Reviews for Chrome [Playfire]


Nice tactical gaming from Poland

Finka_Karfein | June 10, 2012 | See all Finka_Karfein's reviews »

Sometimes Polish developers make me very proud of my country as for video games. Chrome is one of the reasons for this. Nice story with a twist and a little bit of non-linearity, very nice graphics (apart from some animations which seem rigid as steel) and matched music. The tactical possibilities are endless. You can snipe half of the base from a safe distance if you want to because spawning scripts of the enemies are quite rare in Chrome. What is more, the game is long, at least 10 hours of gameplay up to even 20 or so. And the implants which preceeded the effects of the uniform from Crysis. There are some bugs however and the multiplayer mode is virtually empty.


A charming tactical FPS

FreeMan85 | May 31, 2012 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

Chrome was the debut game of Techland's first own engine the Chrome Engine. Sadly neither the game or the engine became widely known or popular. Of course it doesn't beat Far Cry in technical term, but Chrome gives a unique and charming atmosphere. The locations changes by mission from mission. Jungle, forest, snow dune, canyon, desert, space station. And Chrome Engine handleas these terrains very well! The maps are huge and Powel Blaszczak's sound effects fill them with life and the story is enough coherent to make you interested to the ending. The game world doesn't have aliens, high-tech stuffs or any fancy sci-fi elements. Expect space travel and colonization. It's a story about greedy corporations who do everything to get the new element: Chrome. The gameplay is more like a tactical FPS with well directed cut scenes, then the usual FPS shooters. You can't march in a room with your rifle like Rambo, you get killed instantly! Watch for snipers and choose your invertory wisely. Stealth is the essence in most missions, of course you can use heavy weapons, if neeeded. Or you can drive armored vehicles or mechs! If that's not enough Logan has 9 implants which can aid you in the action. Better aiming, faster running, better armor, strength, hacking etc. Some of them is passive others are passive implants. But constant use of them cause overload in your neural system. Use them with caution. If you like Techland's game or the Chrome Engine unique style, or simply want play an FPS which differs from the mainstream titles pick up Chrome. You won't regret. It's long enough, challenging and the various locations and missions garanties you won't get bored.