Reviews for Darksiders II


Very underrated games

trumpsuit | July 15, 2015 | See all trumpsuit's reviews »

Darksiders 2 is absolutely gorgeous and an extremely well done game, one that I don't think really gets the recognition it deserves, along with the first game. The puzzles are intricate but not overly difficult (though they may leave you scratching your head at points), the combat is extremely satisfying and the storyline is just absolutely fantastic. Throw in really good mechanics, an excellent upgrade system and weapons that make you feel like a mother******* badass and you have a really great game. Would definitely recommend this if you've played the Darksiders 1 as it is a really great follow-up to the world and gameplay of the first game. If you haven't played the first game, get this one and the first one!


Great hack 'n slash

Murderbot735 | July 14, 2015 | See all Murderbot735's reviews »

This game is really fun. It's like a combination of Zelda (the 3D ones) and God of War (I think, I have never played it but the combat looks pretty similar). The "dungeons" are aesthetically awesome, and full of puzzles. The combat is fluid and responsive, and you feel really awesome. The game works well with a mouse and keyboard, but is designed for a controller. The music is also really good. The technical aspect of the graphics may not be so good though. The textures are pretty terrible, but the aesthetic part is as I said great. You should really get this game if you have any interest in hack 'n slash adventure games, at least if it's on sale.


Hack and Slash and FUN

PlayTyrant | June 19, 2015 | See all PlayTyrant's reviews »

After finishing Darksiders I, I went with Death on his adventure. (Spoilers free). It evolved atonishingly well, specially the puzzles. Also, the maps are bigger. The combat system is pretty much the same, but Death moves faster. It kind of reminded me less of GOW games than the first one, maybe because of this. Another thing to mention is that this game has a TON of DLC content, and most of them are worth the money, so if you're hungry for more, there's more!


A great follow up to the first game

goro3d | June 14, 2015 | See all goro3d's reviews »

This is a great follow up to the first game and has gotten better with more weapons, armor, skills/spells and more and even a horse to ride to getting to other place quickly :)! Much like the first game things get tougher as you progress but still a great game and worth getting mainly while it's on sale. Some dlc's are useful some aren't but whatever you want lots of dlc's to choose from I rate this a 99/100. Worth getting :) I'm not saying much cause I don't wanna spoil what people wanna find from their own adventure so with that enjoy DARKSIDERS 2 :)!


An evolution in Hack n' Slash Gaming

sycomantis1991 | May 14, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

Darksiders II is the tightest controlling hack and slasher I've played in a while. The combo system I'd great, the weapons and skills stay fresh, the dodging and blocking are implemented well and respond perfectly. The enemies are varied and look awesome, and the bosses have distinct and interesting personalities, as well as unique strategies to beat them. It basically plays like a mix of Devil May Cry and Zelda, with a bit of Dark Souls on some tougher bosses. The world is dark, yet has color and personality to it, distinct blues and greens highlight certain areas and some structures look absolutely awesome. It's a good thing it's so nice to look at, because one downfall is that you'll be backtracking a lot, and Twilight Princess-ing on your horse from area to area. It's a fantastic game, and the biggest shortcomings amount to minor irritants at worst. So yeah, it's good.


Death follows War!

Ho0pz4sho | April 24, 2015 | See all Ho0pz4sho's reviews »

While many believe that Darksiders 2 is a sequel to the first title, it's not. Its an "interquel" (the actions of D1 and D2 happen in parallel). Death, the eldest & most powerful of the Four Horsemen, seeks to clear the name of his brother, War (the protagonist of the first instalment). It's still an action RPG game, but Death has different weapons, different abilities and different realms to explore. The storyline is quite interesting, taking Death through many realms, dungeons and side-dungeons. There's a main quite-linear storyline, and a lot of side-quests. One major improvement in the game is that you can "save" the progress you make in a dungeon, so that if you leave the dungeon, when you come back, you'll pick up the action exactly where you left. There's again, a lot of weapons to upgrade and use in different situations, there are a lot of puzzles to solve in order to gain achievements or pick some of the collectible items. Unfortunately, the game is plagued with DLC, most of which is useless. There are some good DLC, but I wouldn't suggest buying any of them, unless on sale. A good game, that makes hacking-and-slashing through thousands of monsters a lot of fun.


Grim Savior

KingTed | March 12, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Darksiders II is an interquel to the original Darksiders. You play as Death, elder brother of War, and your job is to prove this guy’s innocent (The game takes place after the Apocalypse but before War was sent back to Earth). Travelling to severals worlds, Death will have to fight dangerous foes and explore deadly dungeons while helping the locals. Darksiders was a Zelda-like with a combat system similar to God of War’s. It’s the same here but everything has been refined. The combat are a lot better and there is a lot of platforming and climbing (Much like Soul Reaver) in this new game which improves the level-design a lot. Also, Darksiders II adds a new influence to the table : Diablo. Death can loot weapons and armors and gain levels and skills. In other words the combats are a lot more complex than in the previous game. Some people would say that’s not original at all and that’s true but by mixing all of those influences, Darksiders II manages to stay true to its big brother while doing its own thing. The game is really fun. The graphics are nice and the musics are pretty cool thanks to Jesper Kyd’s compositions. The only issue I have with this game is that the story doesn’t really move forward. We get to know new things about the game’s lore and we meet new demons but that’s all.


