Reviews for Sleeping Dogs: Limited Edition


Badass game

TheDarKnight | Feb. 11, 2014 | See all TheDarKnight's reviews »

This is one of the most badass games i ve played, you just fight with your hands, we should expect weapons and stuff, but no, it s amazing, you really feel the power in your hands, it s beutifully made, the way we connect to criminals and you feel pitty for people that are evil, if you like fight, races and free world this is the game to play.


Great Sandbox Game

Percyro | Jan. 8, 2014 | See all Percyro's reviews »

Many people may say this is basically a GTA game in Hong Kong, but that isn't really true. This game has it's own style for things, and they have a completely different combat style. In this game you will be doing a lot of hand to hand combat, which I find very enjoyable. There are also two sides you are helping out for most of the game and the story is pretty good. Everything seems to control just fine for me, although I find shooting often more difficult than hand-to-hand. Overall this is a great game and I'd recommend it to any sandbox fan.


Sleeping Dogs - review

Neapolis47 | Oct. 13, 2013 | See all Neapolis47's reviews »

Shen Wei is an undercover cop in the triads in Hong Kong , its purpose is to get to the boss to collapse from within the criminal system . Acting on behalf of the Police " you win " a chance to steal cars without setting off the alarm, disarm opponents with more ease , enable the bullet time during firefights , not to mention a lower recoil or damage increased during the rammed . If you decide to work for the Triad awards are all focused on the combat system , such as increased resistance to blows with his bare hands or with bayonets , or add a series of attacks strengthened and evasive maneuvers. The sections at gunpoint turn out to be a bland and without mordant version of the classic shooter with destructible cover . There are not many , and most importantly they are " controlled " while fighting with bare hands for long stretches are quite easy . The level of challenge is not very high , then if we include the fact that the game encourages us to use the genorosi buff you get to the final state while having fun of course, but almost on autopilot . But we should not underestimate a story well told , exciting and soothing sounds adults , successful automotive sections , a considerable amount of content and missions and Hong Kong which is the true protagonist of the game .


Amazing Open World Game in Hong Kong

arseniquez | Oct. 12, 2013 | See all arseniquez's reviews »

If you like the game as GTA Series , Assasin Creed ,You will like this awesome game,too. It's had good mission and story ( if you're Hong Kong Mafia movie's fan.but If not,it's just fine). The fast combat and upgrade combat system is make this game better than GTA ( because I feel GTA IV combat system is too slow) included Driving System is great,too You can spent more 20-30 hours to end all missions and events in this game. It's worth for your money. but I minus 5 ratings because this game is just Single Player only.I think it will be better if this game can play Co-op or Multiplayer as Saints Row Third.


Amazing Hong Kong Police Sandbox Game

MoNoTieace | Oct. 8, 2013 | See all MoNoTieace's reviews »

I had my doubt for this major title back when it was announced, as True Crime:Hong Kong, by Activision. But Boy am I glad that the license for this game is pick up by Square-Enix, delivering us such an amazing Sandbox game similar to GTA but 10x the AWESOMENESS. There isn't many games where you get to play as a undercover police officer tasked to infiltrate the triads. Throughout the game, you're constantly reminded that you are playing as a undercover cop whereby you lose points for being bad cop (turning helpless citizens in to human congee). So.... Although being a "GTA CLONE" you can't mess around killing people in the game. The game focus a lot on its hand-to-hand Combat system which is spectacular, it's very similar to the batman arkham series, minus the free flow combat... plus a lot more realism. And it's really great. Since the focus is on hand-to-hand combat, the shooting mechanics in this game is... well... Meh~, nothing spectacular. Driving is great in this game and controls are easy to grasp. THE VEHICLES AVAILABLE IS VROOOoooOM! SUPER FAST! This area of the game shines brightly during the car chase. Overall Sleeping Dog is definitely on my top list for Sandbox Game.


Hong Kong Police Thriller: The Game

Velhem | Oct. 6, 2013 | See all Velhem's reviews »

The first thing that hits you in Sleeping Dogs is another guy's fist connecting with your head. And therein lies a twisted, steely, beauty set against the backdrop of the bustling city of Hong Kong. Pretty soon, though, you'll find yourself caught up in the drama of undercover detective Wei Shen. Street-wise gangster who first grew up on the same streets he now prowls in his service of Justice, this very same origin may send him teetering over the edge onto the other side of the law. Ultimately, if you're a fan of fast cars, slightly strange but satisfying gunplay with a touch of John Woo, and devastating displays of martial prowess, you'll definitely find something to enjoy in Sleeping Dogs


A Great Action Sandbox Game

marahasufitra | Oct. 5, 2013 | See all marahasufitra's reviews »

I admit it that I had doubt about this game. Activision cancelled it and sold to Square Enix. Turns out it's really a great game. The hand combat system reminds me of Batman Arkham series, but with realistic approach. And it's really great. The driving is great too, and the control is really easy. There are so many cars that you can hijack or buy. The minor is you can hijack the bigger vehicle such as trucks. Since it focus to hand combat, the shooting it's weakness. Not frustrasting but not spectacular, too. The story is reminded me of The Departed movie. It's fine story but not really great. I spent more than 20 hours, and it's worth your money.


A Great Action Sandbox Game

marahasufitra | Oct. 5, 2013 | See all marahasufitra's reviews »

I admit it that I had doubt about this game. Activision cancelled it and sold to Square Enix. Turns out it's really a great game. The hand combat system reminds me of Batman Arkham series, but with realistic approach. And it's really great. The driving is great too, and the control is really easy. There are so many cars that you can hijack or buy. The minor is you can hijack the bigger vehicle such as trucks. Since it focus to hand combat, the shooting it's weakness. Not frustrasting but not spectacular, too. The story is reminded me of The Departed movie. It's fine story but not really great. I spent more than 20 hours, and it's worth your money.


Great game!

asiersua | Oct. 4, 2013 | See all asiersua's reviews »

If you liked the GTA series, but would love to see some change in it, this is your game. It has the great and addicting gameplay of GTA, combined with martial arts, plus a nice storyline to follow through. You won't regret trying it out, even if you don't really feel like following the storyline, because, since it's a GTA-style game, you can also run around freely doing whatever you want.


Love it

Lasiu2 | Oct. 2, 2013 | See all Lasiu2's reviews »

OMG! I think its best idea ever to make this game! Thanks Square Enix! They made game like GTA in times when there wasnt GTA V and everyone was bored of GTA 4. It gave square enix a lot of buyers. When i first saw gta and i said "well nice... but i prefer something with more Asian style" (I love Asia). And here I am! This publisher gave me what i wanted. I rate graphic on 10 its seriously beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Soundtrack? Ohh i love it, totally love it! And radio when you are in vehicle? Pro idea. Plot is interesting and addictive. I really like criminal theme in this game. I can easily give this game hight score. The only think that annoyed me is that you gain weapon late (its my opinion) but it didnt destroy game for me. I recommend it for everyone!


GTA: Hong Kong or something else?

cpbeura | Sept. 28, 2013 | See all cpbeura's reviews »

It is hard to believe that Activision had cancelled this game halfway through production ( It was named True Crime: Hong Kong at that time). Thank goodness for us gamers that Square-Enix picked it up. This game is a blast to play through. The city of Hong Kong is realized with meticulous attention to detail. The story is your typical undercover cop story but is well presented. The voice acting is good and the dialogues are a mix of English and Cantonese which adds to the authenticity. What stands out the most are the fighting mechanics. The Arkham series would be proud! The car handling is arcade-style so the driving doesn't feel like a chore. Mission structures are varied and hence repetition is avoided. Now, comparisons with GTA are unavoidable as both are open world sandbox games. Needless to say, such comparisons are unjustified as both games have a different twist on the same formula and both achieve what they set out to do. This game is a solid 8.5/10.


Better than GTA

PlatoonKiller | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all PlatoonKiller's reviews »

If you have ever played any of the Saints Row or GTA games and enjoyed them then this will be a real treat. A fantastic game with very realistic but unique game play, art, and world. If you are big for gun play this may not be the game for you as, at least early on, as you only receive guns once in a while and having no way to obtain and keep guns aside from the missions this might make it less enjoyable. But when you do get to the gun shooting I found the mechanics to be quite good and very enjoyable. This is not the games strongest point but the main focus, melee, is quite fun and very animated/graphic. I highly recomend this game to anyone who enjoys open worlds, great environments and epic combat.


Inflitrating GTA's Territory

CoillyZ | Sept. 23, 2013 | See all CoillyZ's reviews »

This game has some of the best open-world gameplay I have seen in a long time. It gives GTA a run for its money. The story is great with a great voice cast to back it up. The characters are deep and they are all integral to the story. I actually teared up during this game. There is also tons of content that will keep you occupied for hours upon hours.


A must for any action game fan!

GeckoCox | Sept. 23, 2013 | See all GeckoCox's reviews »

A highly underrated game and one of the best looking in recent years (especially in rainy,night scenes),Sleeping Dogs is pretty much a Hong Kong version of GTA with many of the same elements. You play as loveable badass Wei Shei,both as an officer and undercover cop in a story packed with high speed chases in awesome cars and other vehicles,shoot out's,gang related activity,hacking equipment,drug busts and other random things like singing karaoke haha. There is a large focus on hand to hand combat,especially earlier on in the game. The story is great as is everything in between,with the soundtrack and surrounding world making you feel like you're actually in Hong Kong. As much as I love this game,after completing the campaign,the side missions can get somewhat monotonous as there is just so many of them and they're all pretty much the same after a while. This isn't a game breaker though as you can choose to just not do them (If you're not after achievements) and they do add a large chunk of extra gameplay If you enjoy them. DLC wise,I recommend the item's packs as they give you a big advantage in the game money/purchasing wise and equipment wise (better car's for race challenges and outfits that reduce damage etc.). Story DLC wise,If you got sick of the side missions I mentioned earlier,they're not really necessary as they are pretty much just more of the same in-game one's. Good If you want to add a few extra hours of content though. Overall,It's a must purchase for action fans and one of my new favourite games.


Chineese action movie

Verdungo | Sept. 22, 2013 | See all Verdungo's reviews »

I'm a big fan of Chinese action movies, and with this game a get what i want. For me it's way better than GTA. The story, city, all the characters in game. And Wei Shen, You just simply like this guy. It's incredibly good fighting style game, it's more satisfactory than shooting, beating and riding in all other this style games. I really hope there will by sequel of this game:)


GTA could be jelaous

Jimmysil | Sept. 18, 2013 | See all Jimmysil's reviews »

Open-world game that can compete with GTA series. In this game you are in Honk Kong, which is very authentic. It might take a while to get used to drive on the left side of the road, but that's the only thing you need to get used to. Combat system is amazing, I just enjoy beating people with Wei Shen's moves. Story is very deep, and sometimes pretty sad so make sure you have tissues near by.


