dec. 28, 2012 | See all ExtinctThings's reviews »

Mount and Blade/Mount and Blade Warband Singleplayer: It's a sandbox world where you can be a random adventurer, to a lord, to a king. The combat is good and unique; there is real weight behind blows and archery is designed well. The learning curve is a bit steep but should be fine for most people who have played a third person fighting game before. If you like sandbox games the singleplayer of this game is pretty good. Multiplayer: This is where the game really shines. With directional combat and blocking and archery where aiming is key, it's like a medieval deathmatch game in the vein of Counter Strike (albeit slower paced because you know... there's no automatic guns). There are also many hilarious moments and is well worth the time put into it. Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword: Singleplayer: Guns have been rebalanced and the game works pretty well now. However, it's still not as fun as Warband simply because of the way you recruit people and do quests. Other than that it's the original game except guns replace bows and crossbows to a large extent. Line combat also works well in this game. Multiplayer: I don't even know anyone who plays this, now that Napoleonic Wars is out. Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars: Multiplayer (there is no singleplayer mode): It's pretty amazing! Combat is once again hilarious, and now there's hilarity with guns! There's lots of good times to be had and if you're really into this sort of thing you can join a group that does line battles! There are lots of ways to play this game and I highly recommend it if you liked Warband even if you dislike guns because the charges are even more glorious.


The Multiplayer is awesome.

DukePaul | Nov. 2, 2012 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

My favourite from this pack is Warband, If you want to experience massive battles you need to play this game, the multiplayer has mods that allow 200 players in one match, no other game offers that. The sieges are incredibly fun, buy your weapons and stay near your companions because you will need help, the combat in this game needs a lot cooperation if you don't want to be killed. You can choose close to close combat with swords, axes, lances, range combat with bows and crossbows and the most difficult class, a rider with a horse but if you dominate this class you will rule in the battles. The game has a big playerbase so don't worry, you will find people in multiplayer easily, also even I only talked about the multiplayer, the single player is also awesome, it is like a simulator, build your army, do quests and be the king of all lands.


I will tear you limb from limb!

Cooberstooge | Aug. 26, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

There's games...and then there's games. All the Mount & Blade titles would be included in that second category. Do you feel like a future in human trafficking? How about chopping pirates into bite-sized pieces? Always wondered what shoving a pike through somebody would be like? Feel like proving your love to someone by killing some poor innocent sap? Wondered what kind of crunch a person makes when they get run over by a horse? If you answered yes to any of the above, Mount & Blade is for you. There is literally nothing you can't do in these games, and if it's not already there, you can just mod it in. The community is massive and friendly, and there's always new updates and lands to explore. I cannot recommend these games enough. Quit reading this bloody review and go buy them already!


Mediebal team work!

wiz88ard | July 17, 2012 | See all wiz88ard's reviews »

An amazing game for massive fights. If you like mediebal times for sure you will love any of the Mount and Blade franchise games, specialy Warband with the exelent masibe multiplayer addition, with a huge amount of players support, all working together for a goal. Arrows flying, swords swinging, horses galloping and blood splashing all over the place...


"Have fun stormin the castle"

Solarwinds | July 15, 2012 | See all Solarwinds's reviews »

Mount and Blade is a fantastic game, and anyone that hasn't played it is truly missing out on one of the best games ever created. The game has: epic battles, castle warfare, tournaments, towns & cites to conquer and defend, a fluctuating economy, loot, and heroes that you can shape and mold to fit your play style. This game has tons of replayability and can take hundreds of hours just to beat the stock game, but mods can add thousands of hours of additional gameplay. This game is well worth whatever price you pay for it.


Endless Sandbox Action

lightfellow | June 23, 2012 | See all lightfellow's reviews »

Mount and Blade provides endless hours of fun with sandbox and multiplayer action. Warband tailors to those who enjoy medieval combat, while Fire and Sword is for those who enjoy a more Napoleonic feel with rifles and pistols. Although vanilla Calradia is made obsolete by the 2 other games, each game has a large mod community which provides each with unique interesting mods such as better graphics or realistic and historical units. Multiplayer for this game is still pretty alive with many full servers every day. There are drawbacks of this game being very hardware intensive depending on what graphical options and mods are used. Be sure to tweak these options to give you the performance you want. This game is a must get especially for those who want to get a closer personal version of games like the Total War series.