A quick, fun step from the first.

jonathanrflores | Feb. 18, 2015 | See all jonathanrflores's reviews »

The first Darksiders game was a fun, environmental-puzzler/dungeon-explorer with some fluid combat mixed in. Darksiders II is more of the same, with one difference - the player is much much faster and more agile. Otherwise, not much has changed. You'll spend the majority of the game walking around a quiet (yet colorful) wasteland, solving puzzles, looking for key items and gaining new equipment to solve even more puzzles. The game world is bigger than the first game, of course. Riding your horse and exploring the terrain is fun and can actually soothing since the landscape is not packed full of enemies. The combat though, has a different flavor than the first game. In the first Darksiders, the player had a slower, hard-hitting style. In Darksiders II, the player is very fast, acrobatic, incorporating dynamic flips and dodges. Running, climbing, and navigating environments is also faster. Like the first Darksiders, the story is mediocre, but the environmental puzzles (think Legend of Zelda) are the core of the game. If you're looking for an action-packed thriller, this is not it. If you're looking for a nice exploration-puzzle experience with some fun, speedy combat mixed in, then Darksiders II is great.


Under-rated and a lot of fun

Soulless2k4 | Dec. 31, 2014 | See all Soulless2k4's reviews »

A considerably under-rated title. Darksiders 2 is a mashup of hit open world platformers set in a dark fantasy world. The art and environment are beautiful and the story, while somewhat predictable at times, is unique and interesting. The Lore of the game is there for those who seek to find it but for those who just want a fun time this game provides that in bundles. From a technical perspective I didn't have any problems with the game with a steady FPS and few to no bugs to speak of. Darksiders II should go down in history as the world marketed game ever as it really doesn't deserve all the bad PR it received. I'd recommend you try out the game and see what I mean... you'll then be joining the "Where is Darksiders III?" bandwagon in no time.


Death rides a disappointing horse

MadDemon64 | Dec. 29, 2014 | See all MadDemon64's reviews »

Darksiders 2 does not pick up where Darksiders left off, but instead takes part both before and during the events of the original. However, with its weaker story and strange new additions, is it a good or bad thing that we might never see a new Darksiders game? This time, you take the role of Death in an attempt to clear War’s name of the crime of starting the Apocalypse, but instead of being attacked by angels who blame you for the apocalypse and demons who attack you just for kicks, your main enemy is some strange rot that corrupts everything it touches and just generally gets in your way. This is one of Darksiders 2’s downfalls as it made sense that you would be fighting angels and demons in Darksiders, but here the enemy seems tacked on, like the developers had an idea for a story but forgot that they needed an antagonist until the very last second and tacked one on. This is not helped by the fact that the final boss is the result of a plot twist that was pretty much predicted at the beginning of the game. The combat has improved slightly. Now you are able to equip different weapons and armor and can specialize in either close quarters combat or spellcasting, which while a welcome addition, seems almost out of place. On the other hand, the addition of sidequests is something that was sorely lacking in Darksiders. However, these come at the cost of character interactions, which feel stilted and boring when compared to the original Darksiders. This is not helped by the fact that Death himself is not as interesting a character as War, nor by the fact that Death’s dry wit is more forced than War’s. Many of Darksiders 2’s changes were not necessary but did help improve the game slightly. However, these do not outweigh the changes that were detrimental to the game. Darksiders 2 is not as good as Darksiders and it is a shame that the franchise is ending on such a sour note, although it is better than Darksiders 3 from being made and being even worse.


So much squandered potential

Lorddyran | Nov. 28, 2014 | See all Lorddyran's reviews »

I quite liked the original Darksiders, but it was very awkward; it tried to cram a lot of things into a small space and it came out with a good game that didn't exactly know what it wanted to be but still had some charm. Darksiders II took a look at the last game and said "What this needs is even more crap crammed in". If you've ever watched a movie and just *known* it was focus-tested into a highly-polished, joyless state, you'll know the feeling this game will give you. Individual parts are quite, quite good; the ingredients are top-notch, and some of them go together well; and the idea as a whole looks and sounds like it should be amazing. However, by the time you've spent a few minutes with it, you find yourself feeling empty and disappointed.


one of my all time faves..

bluedragon77 | Oct. 26, 2014 | See all bluedragon77's reviews »

I loved this game fro beginning to end.. They don't really make games like this anymore.. Epic, Really long quest, plus tons of side quests, great graphics and art style. But the story is what kept me interested the most. I wanted to see what happened until the very end.. And the soundtrack is up there with some of the best for me.. I can't really think of any flaws except sometimes it is unclear where you have to go or what you have to do, But go and buy this game especially if it is on sale..


Much better

atoxe | Oct. 26, 2014 | See all atoxe's reviews »

the game improves a lot from the first. It is open world, and more of an RPG. The game does feel like a port as it is best played on a controller. There are not many graphics controls, but that doesn't bother me that much. The game play is really good combo-ing moves together, but the game never got very hard. There is a metroidvania fell to the game as there are places you can't go unless you have a certain item. Overall, I had a really good time with the game.


Consolitis in its most basic form

SolSys00 | Aug. 13, 2014 | See all SolSys00's reviews »

While being a more true open-world and rpg game then its predecessor, this chapter in the series still manages to fail by being a crappy console port. You don't have to play more then the first few minutes to spot the bad designs (which probably feel at home on consoles). Among the most obvious would be the Main-Menu (can't get to it unless you start a game), annoying camera movements, uncomfortable controls and lack of more in-depth graphics/settings options in general. As a whole, this series just proved to be a disappointment for me, but if you still really want to play this game then do so with a controller - or better yet on a console (that way, at least things will make more sense and less awful).


Better than #1

lajvjjajajaaaa | July 31, 2014 | See all lajvjjajajaaaa's reviews »

It's better than the first Darksiders in all ways for me. In here you are Death and have new weapons, maps, mechanics and some styles of play. It have more open world feeling than fist one. This time you mission is to save war as you fight with the gods. It plays much smoother, the graphics are much better and the sounds are too amazing. Some RPG elements are in here but don't really infect the game. Amazing number of dungeons to explore. Death have much better personality than War. There are more weapons and armors. Some of the DLCs are useless, but I'll say to try them anyway.