Great game

Simao20 | Sept. 12, 2013 | See all Simao20's reviews »

One of my favorite games of all of 2012. Such a large open world with great graphics and a compelling story. Pros - Great story - Fantastic melee combat, best in any open world game - Great visuals - Large city to play in - Many different style of missions and gameplay elements Cons - Stiff gun play can be a drag sometimes - Stuttered framerates from time to time during cut scenes


Up there with the Best

iwnicholas | Sept. 3, 2013 | See all iwnicholas's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs creates an atmosphere unlike any other I have witnessed. After downloading the High Res Texture Pack (free DLC) straight off the bat the game looked stunning. On full graphics, the opening scene set on the docks of Hong Kong really did a great job in both setting the scene, introducing the characters, and immediately immersing the player. One of the games strongest points is its amazing immersion into the game world and story, you feel happy for characters, sad for others and disdain for not a small few. This immersion is aided by great scenary and one of the best melee combat systems I have ever used let alone one in an open world game. The driving mechanics left something to be desired, after playing GTA IV which has some great driving, vehicles in Sleeping Dogs felt unnatural and took some getting used to. The game also has the rare glitch, which in such a story rich game can ruin the mood however they are so few and far between it never really was a problem. Sleeping Dogs is one of the better games I have ever played. Square Enix really did an amazing job creating an open world game that really holds its own with the best in the genre.


Grand Theft Shenmue

Hallahn | Sept. 2, 2013 | See all Hallahn's reviews »

There's quite a crowd in the open-world free-roaming etc etc market these days, what with the GTAs and Saints Rows. Sleeping Dogs distinguishes itself by way of its combat, and its setting - both of which stand out from the crowd. The city certainly has the feeling of life, with crowded markets and busy roads to make your way through, and there's plenty to do while making your way through them!


Not your ordinary Grand Theft Auto clone

bibboorton | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all bibboorton's reviews »

Wanna know the big hint? There are not a lot of guns here. Not a lot of guns? In a video game? Whaaa? Because gunplay is not the most fun part of this game. It's kicking and punching the heck out of your enemies. Seriously, it's much more satisfying punching your enemies than shooting them. This game makes that feel good and is a great stress-reliever. Plus, it has a great story as well. Must-try!


One of my favourites.

Caputalis | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all Caputalis's reviews »

A lot of people may claim Sleeping Dogs is only another GTA clone, but this game brings a fresh new experience to the table. The stand out part of the game, besides its great story, is its amazing visuals. Whether you're cruising around downtown Hong Kong, or jetting through the mountains on a motorcycle, the art and graphics in this game are nearly breathtaking. The combat system is similar to that of Arkham City, but with more of a 'Kung Fu' vibe to it. You can also unlock new moves and combos, which is great. In this game, you mainly use your fists, but there are guns, if you prefer them, but they're rare until later in the game. The driving mechanic feels great in this game, especially for motorcycles. The competitive aspect of trying to beat your friends' records is pretty cool, as well. I'd highly recommend Sleeping Dogs to anyone that enjoys games with a vibrant environment to explore, as well as a solid story and great gameplay.



mojo3000 | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all mojo3000's reviews »

A fantastic game overall, if you played Batman Arkham Asylum you will be familiar with the combat system, which is designed to make fell like a badass, be warned it does get old after a while, but then they introduce weapons :)). Gun play is hit and miss, the slow-mo action time is awesome but the weapons don't feel satisfying to fire. The game takes control from the player quite often, forcing you into clearly scripted chases and events, but its fun to break them either by using a vehicle you were not suppose to use or a weapon that you happen to carry at the time; I remember the first time I played the game I encountered a lady on the side of the road, I stopped to help and I got robbed instead, so the next time I played through I avoided her until I finished the game and had to do all the favors, and the chase did not last long, the guy started running, I pulled out my gun and I glacked him in the back. The game provides ample side activities such as races, favors, hacking security cameras, cock fights, street fights and plenty of collectibles such as health shrines that give more health and money drops that give you ... you get it. There are plenty of RPG elements in the, you will learn how to fight by returning Jade statues to a dojo, get new abilities in two separate tree by completing cop missions or triad mission, both trees can be fully unlocked through normal game-play during the campaign. Hong Kong also provides a huge, and I mean huge variety of clothes, outfits and accessories, there is even a few achievements tied into this as well, if you are into that kind of thing. Lets talk about characters, the guy that did the voice of the main character Wei Shen, did a wonderful job with consistent and convincing acting, there are also a few voices you will recognize like the voice of Amanda Cartwright (Emma Stone) be warned, she is only in the game so that some game dev nerd gets to spend some time with Emma Stone, since her character is barely in the game. You will also encounter some seriously bad accents, not all Asian, one in particular comes to mind Ilyana, a Russian hostess, and if here "A Man who never eats PORK BUN is never a WHOLE MAN" one more time I will punch a rare bird straight in the face. The graphics: its a beautiful game, but not necessarily a graphically intensive, it uses a lot of vibrant colors, a lot of neon lights that reflect off the wet rads and sidewalks, everything is a bit too shiny but is a minor thing. Wei gets visually hurt just like Batman does, and you can even see him sweat if you are into that kind of thing. And now the bad part, the bugs and glitches. The game even after a year is full of bugs, some gamebreaking ones here and there, for example I could not read the Poker cards due to too much bloom, good thing I had to lose at the time, I got stuck in the car buying menu a few times and had to exit out of the game and reload a save, or I just got stuck inside a armored vehicle it exploded and I was passed out on the seat, unable to move, get out or anything. But not all bugs were bad, some were hilarious, people riding invisible bikes, and one time a thug managed to get in the car with me, and just sat in my lap with his upper body sticking out of the top of the car, as I killed all of his friends; he unfortunately dies on top of me and I could not get out of the car :)) ... reload. In conclusion, even though I started with it, this is a fantastic game I would recommend it without hesitation, I fact my friends probably are tired of how much I've been talking about it. PS I'm going to get the zombie DLC just because it seems ridiculous,


A Must Have...No Regrets

ebeaver1016 | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all ebeaver1016's reviews »

Sleeping dogs is an open world game. It is a lot like Grand Theft Auto. The game also has very good graphics with popular voice overs. There is a demo that can be played however, I felt personally that the game itself was a lot better than the demo portrayed. With that being said, if you are trying to decide and are not sure, getting it on sale would make it a must have game. Most of the game is melee combat with occasional gun battles. After playing the game, I felt that it was so worth the purchase. I immediately recommended this to a friend. This game allows you to play with controller or mouse/keyboard. This is a plus. What makes this game fun is that you can do side missions that help improve your street value plus help you adjust to your newly acquired fighting moves. You also have cars that you can either get out of parking garages that are around town or you can call on valet to bring you a vehicle. Fun and addictive.


Great open world, great gameplay but don't touch the DLCs

djeepy | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all djeepy's reviews »

Sleeping dogs is a real good take on the giant that is GTA. Where the game shine is in its hand to hand combat, in fact you don't get a gun for about half the game. Beating thugs and throwing them in a trash container is always fun. I highly recommend it, I did about 80% of the mission and my playtime was around 30hrs.


A GTA-like game with a soul of its own

Kaleith | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all Kaleith's reviews »

Many reviewers like to compare Sleeping Dogs to GTA, and for good reason, as the open world nature of the game very much reminds of these games. While I can't say I liked any title in the GTA franchise I tried, I can say that I LOVED Sleeping Dogs for its story, that feels taken straight out of a gangster movie. Another thing to note is that the game isn't heavy on gunfights, relying instead on a combination of martial arts moves and improvised environmental weapons


Get on your way to Hong Kong underworld!

Pradlik | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all Pradlik's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is a very pleasant surprise in the genre of sandbox games. The area you play in resembles real Hong Kong and looks just fantastic, I enjoyed driving on highways, running through alleys, visiting shops and cruising the coast in a boat. Th story is above average in the gangster or mob genre with both thrilling and sad moments. Most fun abut this game aren't the gunfights, those are quite weak actually, even though they are spiced up with bullet-time. Most fun are the kung-fu fights with multiple enemies with same feeling as in Arkham Asylum, not really difficult but with ability to cause some damage with cool looking combos. The driving is really arcadish but that isn't too bad and you will enjoy gunfights while driving and hijacks of other cars in the form of leaping on them. What annoyed me are some bugs, for example when chasing other cars the "Don't lose your target" thing got stuck and I had to replay some missions over and also the fact that the game crashed few times out of the blue. Nevertheless it's a better clone of GTA (I don't like GTA so you might disagree) promissing lots of fun with Chinese Triads.


Fun and awesome.

Xillion | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all Xillion's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is really fun and it's the greatest sandbox out there. The graphics were amazing with the high resolution textures added on into the game. The game played out a lot smoother on PC.The driving and combat mechanics were excellent and the music was alright.The story overall is excellent and i highly recommend that you play this game.


An underrated open world game

istimsiopao | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all istimsiopao's reviews »

This game was excellent from start to end. The story manages to keep you interested with plot twists and heartbreaking moments. However, some missions could be a repetitive but it does not take away from the gameplay of the game.The combat system is great as it has the same combat system in Arkham Asylum. After you are done with the main quest (which should be a while) there are still plenty of stuff to do. Sleeping Dogs best feature is its ability to immerse the player in its world, as it feels like a living, breathing open world.


A tale of loyalty and honor

ryanclive | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all ryanclive's reviews »

As somebody who enjoys gangster films like Election I and II, and Infernal Affairs, Sleeping Dogs hits home with its take on Hong Kong and conflicting loyalties between the triad and police force. On the outset, Sleeping Dogs is very much like any sandbox game. You take on missions, you take on side quests to help complete strangers, and you find collectibles across the map. But what sets it apart is the amazing combat, character progression, and the gritty story of a conflicted man in a town where trust is hard to come by. The story has plenty of heart, and has some of the most memorable characters I've encountered since GTA IV. Sleeping Dogs has plenty of activities to complete, and you'll often find yourself straying off the main quest to collect money caches, steal cars for your client, do tasks for complete strangers, or just waste time driving around and admiring the sights. Fantastic sandbox game, and deserves better attention. And remember, a man who never eats pork bun is never a whole man!


Can't miss

Warhawk555 | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all Warhawk555's reviews »

I usually do not like GTA-style games. I bought this game because it was cheap and it got great reviews, but I didn't have high hopes. After I started playing, I just became engrossed in the story and the incredible gameplay. Loved every second of it.