Cool but a bit disappointing

DragosLoL | July 16, 2014 | See all DragosLoL's reviews »

Darksiders 2 journeys into the story of Death, one of the four horsemen and his quest to free his brother War. If you've played Darksiders before, you should know the story. If you're new to Darksiders, then it might be a bit confusing. However, Darksiders 2 offers a vast adventure and puzzles to quest through. The only issue is that, there are TOO MANY puzzles. Darksiders 2 can get really repetitive and a lot of the puzzles start looking more similar after the last puzzle you've just completed. I sometimes got lost and confused which zone I was in because the puzzle environment looked so similar. I want to say that its predecessor had more variety in puzzles and challenges than this one. The storyline is long and gets tiring easily. NPCs will make you do quest after quest after quest until you just become lost and confused. Also it doesn't help that each environment doesn't have much variety compared to the other zones. The combat style though is fun and doesn't get bored easily. If you're a Hack n Slash fan, you'll enjoy this. But I would say get the game on sale, because it isn't really worth at full price.


Become Death.

MafuMafu | July 11, 2014 | See all MafuMafu's reviews »

Few times I can genuinely say that a sequel is better than the previous one. Even fewer times when it comes to games. But, this game made it a reality. It's a great story with a really badass character and amazingly fun gameplay. I mean, how could you not love Hack N' Slash? When it comes to my mind a game to recommend, this is one of my first choices. So, if you're not sure whether buy it or no, simply do it. PS: THQ forever.


Great action

kawette | June 19, 2014 | See all kawette's reviews »

Darksiders II is a good second game and can be enjoyed without knowing the story of the first. The graphics are still good and the gameplay is a bit like God of War, kill them all with your skill. There are diferent weapons which you can choose for the best game experience. You can take a big hammer to crush the enemies or some claws to tear them. It's also a puzzle game due to the diferent dungeons you may meet. The lifetime of the game is quite long because you can start again the story with your previous level and weapons. So buy the game that'll allow you to unwind.


Death is.

AkiMatti | May 7, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

When I played the first Darksiders I thought it was truly a great game and that the sequel would be hardpressed to do better than the first. Well, it succeeded anyhow! As Death you are trying to help your brother War, but the road to that is not easy. There is a long way to go before everything will be right in the world again and many epic battles and environments to see. And how nice they are to see! The combat is even more fluid than in the first and the weapons a lot more interesting. I think even the animation is better since watching Death swing his mallets is truly breathtaking and the hits seem to have a lot of weight to them. Controlling Death is rewarding, too, because of the tight control scheme that just works. The lore is also expanded and very good. Might be the best Hack and Slash game I know!


A bigger game in both Scope and Features

Ebo | March 21, 2014 | See all Ebo's reviews »

Darksiders was a great game that took many by surprise. Borrowing from titles such as God of War, The Legend of Zelda, Prince of Persia or even Portal, Darksiders made for an epic 15-20 hour adventure following War's exploits (one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse) to fix the damage he brought onto the world and prove his innocence (that he was in fact called to bring forth the apocalypse). Darksiders 2 is that game's direct sequel and it takes place after and during the events of the original, this time following Death. Combat wise it's very similar but the scope is greatly expanded this time around. Enemies drop loot (weapons, armor and more) and you can customize death's appearance with various items of clothing. While Darksiders was more Metroidvania, Darksiders 2 is full on multi-region open world. Suffice to say, Darksiders 2 is an enormous game and while not perfect (it loses its focus quite a few times), if you enjoyed Darksiders and wanted more, this is a must buy.


Darksiders II is so much better than the first!

kurisusutoraiku | March 18, 2014 | See all kurisusutoraiku's reviews »

Darksiders II is a massive overhaul of what the first Darksiders was, the combat is a lot better with a good RPG-like inventory screen which lets you choose what equipment Death can wear, and this can affect how your game plays out as you can spec into different playstyles to suit what you want. The addition of free-running to navigate the terrain is a great idea as it gives you more manoeuvrability while making the game seem more open. The music in the game is really good and atmospheric, and the boss fights are amazing. I fully recommend this game and if it is on sale, you should definitely pick it up!


A gret example of a sequel that improves upon the first games

Rolalas | March 16, 2014 | See all Rolalas's reviews »

This was a great game that I wish was getting a part 3. The story merges well with the first despite not being a sequel. The questing in the game feels exactly as good as it should be. The only shortfall in the equipment system which feels like every MMO I've played.


Makes the good, better

damienjameswebb | Feb. 22, 2014 | See all damienjameswebb's reviews »

the first game in this series was good, but this took all my favorite parts and made them better. the story is all new and doesn't really feel like a continuation of the first while still making it feel like its in the same realm. the graphics and gameplay are again, still great, but i had a hard time trying to get it to run smoothly on my system. took a couple tries to get the settings just right to make it run properly. in any case, with the dlc and the expanded story and world, this park of the darksiders world is the more preferable and will always be much loved in my eyes.


Good game with some issues.

skybane1239 | Feb. 19, 2014 | See all skybane1239's reviews »

First and foremost, this game is a good game. The combat is extremely satisfying and very fluid. More than enough variety to keep you entertained... most of the way. The game is actually fairly long, which on its own is not a bad thing. It is about twice the length of the first Darksiders. The main problem is that most of the length feels like padding. The game is extended by fetch quests within fetch quests. It can get repetitive and tiresome by the end. However! As I said, the game plays extremely well. It is very open and gives you the freedom to explore the world. The story is actually very good, as is the voice acting for most of the characters.The quality of the rest of the game can push you past the tedium that can hit late in the game. I hope for more games, though the future of this series is very uncertain. We can always hope.


Better Than The First

chataolauj | Jan. 24, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

This game is by far better than the first one. For one, Death is just an awesome character with his scythes. One thing that I didn't really like was the story. It was...well...meh. It's just meh. This game was more about it's combats and battles. I hope the next one, if there is a new one, has a better story than this one because if it doesn't then this series is just going to suck overall. Series are really built on there story I would think. Most of the time, you only have a series because you want to build upon the story of the series. Buy it for sure though.


Death Lives

Mscigniew | Jan. 4, 2014 | See all Mscigniew's reviews »

And he's at his best.Every single aspect of Darksiders 2 is better than the first one.You play as Death on a quest to save your brother War,its an epic quest and in your journey you will visit heaven,earth,the kingdom of the undead,even hell.Darksiders 2 is an amazing game,with great atmosphere tbh I dont remember any other game that would bring so much positive emotions in me,and just left me in awe afterwards.OST is one of the best game soundtracks of all times,just adds so much to the already great game.From the pure emotional and artistic point of view Darksiders 2 is a masterpiece and you should try it.


Sequel with great potential, foiled by the issues within THQ

Khrada | Nov. 25, 2013 | See all Khrada's reviews »

Compare to the first Darksiders, Darksiders II is a huge improvement on nearly all aspects of the game, with fast pace action, variety of weapons, and a story that expands the game further without giving much change to the setting of the first game. However, the quality of game suffered from THQ's financial situation and it is quite obvious to see some parts were not as complete as the developers may want them to be. For example, the UI is a huge step backward from the first game, especially on the PC version, and only the first two areas of the game is big enough for travel, while the rest of the area were only there for quests and lacked further improvement. It is sad to see such potential has been wasted to such degree. But the game itself is solid nonetheless



wratherz | Nov. 4, 2013 | See all wratherz's reviews »

This game has some amazing details put into it from the leaves, down to a stem of grass. Its a great sequel to the first game unlike some that go way off course! This one is all about Death, War's brother. He's pretty arrogant and cocky but he does make the game more interesting! I really like how they changed the Reaper form a little and made it a much nicer style. Enemies are way cooler then the first, and the gameplay is the same as the first so there's not much changes there! Love how they kept the exploring the world in without having to go just one way and beat the game so quickly. Worth the 50 dollars! Overall I'll give the game a 8.5/10.


Free Roam Adventure!

anazqwe | Oct. 22, 2013 | See all anazqwe's reviews »

Darksider II.. Some would say that the first one is better.. For me, I'd prefer the later. Darksider 2 is pretty big world where you could roam around freely with nothing forcing you to do certain quest. You could level up, you have mount, change your looks by changing armors and weapons, and many other. Pretty fun to play and enjoyable. It was on sale in HIB. For those that missed that, buy this one here.. Its not like that deal is coming back.. Its a must if you love free roam games..


Great Combat, passable story

Kelzhas | Oct. 6, 2013 | See all Kelzhas's reviews »

This game has some of the most fun combat i have ever tried, with tons of variety and very slick controls. Evey hit has impact, and when you pull of a perfect fight, there are few things more rewarding. However the story is nothing to brag about. Its pretty straightforward, you are Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and you are on a quest to prove your brother, Wars, innocence for starting the end of the world prematurely. After that, you basicly go from one place to the next, doing various fetch quests, and pulling some levers, as i said, nothing spectacular. But its the combat and puzzle elements that keep me going, and i would reccomend this game, to anyone who is a fan of hack and slash, mixed with a little platforming, Prince of Persia style.


Might be a bit less than the first game, but still great

ryanclive | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all ryanclive's reviews »

Darksiders II continues the story with Death in a parallel storyline with the first game. The game sees a lot of gameplay improvements, namely a loot system which makes things more interesting. Like the first Darksiders game, I enjoyed this one because I personally find these RPG hybrids refreshing and addictive at the same time. The hunt for better loot will drive you forward, at the same time, the Metroidvania-esque progression lets you feel how further you are into the game. This time though, there are side quests to complete, and more NPCs to interact with. What's even better is that the game now has more optional elements to uncover, such as optional dungeons with optional bosses, as well as treasure chests to backtrack to once you have the pertinent skills to unlock them. All this leads, to loot, loot, and loot to make Death more formidable. I personally think the season pass isn't worth it, as it only includes two of the scenario DLCs from the four available, although the Maker armor set for newbies help a great deal. The game is not without its flaws, though. First off, the graphic settings for the PC are unbelievably lacking. It would have been nicer to have more customization options. Second, the game has a tendency to be glitchy. I found myself stuck in invisible pits when jumping off platforms to try and discover if there are collectibles below, and sometimes, switches or puzzle placements are non-responsive. Luckily, a quick exit and restart would solve it, but I've heard of issues in the THQ forums where NPCs or items completely disappear without any reason, leading to a game breaking bug. As the forum admins suggested, if any of these happen to you, just quickly restart the game before the game automatically saves. But honestly, don't let these deter you from experiencing Darksiders II. The game is a bit of a nightmare to complete for collectibles completionists, but other than that, the game is an incredibly satisfying action RPG worth your time.


Epic sequel, big improvement!

TheImpZA | Aug. 5, 2013 | See all TheImpZA's reviews »

I loved everything about this game from the awesome art direction to the great voice acting and story, the awesome new character (and everything that entails), the added RPG elements and the awesome worlds to explore, etc. A really good tie-in story to the original Darksiders. I can easily recommend this to people who enjoyed the first game and hack 'n slash fans in general. It took me about 26 hours to finish, but I'm far from done. Already started my new game + on Apocalyptic and this time around I'm going for all the side quests and as much collectibles as I can find. It doesn't get a perfect score because the camera can get annoying at times and sometimes Death will jump in the wrong direction during platforming sections.