So Underrated and Unappreciated

FreddieFiasco | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all FreddieFiasco's reviews »

It's a bit janky, as open world games are wont to be. It's a little cheesy, probably intentionally so. It's slightly repetitive, another common issue of the open world style. And it's brutally satisfying. If you can get past the very minor quirks, playing Sleeping Dogs is a truly rewarding experience. The story, though not masterfully written, is effective and engaging, and the fighting mechanics are deep while not being so complex that the player will have trouble memorizing combos. The combat is commonly compared to the Arkham games, often with the addendum that this game's fighting is lesser to Arkham's. However, whether or not this is true, that common accusation is only because Sleeping Dogs ventures to bring a deeper combat experience. Although the combat in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City is undeniably excellent, it, after many hours immersed within it, becomes repetitive and boring. And this is essentially inevitable when creating a cohesive game which also contains enough content to be considered worth the initially charged $60 (or insert your local AAA game price). However, due to Sleeping Dogs' combat being more in-depth, the game's combat remains entertaining much longer than Arkham's does. There's so many other amazing aspects of Sleeping Dogs, but I'm sure you don't want to read a feature-length review from some no-name GMG user, so I'll just highlight a few other fun features. The game provides a bounty of side content to enjoy, from gambling on cockfighting matches to the often-hated (for open world games in general) racing side quests which are surprisingly fun, if not exactly racing game quality, but hey, you can't expect a game with such a large breadth of other content to have driving as good as Forza. So give Sleeping Dogs a try; it goes on sale pretty regularly, so if your wallet is nearly empty, save up til the next sale and enjoy yourself some martial arts Hong Kong-style crime drama, speaking of, the setting of this game is interesting in itself, since so many open world games are set either in fantasyland or Bigcity, USA. If you need more convincing, check out TotalBiscuits gameplay video of Sleeping Dogs (it's what convinced me to play the game); you can find him on YouTube.


An amazing experience of conflicting loyalties.

omer2104 | Aug. 11, 2013 | See all omer2104's reviews »

This game is an absolute piece of art. The storyline is thrilling, exciting and immersive, to a level where you forget that you are actually working for the police and feel loyal to the Sun On Yee. The combat system is impeccable and very smooth, and so is the driving. Moreover, the game is absolutely gorgeous and very detailed. There are plenty of activities and collectibles scattered around Hong Kong to keep you exploring. However, this game is not without it's flaws, some wonky animations at times, annoying bugs and glitches like npcs getting stuck when trying to walk through doors, and at times shop venders fail to deliever your purchase. Nonetheless, ALL of these problems can easily be overlooked as this game is absolutely amazing and well worth every penny. Bravo.


Perfect sandbox game, just perfect!

TheImpZA | Aug. 5, 2013 | See all TheImpZA's reviews »

What a game this is. Definitely recommended to fans of open world games such as GTA or Saints Row. I really loved everything about this game and it came as a big surprise. I wasn't even planning on buying it, and I'm really glad I decided to take it. The story and voice acting is top notch and the game is quite impressive visually. It might not be the most original game (borrows a lot from other sandbox titles), but who cares when you're having this much fun. The fighting system is really the stand out feature here, IMO it is even better than that of the Batman games. It works almost the same and while Batman's is a bit more fluid, I really like how you can interact with almost anything in the environment during a fight in Sleeping Dogs. Even if something doesn't have a specific kill animation you can still use it to help you beat up your enemies. E.g. if you're close to a railing you can throw people over it or if you see a table you can smash someone's head against it. Soundtrack is also pretty good, especially the Roadrunner Records radio station. Loved driving around Hong Kong listening to Fear Factory, Devildriver, Killswitch Engage, etc. Finished the game last night, but I'm gonna spend some more time with it to finish up the sidequests, races, etc. and to try and get more of the collectibles so I can max out my character.


A very good GTA like

Nasougi | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all Nasougi's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is a really good game, the story is interesting, and the gameplay is also nice. Fighting with fists and kicks are part of the gameplay, with scenes of parkour, but do not worry. There is also the gunfight. Complete the game to 100% will take time, but immersion is excellent to the point that it still wants to play after finishing the story. So a very good point. An excellent game until GTA V or Saints Row V, even if it is more "serious" than Saints Row.


Excellent open world crime game

Twisted1410 | July 27, 2013 | See all Twisted1410's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs isn't an overly realistic game. Some real world physics and mechanics are altered a little just to make things more fun. If you need everything to be ultra-realistic, then perhaps you should avoid this game. That's not to say Sleeping Dogs is all out crazy like a Saint's Row, but it is a nice blend of realism and arcadey fun. If you can handle that, you'll have a lot of fun in this game.


Gta in Hong Kong

simodeso | July 23, 2013 | See all simodeso's reviews »

Even if it is buggy as hell (sounds lagging, he misses some clicks of the mouse ecc) it is a great game. You are a cop infiltrated in one of the Hong Kong's gangs and you have to make your way with kung fu. The story is good and also the gameplay, there are a lot of sub quest and items that when you collect them they give you a bonus. It is a sandbox like GTA so, if you liked GTA you have to buy this game, it's at the same level.


Absolutely loved it!

Nivear | July 21, 2013 | See all Nivear's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is a sandbox style open world game set in Hong Kong. You play as undercover cop Wei Shen as he infiltrates a criminal organization, battling with other gangs, his own conscious and trying to balance the stresses of leading a double life. The game-play is phenomenal, armed combat works brilliantly, the parkour style free-running is great and the slow-time mechanic works wonders. The mission types and collectibles are varied and the dialogue and story are sharp and compelling. The true brilliant element of this game though is the execution of hand-to-hand martial arts. The design and range of moves gives you the distinct feeling that you are a master and once all are unlocked you can defeat mobs of opponents in cool and devastating ways. The graphics are great and the main campaign takes about 15-20 hours if you don't complete many side-missions. The music is another highlight and I found myself listening to tracks after finishing the game. If you even remotely enjoy kung-fu style cinema or sand-box games such as the GTA or Saints Row series, Sleeping Dogs is definitely worth it!


Best sandbox game I have played.

CrysisX | July 20, 2013 | See all CrysisX's reviews »

At first, I thought I wouldn't enjoy this game since I'm not a big fan of games like GTA, Saints Row 3 etc. but to my surprise I loved it! Bought the game recently and 3 days later, I have around 16 hours of play time already. The environment in this game is pretty well done though the graphics isn't that great. The story of the game is fairly interesting though you might find yourself completing side quests more often. Overall, as a Chinese who lives in Asia, this game really impressed me! Definitely worth the full price.


Awesomely Addicting

nlatifolia | July 19, 2013 | See all nlatifolia's reviews »

This rare breed of game is a MUST ahev for martial arts game enthusiasts. Really recommended. The story and the effets are just amazing. I can run this game on high settings with old machine, the programming just so incredible. Replayability ? Oh what ? I still play this game over and over again like a religious activities.


No more GTA

andyvercammen | July 18, 2013 | See all andyvercammen's reviews »

I bought this during a sale for a pretty cheap price. So far I have been enjoying this game, more than I enjoyed GTA IV. The plasticy feel of the characters aside, the game is visually stunning and the gameplay is fun. Can get a bit repetitive from time to time, but I highly recommend this game


Amazing story, great gameplay

Miyake | July 11, 2013 | See all Miyake's reviews »

At first I was skeptical about mixing a "GTA-like" style with martial arts, but this is definitely worth it. Needless to say, the story is incredibly great, and it'll keep you immersed in it for the entire time. The combat mechanics are fluid, much like modern action games; one of the best things in this game is how you unlock new awesome moves as you progress. The graphics (including shadows, light, etc.) and sounds are pretty satisfying, and it felt like they did a pretty good justice to the whole oriental/Asian theme (like music and architecture). All in all, I enjoyed this game entirely, and if you like action games with martial arts, you'll definitely love this.


This game is amazing.

FLD | July 7, 2013 | See all FLD's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs isn't particularly original and is, in fact, quite derivative. But my god is it ever greater than the sum of its parts. The meat of this game, the melee combat system, feels straight out of Arkham City. Smooth, responsive and fun. The shooting, while overall not central to the gameplay, works well enough. The cars handle well enough and there's a good variety of them. The open world is vibrant with colors and the oriental setting really make it stand out from the crowd of open-world crime games. But the story is where this game really shines. One of the best of its kind, in my opinion. The plot itself is fairly standard fare, but the characters are very well developed, protagonist Wei Shen in particular. My only complaint would be that it is kind of lacking in the side-quests department. One of my favorite aspect of the game was the police cases you get to solve and there's only a very limited amount of them. Overall, this game is well worth your time in money. And considering it goes on sale all the time, there's no excuse not to give it a shot.


Sleeping Dogs - GTA isn't so grand anymore.

skybane1239 | July 6, 2013 | See all skybane1239's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is a game that probably should never have been released. It had a lot of development trouble, and then the publisher decided to drop the game when it was originally a True Crime entry. Square Enix decided to pick it up, and I am glad they did. Sleeping Dogs is an open world action game set in Hong Kong. You can do all the usual activities, such as driving, shopping, playing mini-games, and shooting. However, they took melee combat to a new level by taking some inspiration from the Batman: Arkham series. It works extremely well in this setting and almost flows better than in Batman. They even threw in some free running segments to make the action a little more intense. Everything else controls very well, and there isn't a single part of the gameplay that falters. Not to mention, the PC "port" is absolutely incredible. I am not sure if the game was built on PC, but it certainly seems like it was. The game looks amazing, and there are a ton of options you can play around with in the menus. That includes being able to rebind all of the keys. Now, the story. You play as Wei Shen, an undercover police officer trying to infiltrate the Triad group in Hong Kong. Wei Shen is surprisingly likable. I personally liked him more than most protagonists in other open world series. There is also a great set of supporting characters that I won't spoil here. There isn't much negative to say about the game really. If anything, there could be more to do in the game. Short of finding the statues to give you new combat moves, there really is not a lot of side stuff to do. Having said that, the story does last quite awhile. A few of the missions an get a bit repetitive, and if you find the combat of the Arkham games dull, then you might have some trouble with the game. Either way, it is a great open world game that holds its own quite well with the GTAs and Saints Rows of this generation.


Amazing game!

jodalejos | July 5, 2013 | See all jodalejos's reviews »

I pre-purchased this after reading the reviews and I was quite happy to get my hands on it on launch day. The gameplay lasts over 40 hours for the entire story mode. The graphics aren't that fantastic but still great overall. I enjoyed the open world that is modelled closely after Hong Kong, very surreal environment. Gameplay wise, I would say the combat system is refreshing as compared to games of similar genre. It is more melee centric, less focus on firearms. It is challenging and makes you want to do a 1 v 10 in fights. Kudos for the combat system that is original. I don't really like the driving because of the camera that will auto focus and the angle changing screws up the driving. It takes some time to get used to it. In game music on the car radio is very good, especially the cantonese songs. Provides good atmosphere and makes you feel like in Hong Kong. Story line is decent. Good to have that you can play both the Cop and the Triad. Definitely worth buying and playing. Would like to see more cop missions or expansions and also maybe a coop mode in future.


Great alternative to city sandbox

kubqo | July 3, 2013 | See all kubqo's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs focuses on melee combat instead of gunplay and it succeeds in doing so. It provides smooth movement throughout the city, great vehicle handling, lots of side activities (which are not always fun) and asian-action-movie like story.



sparrows | July 3, 2013 | See all sparrows's reviews »

I loved this game , the story was really interesting , great gameplay (Batman like) , and it was a REAL pc game , with a really good optimization and many options , thank you Square Enix.


Addictive gameplay, amazing story.