Has its quirks, but overall very good!

biodole | Aug. 1, 2013 | See all biodole's reviews »

Darksiders 2, for it's time, is not quite as good as the first. However, it's still a fairly addicting, progress-based, action game with RPG elements. The storyline continues the saga of the first, and portrays the same dark, yet sometimes humorous elements. Controls can be a bit wonky, and if you like to use the arrow keys, you are likely to smack your head in frustration over the lack of ability to remap SOME of the keys. The actual gameplay itself is fairly good, but has some flaws with regard to clipping and glitched enemies. Overall, I'd give the game a 7/10 and worth the sale price, which is usually around $15.


Death Lives

simodeso | July 26, 2013 | See all simodeso's reviews »

If you played the first darksiders, i'm sorry for you but it's not awesome as the first one. I'ts always a good game, good story (it's the sequel/prequel) good gameplay and mechanics, but the famous quick time events, are not quick anymore, you have only to watch the video.. meh. But the RPG element is improved in this one and you have to play it to understand. It's obviously a must-have for the players of darksiders I .


Great sequel

CrysisX | July 8, 2013 | See all CrysisX's reviews »

In Darksiders II, you use Death, one of the four horsemen who is trying to prove War's innocence. The gameplay is a lot longer compared to the first one and this time it has some RPG elements in the game which is a good addition. The cinematics is pretty well done and the graphics looks amazing. The only DLC needed is the Season Pass which adds a few hours of content. A little bit disappointed since I prefer some of War's moves but that doesn't bother me much. If you liked the first one, definitely get this now as it's a great improvement!


Great action adventure game

frenccw | July 3, 2013 | See all frenccw's reviews »

In summary, it's a great mashup between God of War, Diablo & Zelda. The story was passable for me, but it was the gameplay that got me glued to my controller (yes you probably need one to fully enjoy the game). The combat mechanic was fluid, looked amazing, and wasn't repetitive thanks to unlockable moves that can be purchased throughout the same. The graphics were excellent, visually stimulating and will encapsulate you in its game world. The RPG elements were nice to have as well. Who doesn't like grinding for loot, experience and cash to upgrade your equipment and skills. The quests were very generic in nature, however, but they are optional and does not distract from the main game.


Overwhelmingly Empty.. Except for threes...

Sivisx | June 19, 2013 | See all Sivisx's reviews »

Upon finishing the first darksiders I was pumped to play this games, it captivated me with it's long complex and well thought story. Once I got my knubby little hands on this I was confused. For starters the first thing I noticed is in Darksiders was War looked like the designer for him was a group of thirty men that conflicted against each other so the developers decided to use everyone's ideas. In here it was as if they were aware of the fact how bullshit he looked because you first see Death half naked, and after killing your first THREE enemies you pick up clothes. How childish is that, "Oh you don't like our design, then do it yourself." This game world was way more open than it's prequel, to the point that I was overwhelmed at times unsure where to go. I decided to ignore all of the side quests cause Death's blind devotion to his brother must go unhindered. And this world we embark on in set in THREES. One part you need to speak with a shadowy figure, in order to do that you must go fight in an arena.. To fight in the arena you need THREE crystals. After finishing the arena and going back to him you must find THREE of his servants and return them to him, which he kills. THREE hours wasted right there. While this game took me about 20 hours, a little longer than it's predecessor, it was so padded with irrelevant side quests that it felt like forty. I was enthralled with the world of the first game, it was linear enough that the game continues forward constantly keeping the player's interest, but game enough freedom to allow an aspect of fun. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed this game but would not pay full price for this. It is fun but I had such high hopes that I would rather sit down and replay War's story.


Obligatory, for any PC gamer

re_watanabe | May 31, 2013 | See all re_watanabe's reviews »

It's one of the most underrated games. Great story and a very interesting gameplay that mixes well elements for The Legend of Zelda, God of War and Castlevania. When released, the PC version was little buggy, but, after a few patches, the game now runs fine.



fireworks29 | May 29, 2013 | See all fireworks29's reviews »

Best game of the year it tops off the first Darksiders. Filled with third person action. Awesome weps, armor and upgrades


Expanding the Darksiders story

lok0812 | May 17, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

Death's story takes place at the same time as War back in the first one. While War doing his thing on Earth, Death on the other hand is looking for answers in other realms. Gameplay is similar to the first one, hack and slash combo with different weapons variation. The world this time is much bigger compared to the first one. One major thing that was added was loot random loot system and loot quality that can be found throughout the game that is similar to random prefix/suffix in the game like DIablo series. Definitely a must get if you enjoyed the first one and desired to know more backstory of the game.


Good, but not a patch on the first game

maddocks2379 | May 5, 2013 | See all maddocks2379's reviews »

Having picked up the THQ pack, i started the darksiders series, i really enjoyed the first game so i went straight into the 2nd. I boy i was disappointed to start with... The graphics are good, seemed to run OK (i did have a few jerky moments, but my frame rate stayed the same) the sound is average and the voice acting isn't great compared to the 1st one. But my biggest issues are the camera which im sure is designed to kill you, it will never be in a position to help you or come close during combat so you can't see anything behind you, if you use the lock on it never locks to the one you want to and sometimes locks on the monster the furthest away from you. The next gripe i had was the combat, the dodge move is a pain... sometimes it doesn't dodge the way you push and if your surrounded its useless.. plus during combat you will lose yourself pretty often. The lack of assistance did annoy me too, the amount of times i had to figure out something for the 1st time that i could have been taught or hinted at... ie throwing bombs at switches. The quest system is a bit predictable, i would like 3 of these, next quest please find 2 of these and so on... seemed like padding out the story for me BUT all that been said, after the really boring and dull start to the game (i had to fight to keep interested) the 2nd half of the game is great, back to fighting demons and using the finishing moves picks up the game massively. Darksiders 2 is a good game but has too many issues to be considered a top game in my opinion, if you liked the 1st game you should play this, just it isn't as good as the first



eareboucas | May 2, 2013 | See all eareboucas's reviews »

Darksiders II is a somewhat barebone sequel to a great game. Even though there's a lot more to explore, much of the traversing is boring and stretched out for the sake of making the game seem way longer than it should. Most of the dungeons are fun but the ones that aren't eally bog down the pace. This plays much like the original and the addition of the loot drops does very little to keep you playing besides making Death look cool. Unfortunately, the PC version of Darksiders II is extemely buggy and locks up frequently, to the point of making some of the DLC completely unplayable. I wouldn't recommend this version of the game, unless you can get it on a good sale.


Some Great fun

Duxost | April 28, 2013 | See all Duxost's reviews »

Very Underrated game. Much like the community says its like a dark version of Zelda but also got alot of other things in it. Like for example its much more aimed at the rpg thing which Zelda does not have. The combat is pretty good and there is alot of intresting abilities you can buy to deepen the combats enjoyment and effectivness.


Better Than the First With Missed Opportunities

ROKET | April 27, 2013 | See all ROKET's reviews »

I preordered this game from GMG. I was excited and ready to continue the story of the 4 Horsemen. Darksiders 2 boasted better graphics, refined systems, the same great combat, and LOOT. Everything seemed very promising - until I started to play. Story: The story isnt as involved as before. Your quest to clear War takes you through multiple settings, has you interact with multiple different characters, and takes you on an action packed ride that is satisfying to play. The only problem is that you dont care for...anything. None of the characters grow and none of them really interest you as you discover them. You do as you like in the end (as Death) and never really do anything for anyone. Gameplay: Its no secret that this game borrows a ton of gameplay for a few different games. I wont name them but you will see when you play. It isnt a bad thing - as its hard to be original in this industry - but there are a lot of things that could have been done differently. The first and most annoying thing is BACKTRACKING - I really hated having to go through some places more than once. The pace of the game is also variable and you arent always told whats going on. Puzzles are sometimes really irritating and time consuming. The action combat is great, however, and really does the series justice. You also get a bunch of gadgets - however useless some may be - and also get a plentiful loot system that produces nice upgrades over time. Possessed weapons are also awesome and really make you feel powerful. Presentation: Do yourself a favor and use SweetFX. Turn of SSAO and AA in game first and apply SweetFX. Its awesome. The textures and overall look of the game are lower resolution BUT with SweetFX the game looks freaking great. The story and dialogue are presented in a lackluster way to be honest but the voice acting isnt bad. The first two zones are great but the first one really takes the cake in its beauty and scale. I really loved the first zone and the enemies within. Conclusion: The game IS better than the first game with less clunk and tons of action along with better gameplay but the game drags on and on with very little increase in pace and with a story that gets lost alongside dozens of kill quests. The scale of this game is far greater than the first but to its own detriment. It really should have consolidated a bit or worked harder to keep the world alive.


Bigger and better

Stebsis | Feb. 16, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Darksiders 2 is very different game than Darksiders in some aspects, but not worse by any means. You play as Death, one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. You come to Earth to find a way to restore your brothers, War's, honor and prove him innocent in the destruction mankind and try to restore it yourself. Story is on the same par as with Darksiders, it's interesting with some twists. Combat and gameplay mechanics reflect on Death's own abilities. War was this big, powerful warrior who wields giant sword and swings it with not much effort, but Death isn't quite as strong, but he's agile and fast. You fight with a fast scythe as your main weapon, and your additional weapons is either some kind of slow hammer or spear, or really fast buckler or claws. They all have their own way how they work and each type has different charge attack, a buckler shields you, and you can can make an earth shaking attack with a hammer. There's also lot of Prince of Persia style climbing, it flows naturally and isn't really that hard, path is always laid out for you nicely. Graphically the game is gorgeous. Some places are just massive and there are many wow moments in the design and size. It's just a shame that many places feel a bit empty and definitely don't reflect on their size. Boss fights are great, and they've gotten some improvement. Darksiders 2 isn't anymore like Zelda type puzzle game, and this is most apparent in boss fights where bosses have health, you no longer do the same thing just 3 times and that's it. Bosses have health meters and they can dodge and block your attacks and some of the higher level bosses that you may come across way too early are really challenging, but even as low level character you can beat them, I've beaten them and they were hard as balls but also really rewarding once you actually manage to beat them only with your skills. Darksiders 2 differs quite a lot from the previous title. D2 is morelike rpg action title and not puzzle action. It's stilla great game and is only bigger and better in about every aspect.


A more than decent follower

V2lentin | Jan. 31, 2013 | See all V2lentin's reviews »

Darksiders 2 is the follower of the 2010 hit Darksiders, proudly carrying its legacy. The plot happens between War's coming on Earth and his release from the imprisonment of the Charred Council, with Death as the main character. The story is not very complicated, but manages to keeping you moving forward in the game without getting bored. Nothing out of ordinary here. What I liked though is the vastity of the game, which now sends the player in a lot more places, such as the Kingdom of Dead, angels' realm, the Makers' realm and a few other locations. The graphics are very good, even though Darksiders 2 is a console port. The Makers realm looks absolutely amazing, with large open areas and its distant landscapes. Also, the characters look very well drawn too and with rich details. The music changes depending on the area you are visiting and fits like a glove with the general theme of the place. The voices are well done too, with Death sounding exactly like you'd expect: a harsh voice that will give you goosebumps. Like the original Darksiders, this one has a lot of platforming and puzzles too, with the combat coming second. Even though the combat is pretty much the same, with 2 scythes instead of a sword, the puzzles are a bit harder now. There is time travel too, and the ability to "clone" yourself, which really adds a new layer of difficulty to the game. Death can level up too, just like War, with new abilities to unlock or upgrade with each level. Overall, the game is absolutely a must-play, considering that it has been on sale so many times.