Arthmael77 | July 2, 2013 | See all Arthmael77's reviews »

I can't remember where or how I heard about this game, but it was well after it had been released. The GTA style games are typically a little too boring and repetitive for me, but United Front did an amazing job at retooling this genre. I know most people love gun-play(as do I), but I relished taking the fight to everyone with my martial arts attacks, when viable. Not only was the action great, the story was very immersive. I found myself playing through the story almost too fast, because I just couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next, or what I would have to do next. I started playing it a second time to try and complete every single objective. And like with a lot of things, we all tend to miss something the first go around. The only part I didn't find too appealing, was the drug busts. I completed them all in my first play-through, but I never fully completed them until near the end. When you play the game, you'll understand. And you should most definitely play this game. If GTA or Saints Row gets you going, this game will do that, and more.


Very nice games. !!

djwaxi | June 30, 2013 | See all djwaxi's reviews »

The story is great ! When you are just started, you are stuck to it. It makes you want to finish it ! The combat is so much fun and easy to learn. If you die it sets you up properly so you don't miss any special weapon you needed and you don't get frustrated. A good point is that you can save at any moment in the game. Also the graphics and sound are great and driving in the many cars is pretty cool. My recommendation is buy it !!!!


One for the record books

Demadizz | June 16, 2013 | See all Demadizz's reviews »

This is an amazing game, and a must play. Solid 9/10 *Gamepad recommended ‹ Outstanding Story with characters that you will grow to love or hate with a passion. ‹ Exceptional Gameplay & Mechanics ‹ Fantastic Voice Acting ‹ Open world with tons of collectibles/side missions/all around fun ‹Combat system that focuses more on hand to hand over gun play; a very nice touch A game done right; Square-Enix did justice.


Rises From the Dead to Surprising Heights

Pr1mus | June 8, 2013 | See all Pr1mus's reviews »

You wouldn't imagine a game once known as True Crime: Hong Kong before being canned by Activision and later picked up by Square Enix to be anything special, let alone actually any good. Yet here we have one of the better open world game released in the last few years that despite its troubled development has no problem living up to the inevitable comparisons to the likes of Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row. While the game lacks the scope of a GTA or the sheer variety of gameplay offered in a Saints Row game its strengths lie in the remarkable melee combat system inspired by Batman: Arkham Asylum, outstanding visuals on the PC and excellent voice acting. It is neither the longest nor the most varied open world experience on the market but what is there is solid on all front and entertaining all the way to the end.


The most cinematic game you'll play

thegaminglyfe | June 8, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Think of some of the best gameplay mechanics from games in the last century. The fighting from batman, the open world of GTA and Saints Row, the parkour in mirrors edge, the slow motion shooting from Max Payne, the cool driving from Wheelman. And then put them together, the result is Sleeping Dogs. You play as undercover cop Wei Shen in one of the greatest cop stories I've ever come across. The gameplay is fun and addictive. It is quite similar to an action movie, jumping from person to person taking them down and doing jump kicks etc. But unlike other games that the fighting it is inspired by like Batman, Sleeping Dogs is very brutal. There are knives you can pick up and stab your enemies with and throw at people. The shooting has a lot of jumping over obstacles and slow motion and is lots of fun. The driving is tight and responsive and there are lots of cool maneuvers like jumping from car to car and ramming other cars. There aren't many places to do parkour in the city but it is lots of fun. In missions where you do parkour things will break, people will shoot at you and you will do awesome jumps. One thing I love about this game is that it's alive. It feels real, the graphics are amazing so it looks real, and the people are real. Just like Saints Row there are side missions all over the place. Chasing someone, returning something, killing someone. Even spying on people. If you have friends that play this game there is a social feature that compares you and your friends. Every time you do something like a cop chase or chain kills without getting hurt it records the score and compares it. This game is one of the only games I've played that tries to be like a brutal action movie and has been able to pull it off. Highly recommended for action and open-world fans.


The most cinematic game you'll play

thegaminglyfe | June 8, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Think of some of the best gameplay mechanics from games in the last century. The fighting from batman, the open world of GTA and Saints Row, the parkour in mirrors edge, the slow motion shooting from Max Payne, the cool driving from Wheelman. And then put them together, the result is Sleeping Dogs. You play as undercover cop Wei Shen in one of the greatest cop stories I've ever come across. The gameplay is fun and addictive. It is quite similar to an action movie, jumping from person to person taking them down and doing jump kicks etc. But unlike other games that the fighting it is inspired by like Batman, Sleeping Dogs is very brutal. There are knives you can pick up and stab your enemies with and throw at people. The shooting has a lot of jumping over obstacles and slow motion and is lots of fun. The driving is tight and responsive and there are lots of cool maneuvers like jumping from car to car and ramming other cars. There aren't many places to do parkour in the city but it is lots of fun. In missions where you do parkour things will break, people will shoot at you and you will do awesome jumps. One thing I love about this game is that it's alive. It feels real, the graphics are amazing so it looks real, and the people are real. Just like Saints Row there are side missions all over the place. Chasing someone, returning something, killing someone. Even spying on people. If you have friends that play this game there is a social feature that compares you and your friends. Every time you do something like a cop chase or chain kills without getting hurt it records the score and compares it. This game is one of the only games I've played that tries to be like a brutal action movie and has been able to pull it off. Highly recommended for action and open-world fans.



weaverster | June 7, 2013 | See all weaverster's reviews »

Game was excellent. The combat feels nice and the environmental attacks are definitely a nice touch. Cars drive pretty arcade like - so don't expect any driving simulation. Overall awesome GTA clone. Definitely worth the price. Square-Enix has been pretty excellent with their titles lately



anc3stra | June 5, 2013 | See all anc3stra's reviews »

Awesome game play. If you like kung fu then you should buy this game. An open world that focus more on hand to hand combat than firearm. Run around Hong Kong beat other gangster, car chase with police, goes rogue and kill all police, man it so fun. If you buy this game, it is recommended that to get other DLC as well. Totally worth it.


Open-world GTA mixed with Batman

wfosnot | June 3, 2013 | See all wfosnot's reviews »

This is a great game. It combines the open world feel of GTA (with gangsters and similar mechanics) - and then adds combat similar to Batman Arkham. Great voice acting - interesting story - fun fighting mechanics and more DLC than you can believe! Being a Sqare-Enix game, it has also dropped in price and goes on sale regularly - get this game!



Hardtarget | June 3, 2013 | See all Hardtarget's reviews »

What a surprised. I absolutely loved this open world undercover cop game, much more so than I figured I would. The game had a bit of a troubled development history but at the end of the day the developers pulled through and made something that I had fun with for hours. The driving mechanic is fantastic, the hand to hand combat is one of the first open world games that has delivered it well, and the shooting is totally adequate. The story is absolutely fantastic and what I really liked about the game. It really feels like you are in one of those Hong Kong action movies from the 80s and 90s and I loved the undercover cop idea. The voice acting also really needs to be mentioned, it's all great and really makes you believe in the world. Give this game a try if you're looking for a open world adventure, it is a ton of fun.


Surprisingly Awesome

MikeK47 | June 2, 2013 | See all MikeK47's reviews »

I was not expecting anything out of this game and waited a long time to play it because of that. When I did play it I was hooked immediately. It's not an extremely long game but it is fun all the way through. I finished it in 13 hours but I still just roam around Hong Kong doing random stuff. If you are thinking about getting this game then do; it is well worth it.


A brilliant game!

rossa14 | June 2, 2013 | See all rossa14's reviews »

Open world GTA-style gameplay, an undercover cop, a Hong Kong action movie - it is a combination that sparks the interest of a lot of gamers, me included. This is one of those new IP's that come along and 'wow' a whole community of gamers. Some may compare it to GTA, but honestly, it deserves more than that; the story, the gameplay, the characters, it's all wonderfully crafted into a great experience that you will not regret putting you hard earned cash down for. You do have to wonder what Activision is thinking now though don't you? They have others games which aren't even classified as average, yet they let this game go. I am sure they had their reasons, but are they looking back and thinking what could have been? My guess is yes. Don't be like Activision, don't look back and wonder what could have been. Buy this game and you wont regret it!


So worth the wait.

Digiclipse | May 31, 2013 | See all Digiclipse's reviews »

I bought this game on release and truly loved every second of it. I have all the DLC and have purchased the game for two other friends. I have completed it twice and still hunger for more. I hope they make a second one, i need more Wei Shen action :D!



jaws544 | May 28, 2013 | See all jaws544's reviews »

If your a fan of open world games such as saints row, GTA, red dead redemption, etc. You have to get this game. The story has never been done before in a setting which is barely contemplated. The city of Hong Kong SHINES on the PC. I play on high settings with the free downloadable high-res texture pack and boy oh boy does everything look drop-dead gorgeous. The rain looks real and the reflections on everything from the water on the road to the sweat coming out of people faces looks amazing. plus unlike other open world games, there are so much thing so do. You can sing karaoke, street race, or go on dates, all while being a badass undercover street cop. This game truly shows taht the developers cared about the PC and you should appreciate their work of art. The only flaw of it is that there isnt a button to press when you need to look straight while driving which can be annoying.


Undercover Cop

p3nguin_pris0n | May 27, 2013 | See all p3nguin_pris0n's reviews »

I'm a sucker for undercover cop stories. There's this constant tension; will the bad guys figure me out? Will I be able to do horrible things for the greater good? The story in Sleeping Dogs explores these avenues, and the player is treated to an up-and-down struggle as the main character. Roaming the city is fun on-foot, although I found the driving a bit boring. Combat, on the other hand, is brilliant. There are tons of moves to execute, and there are hidden items that help develop the fighting repertoire; it helps keep combat fresh even after umpteen hours. For me, Sleeping Dogs was a pleasant surprise. I expected a GTA clone, but it carves out its own niche in the open-world genre. I highly recommend it.


True Crime 3

SlowpokeVGG | May 27, 2013 | See all SlowpokeVGG's reviews »

This game plays nothing like GTA in my opinion. It's an improved True Crime with a great graphics and fighting. This is a story about an undercover cop, not a bandit, so don't expect chaos and killing innocent people.


Fantastic Game!

samfergo | May 27, 2013 | See all samfergo's reviews »

One of the best open world games Ive enjoyed in a long time. The story is well written and they've put a lot of great effort into all the aspects of this game. Well worth a play if you've ever enjoyed a game like GTA.


Outstanding, for a first time

harrykirkby | May 27, 2013 | See all harrykirkby's reviews »

I was excited for this game ever since it's original title of True Crime HK. I was always a fan of True Crime games and this was was no let down, it is a sleek and outstanding game. Recently owned it on Xbox 360 and after moving to the PC, I've had no doubts in why I bought it and kept it. Phenomenal for a brand new style of game to those used to GTA in America.


A must buy

Madsterman | May 27, 2013 | See all Madsterman's reviews »

When you want to play a third person open world game there's a few to choose, from GTA to saints row and Arma. Sleeping dogs gives a fresh take that will immerse you in a rich story mode that you cant get torn away from. The game play is outstanding as you take on multiple enimies at once with your amazing skill trailing attacks to make deadly combos. Even better is when youd rather go hand to hand than shoot a gun showing how well they have mastered the melee combat. Sleeping dogs is a must play to any gamer out there!