DC_LAGGER | Jan. 1, 2013 | See all DC_LAGGER's reviews »

Amazing game played in a has evrything and with very good graphics.+ that story line this game is also amazing.with very good actions and evrything this is a game worth buying


Fun game but terrible port

Scorpy | Dec. 28, 2012 | See all Scorpy's reviews »

Darksiders 2 reminded me a lot of the Legend of Zelda games but with a much different lore. The puzzle solving, platforming, inventory management, it's all been done before. However, Darksiders 2 still does it relatively well. The port to PC was terribly done. The game suffers from performance issues not seen on consoles, the graphics options are very limited, and the mouse & keyboard controls are less than stellar. I actually can't play much of the game, because it will stutter every 3 seconds making gameplay irritating and annoying. Be wary if you pick this up, it's much better on consoles.


Much better than the first game

Takeshi_K | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all Takeshi_K's reviews »

The first Darksiders didn't overwhelm me. I had just finished playing all of the God of War games, and to be honest, Darksiders felt like a bad copy. The sequel is a different case. It's got RPG elements which are very addictive. The environments are far greater in scope and the puzzles so far are fun while being manageable. The combat is also a lot more fun this time around. The PC port is about as good as the first game. It runs worse than Sleeping Dogs while looking worse. There's a limited amount of graphic settings which is what I miss the most. Even turning a lot of it off it still lags. Still I am enjoying it much so if you can look past some issues there's some very epic fun to be had. Much like last year's LOTR: War in The North.


Dark Zelda

Angeluzian | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all Angeluzian's reviews »

Just like the first darksiders, it's in theory "Dark Zelda". It's very good and intresting and deserves more credit then it currently has. I enyoyed this a great deal, and so should anyone who plays this masterpiece.


Gloriously one of the GOTY's of 2012

MalekTaktak | Dec. 12, 2012 | See all MalekTaktak's reviews »

This game, sequel to Darksiders, is basically the alternate story sequel, which takes another character from the first opus and narrates his story. You play as Death, one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in a free-roaming, single player classical RPG with experience, levels, loot, dungeons and all the package. The graphics are extremely superior and super-detailed, and are now customizable in settings since the developers fixed them at first. The NPCs feel all alive and some are terrifying. There's a ton of big bad monsters for the player to slain and the fighting mechanics,systems and moves are swift and satisfying. The main protagonist, Death, is litterally Death on feet, a killing machine armed with two typically deadly blades (comes with heavy weapons and guns later on) accompagnied by Despair, his spooky flaming horse and Dust, the path-showing crow. The game feels like a homage to the Prince of Persia and World of Warcraft Series, since there's lots of Parkour, Dungeons and Treasure for Death to perform and find.


One of the best game of 2012

panz3r88 | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Darksiders 2 is a great sequel of the original, because it takes all the good things of the first game and introduces other good things. Darksiders 2 is a great action game: you can use many different weapons to fight in the best way all the enemies that try to kill you. One good aspect of the game is the possibility to personalize your weapons, the abilities and the armor with various objects with different stats. Many enemies will drop these objects so it's always useful to search for the best loot to improve your stats. The boss of the game are really cool, like in the first Darksiders, and the game is long and never boring or repetitive. Darksiders 2, like the first one, is a must buy if you love action games


Truly a gorgeous game

jack11101 | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all jack11101's reviews »

I came into this game not knowing anything about the original Darksiders and it's storyline but thankfully Darksiders II did a great job of catching me up with it's detailed cut-scenes and marvelous voice acting. You play as Death one of the horsemen of the apocalypse trying to free your brother War and save the human race. As you go through the game you level up and unlock new abilities and acquire new items (There are a ton of cool weapons like double scythes.) You can also trade items with friends although you can't play Co-Op. Darksiders II compaign is around 30 hours and if you beat it the first time you have the option of playing a New Game+ where you keep all your items and level (your max level is now increased,) and you can replay the game (you can change the difficulty,) and maybe do stuff that you didn't do in your first playthrough. Darksiders II Includes a lot of cool puzzles for you to do and theres a lot of platforming. The map is pretty huge and theres a lot for you to explore on your trusty destrier 'Despair' accompanied by your faithful crow 'Dust.' I STRONGLY recommend that your purchase this game!


If this is not the GOTY Death will come for you

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all abelfs's reviews »

I considered the first Darksiders a jewel because I've never seen a mixture of genres with such quality. Darksiders II improves that and more. One mention for the excellent visual style, bravo! Only two issues: Terrible port and a plot that is worse than the first game.


Overall great game.

masterenric0 | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all masterenric0's reviews »

Darksiders 2 triumphs over the original in every way possible except one, but I will let you figure that out for yourself to avoid spoiling anything. I absolutely love the art style, but some of the animations could be more polished (nothing that is too distracting, just a couple things that I noticed). Features like loot, experience/leveling up, side quests and new game + keep me interested in Darksiders 2 far after I have beaten the main story. 9.5/10



alegus9610 | Sept. 15, 2012 | See all alegus9610's reviews »

One of the best games I've ever played. The first weeks suffered from some bad port bugs, but they've been tweaked and eliminated. What is left is a perfect, almost flawless adventure game for Zelda and Gears of War fans :D


A must buy!

Zinzun | Aug. 28, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

If you loved the first Darksiders, you will really enjoy his sequel. You are Death, and you must accomplish your mission traversing a large, open world. A tons of things to do, items to collect and powering-up, side-quests, the Crucible...over thirty hours of gameplay. There is also several DLC planned (I usually don't like them, but if they are good, maybe...), but the PC version missed some option (but THQ is working on a patch). A must buy!