Sleeping Dogs - Hong Kong, here i come!!

eishun | May 26, 2013 | See all eishun's reviews »

Sleeping dogs, or True Crime : Hong kong before taken over by Square Enix is a game where you take role as undercover cop in hong kong, joining the local gang and triads in there. Graphics : A very great looking game, really shows out the hong kong city and the environment, awesome looking game Sounds : isnt really flushed out, but overall sound in Sleeping dogs are okay, some of the music in radio sounds great too Gameplay : Very varied, from karaoke to girlfriend quest, this game have it all.. Side missions that actually interesting Story : Great character development, the story isnt that outstanding but the feels in the story really good it's a great game and worth buying


Enjoyable but repetition falls soon after

cobotic | May 26, 2013 | See all cobotic's reviews »

Having a game that seems to be a mix of a casual version GTA 4 then blended in with martial arts, this game was very enjoyable to begin with, as combat was very hard and you had to use the skills available just like if you were playing Tekken or Street Fighter. But once you get to about half way through the game, you start to obtain more and more firearms, which is somewhat fun but makes you rarely see melee combat unless it's scripted into that campaign level, even so the melee combat soon becomes timid as you obtain skills which allow you to 1-hit the enemy, taking the fun out of the game. Overall it's definitely worth getting but holds very little replay value.


Well spend time

Dova | May 26, 2013 | See all Dova's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is a sanbox game. Very good thing about this game is optimisation - you don't need to have a powerful PC to smoothly play in this game with good graphic. Later there is a gameplay which is really good, mission are diversified - in one mission you have to shoot during chase car, and in other one you have to punch some bad guys. Characters and voice acting are on high level and climate of this production is great. Overall - it is a great game which I can honestly reccomend to everyone who likes sanboxes.


Good, but not a masterpiece.

adiron | May 26, 2013 | See all adiron's reviews »

It's tempting to compare the fighting to Arkham City, and the driving to GTA and so on, but that would be positively cruel to said games, in that, Sleeping Dogs is... "good", but not really on their level. It is fun. It is entertaining. But it is far from a masterpiece. Hong Kong is beautifully modeled in the game, and the scenery is wonderfully done. I don't know how close it is to the real thing, never having been there, but to me as an outsider it feels authentic enough. All this wonderful level design does not make up for the shortcomings of the story, which is cheesy and somehwat melodramatic in parts, while engaging in others, it was over before I could attach myself to any character in particular. Note that the controls are definitely not mouse/keyboard optimized to the point of annoyance. If you want to play this game, do yourself a favor and use a controller. I bet it's possible to play without one, but this is a somewhat mediocre PC port and you it can be annoying. Beating people up gets repetitive real fast. You can generally use the same old moves over and over and finish the game that way. Not so great. Get it if you're looking for a "disposable game" to kill a few hours.


A unique open world sand-box

panzer1 | May 25, 2013 | See all panzer1's reviews »

this is one of my favorite genres so it was an inta-buy for me, but i was pleasantly surprised by how good this game was. the story is not bad; kind of a typical hong kong action film plot line. the voice acting is good and the characters are as good as you expect them. the world is original and fun to explore. driving is more arcade like, which is refreshing in a game like this. and while the side missions can get repetitive, the main story is pretty is somewhat diverse. gun-play is typical, but the kung-fu hand-to-hand stuff is really fun. there are a number of different types of enemies and you have to fight each one differently; it's not just standing around waiting to counter. there are also collectible statues that you can turn in to learn new combos. the biggest flaw for me was the emphasis on gun-play. about halfway through, the game abandons the kung-fu element and just goes straight to gallery shooter. this game is a steal right now and if you like gta-style games, it is well worth the money.


You do sleep in this game,But not much.

WildWest123 | May 25, 2013 | See all WildWest123's reviews »

In Sleeping Dogs,you get everything you'd expect,violence,good story and an interesting city,and for the currect price,you'd basically do what you do try to stop in the actual game.a crime.


Great game, absolutely fantastic in 3D!

Zache_ | May 25, 2013 | See all Zache_'s reviews »

Im not a fan of comparing games in reviews, but the similarities of this game and GTA are the first things that pops up in your head while playing. The main difference is the city, which is Hong Kong instead of an american city, and there's not alot of guns, you mostly fight with martial arts. The fighting is great fun, but can get a little repetetative. Really nice animations and combo attacks. There are some flaws though. The driving is quite horrible. No where near the driving in GTA so i didnt really enjoy freeroaming in my car or bike. Another thing that i didnt like are the controls, some controls are bound to the same button and cant be changed, e.g. sprint/climb which will result in falling over edges at times when you accidentally sprint to close to it. But overall its a great great game and for the price its a nobrainer. And oh, its the best god damn game i have ever played in 3D, the city really comes alive in a way i have never seen in any game (using tridef 3D with a samsung series 9 monitor).


You got your Hong Kong in my Grand Theft Auto.

zabumafoo | May 25, 2013 | See all zabumafoo's reviews »

If you love GTA, you're going to love Sleeping Dogs. If you don't love GTA, you're still probably going to love Sleeping Dogs. The graphics were great, the voice acting was spot-on, and the script and story were intriguing, funny and delightfully vulgar. The game kept me on edge with its immoral characters and gritty environments, yet at times had me laughing out loud....which I rarely do when playing a game. There are also a lot of easter eggs in the game that strongly played off of the Asian culture, and they added a great distraction from the actual plot. There are loads of DLC's which can be picked up to add on to the overall experience. Some aren't great (mostly outfits), but others send the game in a completely different direction (Nightmare in Northpoint). These gave me another reason to keep playing even after making it through the campaign. All-in-All I loved the game. My only complaint was that the keyboard controls were awful. Make sure you have a gamepad on hand, or have a couple extra bucks to go pick one up. It will make the game much more enjoyable.


The Open World Fun is Back

BlowitAllUp | May 18, 2013 | See all BlowitAllUp's reviews »

A quality game in every aspect. I haven't felt this way since GTA3. The Hong Kong setting is so fresh and much effort was placed on the PC version. If it was a port, you would not notice it. An HD texture pack is included as free DLC. This is an open world game in its finest and it manages to feel entirely new and original due to the fighting mechanics and unique characters.


Fun game

sam_fisher3000 | May 18, 2013 | See all sam_fisher3000's reviews »

This game is fun! Feels like Grand Theft Auto but plays differently. The game is more focused on hand to hand combat, but that's fine. There are shooting scenes. Story is all right. It's always good to have a new location featured in another part of the world.Hong Kong is a nice place to explore! I love the combat, climbing, slow-mo shootouts, and more. Wish it has multiplayer and coop! A great game! 85/100!


Sleeper hit

ZinZano | May 17, 2013 | See all ZinZano's reviews »

I don't know where to start but they made a fantastic job with this game. Starting with beautiful and colorful looking city of Hong Kong made on a fantastic graphic engine. Story wise it's very solid, with a very interesting story that keeps you entertained a lot. The characters are somewhat memorable and some even remarkable, and most are very charismatic. This game has lot to offer, great combat and shooting gameplay, beautiful yet detailed gameplay. The only thing I can complain is the game is too good to be only 12-14 hours long, I really hope I could do more in the city. Dating missions feel like it is only half-done. Nevertheless, this is one of those games you must play in your lifetime.


Test your might!

jorge131313 | May 16, 2013 | See all jorge131313's reviews »

One or should i say the best sleeper of the year. Tired of GTA, Just cause and other sandbox about shoot, shoot and make things go boom? This is your game. In such beautiful and detailed city like Hong Kong, you can spend hours walking or driving around doing nothing but enjoy the view. The plot is ok, a game like this doesn´t need a complex plot to go on. Gameplay is superb, best definition is a mix of Batman:AC and Just Cause 2. Except of course you can´t fly in a suit running after a guy with the face painted like a clown or use a parachute just before steal a plane and make it crash. Graphics and sounds are good, specially at night with all the neons and stuff. My only complain is the map, should be a little bigger or more complex, after play GTAIV i can´t do nothing but compare it with other sandbox. Anyway, if you are tired of the typical Shooter-sandbox and you love martial arts, buy it. You won´t regret it.


The Sleeping Underdog

oGk_MalicE | May 15, 2013 | See all oGk_MalicE's reviews »

Imagine GTA, but with a much deeper, personal story line and more martial arts than gun play, that is the exquisite Sleeping Dogs in a nutshell. I was hesitant to play at first, started of with the tutorial and then left it for 2 months. But when I did pick it up again I couldn't put it down again. Days went buy as I immersed myself into the Honk Kong crime syndicate. The intriguing plot, non-stop action and brilliant soundtrack sets the pace for hours of enjoyment, 27 hours for me to be exact, with no DLC's. And by the end I still had loads of side missions left to do. If you're a fan of the 3rd person open world genre and looking for something fresh, then look no further!



jpwise | May 13, 2013 | See all jpwise's reviews »

This game is great, if you like open world games like Grand Theft Auto, you have to get this. The kung-fu fighting is really fun, there are tons of side missions, tons of items and vehicles, and the world is extremely detailed.


Jewel that was unjustly forgotten?

Pilgrim6 | May 11, 2013 | See all Pilgrim6's reviews »

I for one have never played True Crime serie. However SD caught my eye with it's Hong Kong setting. Otherwise the game might have easily slipped my eye. Truth is this game is just amazing. It's like GTA mixed with 80s combat style and one of the most attaching stories in the last 5 years. One of the things that really surprised me was the music. It felt just fitting. What this game lacks is probably entertaining side missions and re-playability. Graphics aren't the top dog but they won't insult you either. In the end, definitely worth your time. Square Enix again proved that they have a talent for publishing very good games.


Sleeping Dogs: Limited Edition

jonnas1982 | May 11, 2013 | See all jonnas1982's reviews »

It is a fantastic open world, parkour, action, fighting, and Third Person Shooter game. The story is very emotional and you will get to really hate and love many of the characters in the game. The parkour mechanics in the game have been made nice tough there still are some mistakes in the game, where it will not do what you intended for it to do. This few mechanical mistakes will not be find in the fighting system. It is for my part the best system I have ever seen in an open world game. The graphics in the game is not of the highest, but it does for sure look nice and suits the game nicely. When the game where first were released there were a few graphical mistakes, where bodies flow in the air when they had so lay on a table, this have been fix in a later patch, and I have not been able to see any mistakes any more on this end. The sound of the game is really nice, nothing to come for there. A nice mix of English and Chinese (especially when swearing). The radio also have this nice mix. The menus in the game seem to be a little too much “console-ish”. You will be able to click on some of the buttons, but have to go to the keyboard afterwards and there will not be clicked the exact place where you have clicked.


One of the few great surprises.

jackhezraat | May 4, 2013 | See all jackhezraat's reviews »

One of the few multiplatform games of this generation that actually cares about what the PC can achieve more than it's console counterpart. With the inclusion on HD texture pack exclusive for PC owners, UFG really does know how to please the PC gaming crowd. The story is great - well written with great pacing. The only thing that's set it back (for me personally) is that how the story should have really be prolonged. It's unfortunate that the DLCs did not expand on the main story and are instead serve as a side story that has no impact whatsoever for the main story line.


Combat based sandbox

jimsteryo2 | May 3, 2013 | See all jimsteryo2's reviews »

This game makes you feel as though you are actually a real undercover agent and this game does an excellent job at it. This is a sandbox game with combat based action. As you continue the game, you will learn more and more fighting moves to dominate your enemies. The gunplay is also great because it makes you feel as though you ARE the leader of Hong Kong. On the downside, the missions can get a little repetitive and boring and the story can get quite tedious at some points. But regardless, this is a great game with amazing graphics which will have you "awe"-ing at the game at some of the amazing things you will encounter in the game.


True Crime - Sleeping Dogs

Kaieh1234 | April 24, 2013 | See all Kaieh1234's reviews »

I have been a fan of the True Crime series for a while, and games just weren't keeping my attention for a long time, until this game came out, I never stopped playing it from start to finish, this game is one that had my attention. It's free-roaming aspects are (In the words of Gary Barlow..) absolutely fantastic. It's little side missions of acquiring cars and such became a little tedious in the end, but that is only because I left them all right up until the last second, so I recommend doing one or two of them for every story mission. I was a little taken back by the melee fighting in this game, I was quite shocked that it actually worked so well, in contrast with the shooting parts of the game, it shaped up to be beautiful. The story and the aesthetics of the game are both something to behold, the twists and turns of the story kept me gripped right from the start, the fact you have your cop and your thug skill tree's, that adjust to your playing style. There are even a small little guitar hero-like minigame. I recommend this game to everyone, even if just for the story.


Amazing open world title

Knurek | March 13, 2013 | See all Knurek's reviews »

Wei Shen is a man on the mission. He is tasked with infiltrating one of Hong Kong's major Triads, and it is paramount for him to do so as soon as poss... Ooh, lookie, a karaoke bar. Ooh, and some back-alley thugs to beat up on. And some illegal racers to compete against. Or how about playing some poker instead? The point is, the game is amazing. There are tons of things to do in it, both story related and side missions, and pretty much all of them are fun. The fight system is nothing short of amazing, driving is better than in many 'proper' racing games, and shoot-outs (no matter how infrequent) evoke all those great John Woo Hong-Kong movies. Game looks and sounds great as well, minor technological issues aside (alt-tabbing out of the game loses VSync for me). Highly recommended to just about anyone.


True Crime Hong Kong: the real deal.

Neohoodman | Feb. 28, 2013 | See all Neohoodman's reviews »

One of the best open world games at the moment, being the perfect balance between wacky Saints Row and realistic GTA4, Sleeping Dogs is just so much fun to play. Playing as undercover cop Wei Shen, you have to infiltrate the Triads while working your way through police missions as well. The gameplay is easy to get into and ditches the 'realism' GTA4 follows, meaning you don't feel like a puppet Nico moving its legs, but proper movement, fun combat gameplay and semi-over-the-top physics. Dialogue and story are insanely good and never drags. Sleeping Dogs is the perfect go-to open world game with a lot of variety and fun, fun, fun!


The best game I've played in 2012

youknowwho77 | Feb. 25, 2013 | See all youknowwho77's reviews »

Yeah, that's right. The game beats some serious ass. Probably the best game that I've played in 2012. The story is very conquering, and as you play more and more, it becomes more interesting. The graphics are great, and the game runs smooth. Apparently the developers done their job very well. The gameplay mechanics are fun to play. Everithing a gamer would love in a game. I recommend it to every one, looking for something interesting and enjoyable to play.


Cinematic experience

Razzon | Feb. 11, 2013 | See all Razzon's reviews »

This game feels like a hong kong action movie, with a unique setting (there are no other games set in hong kong as far as I know). The graphics are amazing, especially on the PC with HD texture packs. One bad thing is maybe the character models, some of them are not really detailed. The combat is intuitive and satisfying, use of guns in hong kong is prohibited so you have to apply your kung fu skills (well, most of the time, there are some shooting scenes, which are very well done, too). The story is amazing, seriously it feels like a movie. I can recommend this game to anyone who wants a solid experience.


Truly Truest Crime

MalekTaktak | Jan. 28, 2013 | See all MalekTaktak's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is an excellent GTA-clone set in Hong Kong involving lots of martial arts and great Kung Fu moves that will appeal to the die-hard action movies and fighting fans. You will absolutely love the challenging fighting mechanics and moves that you can learn and master. There's also lots of melee or fire weapons that take away the feel a bit, but you can do fine without them right? Also, this is one of the rare games who require you to actually use the environment at your advantage for real, allowing you to execute your enemies in epic takedowns using aquariums, fans, saws, trashcans, ventilation tubes etc.. The graphics are wonderful and the high resolution models/textures perfect and appropriate for an openworld sandbox action game. You can feel that the developers have put up quite a good effort bringing us this beauty of a game. A major downside is the story, you play as a bandit who becomes a civilian cop, for reasons.. and you can just perform as many crimes as you want just because you're with the law. For example, assasinate lots of pedestrians or run over them, kill a few officers or blow some cars up, only to get released later and be told to be more careful. This isn't very consistent. But it doesn't really matter. The game allows you to do quite a handful of fun activities and sidemissions like having intense training, massages, gunfights, pursuits or even dancing and karaoke. Which really makes the city feel lively and full of surprises. The soundtrack and voice actors are pretty good, some of the songs are even in cantonese true to the setting. If you loved games like Saints Row, GTA or Just Cause, this game is the right choice for you.


One of the best games in 2012

georgecopos | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all georgecopos's reviews »

The game stands out by its fluid and spectacular melee combat, the atmosphere of a non generic american city, great voiceacting and cutscenes and obviously the city where you can do pretty much what you want. The melee is basically like in the Batman games, maybe a little harder and less fluid since it doesnt have an autoaim; the kung-fu moves are very enjoyable, seems the hiring of MMA champions was not in vain. The city is superbly made; the map is 2-3 times smaller than Liberty City but much more intense, it vibrates with life. The design is top-notch and the details are massive. Graphically looks very nice, and more that that the good thing is that it runs on older systems even 4-6 years old. The most impressive is the sensational light system, especially when it rains or during the night, it looks just glorious. Voiceacting is very good as well, same for the radio stations, but sadly they cant compare with those from the GTA franchise. Overall, the game is clearly a success, one of the best games from 2012, a great alternative to the open world gaming.


20x better True Crime.

andrewbeechwood | Jan. 26, 2013 | See all andrewbeechwood's reviews »

That's amazing open world game. What to say. You're a undercover cop and you also working for the Sun On Yee triad. I like that the main structure of the game is fighting and the fight mechanics is great. Guns are rare and that's ok. You can visit the health shrines (if you want increase your health bar), steal cars, find money, racing etc. Game is pure fun but... driving isn't strength of the game :P


Eat your heart out GTAIV!

backslashio | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all backslashio's reviews »

This is how its done, an entertaining John Woo styled 80s classic with a focus on hand to hand combat rather than relying on the typical gun. The graphics are spectacular, there's a lot of attention to detail and you'll feel like your a part of the asian experience with a populated city, triads and fight clubs! You'll grab enemies and throw them into a fish tank, slam their heads into walls or kick them into phone booths. This range of combat makes it all the more satisfying especially when you learn new moves! The whole city felt filled with life & pork buns and I enjoyed every moment of it, one of the most satisfying open world game that demands a sequel!


Solid but not amazing

Antix | Jan. 9, 2013 | See all Antix's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is a game about an undercover officer taking on the triads, set in Hong Kong. It's open world with lots of side activities. Really, this is about what you could expect from a GTA game. The twist is that the game uses mostly melee combat. The gameplay is solid. Both when it comes to melee and shooting, nothing that really sets it apart but not bad either. I thought the story had some issues with pace, not giving you enough time to really get to know the characters, but it's not bad at all and Wei Shen is a charismatic protagonist. The graphics and the aesthetics are great, and with the local music the game really creates an atmosphere that you just cannot find in others. Hong Kong itself is the true charm of Sleeping Dogs.


Go for it if you like fighting with fists

wondrous | Jan. 9, 2013 | See all wondrous's reviews »

Every one compares it with GTA series. But I wanna compare it with saints row 3. for short, this game is a simplified saints row 3 in asia + kung fu. why it is "simplified"? because I think you see some things in saints row, but they are not comparable; and you see other things not in saints row, and they are not well implemented. Many cars and motocycles? yes but cannot be customized. Tanks and aircrafts? No. It is the same as for guns, and you don't actually have any guns until you get it from others. Storyline? Linear and feel more boring and less dynamic and creative than saints row. You basically get a call for help (from bad guys or good guys), you go there do some free run and fight someone and done, which is very very common nowadays. Someone may say hey you can also attract ladies, but you will be upset as your date is a one time task and strictly scripted. Some one may also argue that there is hacking systems and planting bugs which are not in saints row, but if you ever played that, it is extremly easy. The only spot shining would be the racing, as it is as challenging as a bug if you don't have a good car. However, again, if you HAVE a good car, it will be as easy as a bug. In the end, the story telling is not solid, and it is more like fight before think. But behold, kung fu! This is definately the thing saints row does not have. Guns in this game is much less effective than your fists and legs. There is tons of combinations of kung fu actions you can conduct, and all feel extremly satisfying. You can choose to attack with fancy series of strikes on weak baddies, or counter-attack those tough guys, and you can even use enviromental stuffs to perform cirical attack. In saints row, the melee attack is basically not implemented which are basically funny show ups. In sleeping dogs, it feels like an embeded street fighter.


Totally worth 6$

ILoveIL | Jan. 8, 2013 | See all ILoveIL's reviews »

I bought the game for just about 6$ (and thanks to GMG for that. You really should keep your eyes open). I'm happy I didn't dissipate more than that. This game fails in every things it tries to do. The driving system is one of the worst I saw and this is a real drawback in a game involving much driving. The fighting really surprised me: At first I thought there is only face to face combat, so I thought they will put some endeavors creating a thrilling combat. I was aghast to discover that there are no combos at all. In fact there is only 3 sets of punching and a kick at the end. Really shameful. Then I saw that the game has gun play also. But it is no better. The story is also stupid and very shallow. Only the graphics save this game from a total disaster. This game is a medicore at best. Avoid it!


Open world fighting game

sYncz | Jan. 2, 2013 | See all sYncz's reviews »

Great game, contains lots of things for you to do. Sleeping Dogs has two view points of the main story - undercover cop and the gangster, where you do missions for the `Sun On Yee` or complete undercover cases. Races with bikes, cars, boats are quite fun, also you can do wide variety of favors, which are smaller side-missions that involve various tasks, if you are up to the challenge then attending fight clubs to test your skills is a good idea. In addition you can work as debt collector or steal a cars for clients who are looking for a specific car. Overall fighting could be hard at times, especially in the begging of the game if you manage to get in the wrong neighborhood and have no clue how to perform some good moves and combos. The game is focuses more on fighting rather than shooting like most games, also the fighting mechanics are well designed and it feels rewarding when you do a roundhouse kick to the face.