Amazing game. One of the GOTY contenders.

guit3457 | Aug. 26, 2012 | See all guit3457's reviews »

I love the first Darksiders. It was a perfect combination of puzzles, dungeon, fights and other amazing stuff. Now THQ and Vigil Games have made one of the best games of the year. It is like the first one but bigger and better. One of the biggest worlds out there, great puzzles, RPG progression elements, best fighting system (Darksiders II is, in fact, an amazing hack and slash game). Great music, very good graphics and an amazing art direction. There are issues with the PC version but Vigil has said they will fix it soon. The best part: 33€ for the Limited Edition (when I pre-ordered it). Green Man Gaming are the best. Buy it!!


A Game To Die For!

WalrusKing171 | Aug. 23, 2012 | See all WalrusKing171's reviews »

The protagonist is none other than the B.A MOFO death. The previous game had a Zelda like puzzle elements to it that made it fun and challenging. I thoroughly enjoy the RPG elements in this game. You have many choices on the skill tree to choose from. The graphics are stunning and look well polished since the last game. The game has fun moves for the weapons. The heavy weapons feel like they have a lot of weight in the animations. The puzzles are challenging, but just the right amount. Overall: It is a great game with graphics and puzzles that are just awesome. I love dual scythes.


Could've been better, instead of a poor console port.

arkantos | Aug. 22, 2012 | See all arkantos's reviews »

Well this game could've been one of the best of the 2012, if just the developers didn't make it look like a poor console port, that's one of the main problems of this game, almost completely unoptmized for PC's, people even had been forced to play it 1280x720 (Console resolution if i am not wrong), because of a stuttering problem that is happening to many players, i've experienced this issue too, after spending 2 hours trying to fix it, i decided to give up, and hoping for a possible future patch that might fix those problems, another bad point is everytime you will move the camera around, it will reset itself behind you, making it harder for targetting/looking around, i suggest you to wait for a "possible" GOTY edition with all the DLC's and base game being released, cause in the actual state of the game is not worth to be bought on PC's, should you have question you can contact me on Green Man Gaming forums, ill be happy to be more detailed.


Death lives!

maciej2601 | Aug. 22, 2012 | See all maciej2601's reviews »

Darksiders II is the sequel shares with the Four Riders of the Apocalypse with solid RPG elements. This time, takes on the character of Death, which is devastating apocalyptic world, four times greater than the previous section. At our disposal we get expanded arsenal, mount and new skills. Style game developed Joe Madureira, the author of such comic books like X-Men.


Excellent Game!!

allegiance86 | Aug. 20, 2012 | See all allegiance86's reviews »

Probably one of the best hack and slash games I have ever played. They've managed to incorporate an open world also, which is unheard of in this genre. One of the stand out things is the soundtrack, the audio just makes the game feel so alive whilst exploring. Lastly it;s not your usual 10 hour game and it's all over, I clocked 30 hours into this on my first play through! I still didn't complete a few side missions and "The Crucible" which could add another 5-10 hours to your travels. Truly amazing and enjoyable game, even though it is an out-right port of a console game.



Darkslayer16 | Aug. 16, 2012 | See all Darkslayer16's reviews »

Darksiders 2 is amazing in just about every way, it controls well (with a gamepad, not sure about about keyboard and mouse), has a good story, looks great, added loot / leveling and should last you a long time. The only negative is that it has very few graphic options, it's pretty much just choose a resolution. It's still a must buy though, especially if you liked the first one.


An excellent game with one fairly big issue.

KenpoJuJitsu3 | Aug. 16, 2012 | See all KenpoJuJitsu3's reviews »

This game is simply a joy to play. It runs well, it has a fantastic art direction, the controls are spot on and the game mechanics well done. This, just like Darksiders 1, is a combination of Zelda gameplay and God of War gameplay. However Darksiders 2 adds in an open world with an excellent fast travel system, skill trees that would be at home in an decent RPG, upgradeable weapons and a loot system reminiscent of the Diablos and Torchlights. As a game Darksiders succeeds. So what's the issue? The PC port at launch is severely lacking in the customization department. The promised graphical configuration settings specific to PC were left out of the game and some of the remapping of controls needs work as well. There's also the issue of some of onscreen controls being wrong as well. These technical issues hold the game up from being an exemplary PC game. As it stands it is an excellent game held back by being a bare bones console port without the PC specific options many PC gamers are accustomed to having.


Incredible sequel, not-so-incredible port

FLD | Aug. 16, 2012 | See all FLD's reviews »

Only a few short hours into the campaign, it's quite clear that Darksiders II is one of those sequels that improve on the original in just about every respect. Much like its predecessor, Darksiders II is a strange hybrid of God of War-style combat mixed with a Legend of Zelda quest structure, only this time there's a dash of Prince of Persia platforming thrown in for good measure. It might sound weird but it works. The RPG elements are also much heavier. Death gains experience through combat and levels up while enemies drop loot such as secondary weapons and pieces of armor (some of which have level requirements before Death can equip them). The biggest problems are on the technical side of things. First of all, on first launch the game throws you straight into the opening cutscene and you can't access the options menu until you gain control of Death. Only then can you adjust the resolution, but you have to restart the game for it to take effect. There's also a v-sync option and a gamma slider and that's unfortunately all the graphical options you have. As for the actual graphics, it looks... okay. The game has a great visual style and is quite colorful but the graphical fidelity isn't very high. The textures are fairly low-resolution and do a disservice to the otherwise beautiful aesthetics of the game. On the plus side, it runs great on my three years old rig. If you were a fan of the original, then expect to be blown away but be advised that this is as basic a PC port as it gets.