One of the best open world games to date

igzaustion | Dec. 31, 2012 | See all igzaustion's reviews »

Despite some trouble with every other NVIDIA driver update, this game has turned out to be a great experience from start to end. Combining the combat style of Arkham, the free roaming of GTA and the driving of Just Cause, this title brings the best of all worlds. The map feels small, but is varied enough to excite, and for once in this genre, the missions are varied and well scripted. A virtual Hong Kong offers a fresh feel, and the martial arts focus is great. Also, there are no attention hungry relatives who calls you all the time to go bowling or drive them to a fast food restaurant. Recommended for everyone who likes open world games.


Unexpected Surprise

andreas_himself | Dec. 25, 2012 | See all andreas_himself's reviews »

This game is simply brilliant. It looks great, graphics is very nice. There are loads of options and tweeks. Gameplay makes this game stand out the most. Fighting scenes are amazing, you want them to keep coming and coming, once you get the hang of it, you wont want to stop! Apart from the main story, there are tons of other things to do: fights, races, etc... I havent completed the game so far but im enjoying it so much i am simply taking my time! I recommend this game to everyone!


Refreshing, better than GTA4

wooglah | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all wooglah's reviews »

I liked GTA series since the first game and it's expansion, really enjoyed GTA2 and GTA3 for years, have been avid fan of Vice City and played my share of San Andreas... But I can not forgive what Rockstar has done with awful porting of GTA IV to PC. That game is like a damaged tank trying to go down the walkway. Sleeping Dogs is, in that manner, much better game. Optimized, with nice graphics and believable city, engaging story and nice mechanics, specially kung-fu moves while fighting... It's not as over-the-top as Saint's Row the Third, nor as unpolished as GTA IV, but just right, in the middle, just as the third bed in the story about Goldilocks.


Excellent Game!

Axxelator | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all Axxelator's reviews »

I bought this game from GMG after I saw some videos of the game in action, and I'm happy to say that I wasn't disappointed. The characters and story are very interesting and will keep you going to see what happens next. The gameplay is varied and will keep you coming back for more. There is easily 50 hours worth of gameplay in the game alone, and you can keep playing more with some of the DLCs that is still being released. Overall a great game that is worth your time.


Very fun and enjoyable

dla911 | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all dla911's reviews »

The game is great sandbox game. if you enjoyed GTA games, saints row games you will love this one, worth every buck the storyline was great the mix up of shooting and Kung fu was great hoping they will put more DLC out in time and even a sequel.


Fantastic open-world

panz3r88 | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is the classic action open world game similar to GTA. In Sleeping Dogs you are a cop that infiltrates in a criminal organization in Hong Kong and take it down to the inside. This game looks like one of the famous John Woo's action films. One of the best element of the game is the combat system, really intuitive and spectacular with interesting animations. There are many activities and secondary missions to do, so the game is quite long and it's always fun. If you love classical free roam games similar to GTA and you want to see also an interesting story, Sleeping Dogs is a good choice


One of the best games from 2012

Donrenegade | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all Donrenegade's reviews »

--This is a recommendation that I copied from my own Steam page-- This is a game that you should at least give a try. The graphics are pretty good(can be customised fully) but it’s the gameplay in this game that makes it stand out. The fighting mechanics in this game are unique for games in this genre. It does it way better than GTA does. It’s also easy to get the hang of it. There are enough things to do besides the story missions. Fight clubs, cock fights(I am talking about roosters!), looking for briefcases, races etc etc... But there are also some flaws. The game has a hard time explaining certain controls in the game. You're never taught how to change the music channel, how use the horn or how to sheathe your weapon. The devs. also have the nerves to tell you how to turn off the flashlight of a gun you've got equipped during the final mission of the game. Most things work great, but some feel rushed. It's a shame it did not sell as good as it should. Despite its minor flaws it's still a great game and definately deserves an 8.0


Best open world game since GTAIV.

overburning | Dec. 20, 2012 | See all overburning's reviews »

Easily the best open world game after GTA. Combat is Arkham City-esque, probably less polished, but arguably more fun as it requires more player input with the ever expanding combo. A very solid story, lacks a bit in the character department, and the whole theme of conflicted identity never really got explored. Very surprised by the portrayal of Hong Kong, there are some confusion between canto (traditional Chinese) and mando (simplified), but overall a lively city that successfully remind me of the real place. Nothing new or innovative, but the whole package is executed fairly beautifully, bottom line: it's simply a really really fun game.


Extremely fun but troubling stories.

Atwa | Dec. 13, 2012 | See all Atwa's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is a BLAST to play. Its downright one of the best playing open world games there is. The hand to hand combat is a flawless, even if it borrows heavily from a different game starring a certain bat. The driving is just right, you car throws itself around corners and there are ramps all over to get you plenty of air in daring stunts. The world is big and fun to mess around in, the objectives are varied and I didn't feel bored ONCE over my 25 hours I spent with the game. There is however one big flaw that keeps the game back for me which is the story. I found the story and caricatures characters to be extremely dull. You will go from arriving in Hong Kong to leading your own triad in mere hours. It all feels very forced and its a very light gangster drama. Despite people dying constantly there is never any emotional punch. Characters are introduced and killed off at a blazing pace that you might even have a hard time remembering who exactly just called you and asked you to do horrible things to other people. There is also the fact that you are supposed to be an undercover cop, yet have no objection, moral or otherwise about killing hundreds of people. It all made me completely lose interest in the story yet that wasn't exactly a problem because I was busying throwing myself from my car to another, pushing people into giant aquariums and generally just having a blast. Pick up Sleeping Dogs for the fun you will have and you will not be disappointed.


Amazing open-world game set in Hong Kong

Takeshi_K | Dec. 13, 2012 | See all Takeshi_K's reviews »

I'm half asian so this game interests me more than GTA or Saints Row. I definitely didn't expect an AAA-title from this game. More like a downloadable game like I Am Alive. It's got the same great battle system Batman has. The story is very good and there's tons of things to discover. The DLC isn't that interesting although Nightmare in North Point is all right. Also, the PC version is VERY good. Props to Square Enix for putting effort into it. I'm definitely hopeful for a sequel.


Don't avoid it, like I did for some time

rulzmaker | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all rulzmaker's reviews »

I've avoided buying this game for some time based on the reviews found on the net, but I've picked this up on GMG on a sale and I don't regret doing so at all. The game surprised me in many ways, starting from basic stuff like graphics going all the way to the fighting system which is innovative. Many say it's been copied out of the Batman series, but no, it's actually based on the True Crime series which this game actually is. If you've been avoiding this game based on the reviews you've read on the net don't do so anymore, buy it, it's a great game!


Great follow up from the True Crime serie

DonVercetti | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all DonVercetti's reviews »

For the last couple of years, Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row were the leaders when it came to freeroaming, car stealing, pedestrians killing games. Now Sleeping Dogs arrives and throws itself right into the genre and does a good job in presenting itself as a worthy alternative to the earlier named series. The city of HK looks amazing, the atmosphere there is absolutely stunning. Then combine that with quite the remarkable voice actors in this game and the great characters that are in this game. In my opinion a downside to this title is the strange DLC that is available for it, speaking of the Top Dog Gold and Silver Pack. This content gives you an amount of Triad Point, Cop points and a bit of HK valuta. Something you could easily get yourself by playing the game for an extra 3 or so hours. Then again, you are not obliged to buy it, so no real worries there. The fighting style in this game is amazing, it goes so fluently and is very enjoyable. At this time I am well over 40 hours in to this game and still enjoying it.


Great Open World City Game.

Wootus | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all Wootus's reviews »

Think of a mix of Batman Arkham Asylum's Combat With GTA's vast open world and throw in some of Hong Kong cinema's drama, and you have Sleeping Dogs. Living in Hong Kong myself, I can say that the developers have really done their homework. The city feels alive and accurate, with lots of attention to detail. Exploring the city in game feels very much like the real thing here (besides all the triad violence of course.) The gameplay is a great mix of shooting, martial arts and driving and it never felt like one outweighed the other too much. Although, I personally was hoping for more pistol shootouts like in the demo, and could have done with less "follow that car" quests. The story is good, but is nothing outstanding. There are a couple of "saw that coming" twists that are groan worthy. The voice-acting on the other hand, is brilliantly done and very believable. There's lots to do besides the main quest: fight clubs, murder investigations, collectables that increase your move list, and street races. You can even go on dates with some of the female characters, but only one or two times before they apparently disappear completely, which is strange considering you keep in pretty regular contact with almost all the other characters throughout. The graphics on PC are excellent and there's a great deal of options to tweak to get that perfect performance-to-framerate ratio. If you enjoy open world action games or just action games in general, you won't be disappointed with this purchase.


Somewhat GTAish

TheOrangeSide | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all TheOrangeSide's reviews »

Think GTA with parkour but in Hong Kong. The detail of the environment nearly makes up for the 'something' that is just missing in this game. Stellar story and voice acting throughout.


Sleeping Dogs: Not that sleepy after all

Eiensakura | Oct. 26, 2012 | See all Eiensakura's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs revolves around the story of an undercover cop Wei Shen, who infiltrates the Sun On Yee triad to take it down from inside. And then you get the rather atypical triad-undercover police dilemma and the visceral violence that follows. The game basically takes the best features out of other games, and tries to improves on them. This effort is mainly successful aside from some minor kinks. The unarmed combat, clearly inspired by Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, is superb, and often visceral, but somehow falls short of the total fluidness that's found on AC. The gunplay is rather off-the-mill, but you can trigger slow-mo when jumping out of cover to eliminate your opponents. The shining point of the game is the voice acting, which is brilliantly done. Getting yelled "Sei pok kai, sek mm sek zha cheh ka?" (You b******, do you even know how to drive?) in full glorious Cantonese whilst driving like a devil is really immersive. The character dialogue and npc banters are rather authentic too. Graphics wise, the game is pretty well polished. The vibrant Hong Kong skyline and city depiction is very appealing, and the effort made to get all the Chinese characters right is certainly laudable. All in all, Sleeping Dogs is one of the hidden gems this year. And most certainly a brilliant pick up by Square Enix from Activision, who's most likely kicking themselves in the balls, for dropping such a brilliant IP.


A fun but inferior open-world cityscape

genericmadness | Oct. 19, 2012 | See all genericmadness's reviews »

This is a very polished game, particularly for one that flatlined for a while there. While the game was worth saving, the added delay of reviving it has served to date it further - the game looks and runs excellently, but its open world presentation has necessitated some filler, like innumerable collectibles and some activities that just aren't fun. Take, for example, the cockfighting - you bet on one of two birds, then watch a non-interactive fight between them. These moments of tedium are in spite of a fun, John Woo-esque campaign and a visually exciting setting. Something else to note is that the main character is a bit of a pig. His decisions during the story are highly questionable, both as a cop and as a human being - but playing bad people has never stopped me before. Sleeping Dogs hasn't quite bested its forefathers, but as a possible franchise it's headed in the right direction.


Well worth a buy

Cdazx | Sept. 25, 2012 | See all Cdazx's reviews »

A surprisingly good game with a pretty decent combat system and an entertaining, if somewhat run-of-the-mill story. Whilst the characters were generally pretty good, there was one in particular who didn't reach his full potential which is a shame as he's fairly integral. Apart from one or two minor niggles, it's definitely worth a go.


Excelent Game

Sharptap | Sept. 24, 2012 | See all Sharptap's reviews »

This game is just excelent. It´s not too big like Grand Theft Auto and not too small like some sandbox games are. It´s just perfect. I liked the voice acting and graphics that are not heavy. I enjoyed the story and all the missions. Combat in this game is awesome and original and I never get tired of killing in this game. The controls are very good for the pc and easy to play. The soundtrack can be enjoyable. It´s a must-play to every sandbox lover.



Killoran | Sept. 22, 2012 | See all Killoran's reviews »

Best thing about the game was the unarmed combat, was nice and refreshing to see a free roam game actually put some time into combat, unfortunately that's the only positive i have for it. The story was very predictive and the missions got repetitive quite quickly. Some of the cars handled really well and realistic while others had a larger turning circle than a lorry. Saints row still my favorite Open world Action game.


Fascinating game

thewhitewolf | Sept. 15, 2012 | See all thewhitewolf's reviews »

If you haven't tried this game out yet, what are you waiting for? The story is simply stunning, so is the graphic and the combat. This game basically is a fun open world experience with amazing combat and a great story. And if you ever get tired of the same moves, you can just learn new ones which will make the fighting even more enjoyable. The graphic of the game are great too, and so is the story that will pull you into the world of an undercover cop that seeks justice. You will definitely not regret it if you give this game a try.


Refreshing open world game

schroff | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all schroff's reviews »

I was initially apprehensive about this title because I'm not fond of games which are based on a criminal back story. I took the plunge however because of the atmosphere .. how many games are set in Hong Kong? The melee combat initially felt unresponsive but it turns out that the game doesn't forgive button mashing. One quirk that gets in the way is the animations during combat can lock you into a move and you may end up getting struck by opponents and you lose health even though you press counter. The camera also can be dizzying while driving if you pan it quickly but they're all minor quirks and the overall game is frankly amazing - I'm glad I picked this one up and wholeheartedly recommend you to purchase it.


Amazing Visuals, Good story, Great action.

fable2 | Sept. 7, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

Just a summary actually. + Nice story, well presented. It doesnt goes for the oscar, but at least it wasn't very predictable. The characters are quite well developed and the dialogs aren't bad either. + Beautiful visuals (especially with the HD pack). I think screenshots speak for themselves. It surpasses most open world games in that area in my opinion. + Great combat system. A combination of Batman combat system with a little gunshot mayhem style from Just Cause 2. The bullet time was a nice addition. + Nice missions. I really enjoyed most of them. - Bad mouse control, even after being configured. Ruins the whole game. In general the controls need refinement.even though the 1.5 patch helped this treat this problem greatly , it still needs more.


Nice free roaming

Zinzun | Sept. 5, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

Sleeping Dog is a good game. It's like GTA, but with a better story and a true combat system. Is not boring and this is a good thing, and now if you wanna try it simply download the free demo from Steam!


Way better than GTA!

zhack075 | Sept. 3, 2012 | See all zhack075's reviews »

I expected another GTA like but in fact, this game is really great. Graphics are very good and the city looks very liveful. This is really great because it create an awesome atmosphere. Combat system reminds Assassin's creed's counter system and this is great to see that applied to a GTA like. Moreover there's a full list of combo you can learn to defeat your enemies Bruce lee's style ! If you like Open world game such as GTA or saint-row, you'll love Sleeping Dogs !



ophiee | Sept. 1, 2012 | See all ophiee's reviews »

The plot line is absolutely amazing. Being someone who comes from a Hong Kong background, I have to say the details they put into the scenery and everything is absolutely spectacular! I have nothing to complain about this game! Great!!!


An awesome open world game!

xboxer | Aug. 28, 2012 | See all xboxer's reviews »

One of the best game I've played in 2012. The graphics are amazing and you don't even need a high end PC to run this. The story constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's like being in a triad movie except you control your character instead of watching a movie. It's not like the pop culture kind of atmosphere you see in other open world games like SR3 or GTA but this one is dark and very real and you get a true sense of what it's like being in a triad and being a bad guy. The missions in this game are some of the best open world missions I've seen and I've played many of them. It ties the story together nicely and there is a nice variety to it instead of the usual car chases, assassinations missions so common in other open world games. The side missions keep you entertained but this area clearly loses to games like SR3. There isn't much side missions in Sleeping Dogs. It's just enough to get by. Overall this is a must buy if you like open world games.


Bloodcurdlingly Fresh...

Lothlar | Aug. 28, 2012 | See all Lothlar's reviews »

In a world dominated sequels and big studio players constructed behind a world of expensive PR marketing here is a sleeper hit for the year. Sleeping dogs in a nutshell? GTA meets Hong Kong from the folks who brought you True Crime quite a few years ago. You are Wei, an undercover cop charged with bringing down the triads from the inside, bringing down the head of the organisation and this will mean getting your hands very dirty if you are going to move up in the very entrenched structure. Its Hong Kong so guns are restricted, so you will have to rely on your martial abilities and improvised weapons (and on the dark day you finally get your hands on firearms you will feel the power as death spews forth from your hands). Sleeping Dogs weaves a dark, gritty, mature narrative that will challenge even the most cynical of gamers, bathed in years of polish in a fresh setting (asia! woo!). Controls are sharp, combat satisfying and the world is very well detailed with excellent graphics and audio made from the bones of kings. One of the 'must play' games of the year, it will happily fill the itch of yet another delayed GTA.



Wimwicket | Aug. 26, 2012 | See all Wimwicket's reviews »

I was positively surprised by Sleeping Dogs. Hong Kong looks amazing, especially at night! Lights everywhere and with the high res texture pack even better. For me it runs fine at maxed settings @ 1920x1200 (GTX 590+i7 2600K). The dialouge and voice acting is fantastic and the story is pretty great aswell. Combat, and especially the melee combat, is great. A bunch of combos you can do and it feels really fluid. And just to respond to some of arkantos critisism I disagree on a few things. The driving system takes some getting used but is fine, as long as you don't move the mouse to much while driving. Hard to earn XP because you're hitting things? That goes for the Cop XP which I had maxed long before Triad and Face, so I did not personally see that as an issue. The cost of items is easily bypassed by doing some car theft missions via your phone, some cars get you over 100.000 HK$ and they're really easy to do. So some negative things. The camera while driving isn't too great, works well when you're not moving it with the mouse though. Would've liked some better keyboard+mouse optimization for menus etc. Otherwise great game!


NICE TRY: GTA happening at the east

leoleelok | Aug. 25, 2012 | See all leoleelok's reviews »

Graphics & optimization NOT BAD. The graphics would be better, given it's a game in 2012, I am not saying it has to be like crysis or what, but the graphics is just... OKAY. Nothing surpises me, but I would like to give credits to the optimization, my brother's old PC would run it smoothly. (Core 2 duo+2gb ram+ Nvidia 8800GT) Gameplay I lover the combat system, you can do some chain action on yr enemy and it makes the game a lot more fun. However, the mouse + keyboard control is a bit weird, as you can't always aim accurately with your mouse. My brother said a xbox360 controller would solve it out though. As a sandbox game, it's a big failure for not being able to change how your character's hairstyle or things like that. The only thing you can change is the clothing of your character, though the game gives you a wide range of choice and some of the outfits are so AMAZING. Overall Stortline is a bit too short. Basically, experienced gamer would only spend 10 hours on its main story. 20 hours and you will finish all collectables of the game. One last thing, I would say the game doesn't disappoint me. I am a game reviewer from HK, and as the plot is HK, I would love to tell you that.... if you think HK looks exactly like the ''HK'' at sleeping dog, you are making a huge mistake.


Snoozing Hounds, a Sleeper Hit

WalrusKing171 | Aug. 23, 2012 | See all WalrusKing171's reviews »

The game had great graphics and solid game play. It reminds me of the great moments in Saints Row the Third. I have never had more fun slamming a woman in the head and pushing her in my car trunk. Slamming dudes into fish tanks and beating them with a fish is a great game play mechanic. The story is great because it is so funny. The stereotypical loose cannon cop on the edge applies to this game, except you're Asian. In all seriousness this is a game you should but if you like Saints Row or GTA.


My opinion of Sleeping Dogs...

pcgfng | Aug. 22, 2012 | See all pcgfng's reviews »

Some people say that Sleeping Dogs is like GTA with Batman Arkham Asylum/City, those people are not wrong. Sleeping Dogs doesn't exactly reach the high bar/standard that those top games have set, but Sleeping Dogs is not far from it. Sleeping Dogs has great characters helped by great animation, voice acting & writing that you will get attached to as you progress through this Hong Kong action film style sort of story, one particular racing quest reminded me of Jackie Chan's 'Thunderbolt' movie, a Jackie Chan classic. The visuals ranging from the excessive neon lights, signs & advertising to the sounds of the traffic lights beeping, shop keepers & clustered environment create a convincing world to explore. Throughout the game, you will earn points towards police, triad & face skill trees which will unlock various perks ranging from melee, fire arms, combat, passive bonuses (such as longer health regeneration when eating food) etc. Points are obtained naturally by playing the main story quests & by completing certain side quests too. The side quests aren't unique, steal this vehicle & drive to this location, defeat thugs & set up camera in their hideout, but there is a variety of side quests that you can do so you don't get bored easily of doing the same thing. I do have a few personal & minor nitpicks with this game. The main problem was that the game was very dark even with max brightness, I fixed this by running the game in window mode. Driving when using the keyboard & mouse can be disorientating, my suggestion would be to lower sensitivity when driving and avoid using mouse as it snaps/resets the camera to face forward if you let go of your mouse button when looking/aiming. Entering/exiting cover when in a firefight can be annoying as you have to be close to object to enter cover & you may find yourself vaulting over by accident as you're running towards that object you want to to take cover behind. Don't let my nitpicks discourage you about Sleeping Dogs, I enjoyed playing this game & recommend it. So, if you're dogging around about getting this game, just sleep on it, then buy it.


True Crime is back!

maciej2601 | Aug. 22, 2012 | See all maciej2601's reviews »

In Sleeping Dogs as a police officer working undercover get to Hong Kong, where our task is to work out one of the organizations belonging to the Triad mafia. Observe the action from a third person perspective (TPP), and the game is full of spectacular chase and shootings inspired by sensational Asian cinema. Alias: True Crime: Hong Kong. Worth buying.


Sort of a console port.

arkantos | Aug. 19, 2012 | See all arkantos's reviews »

Take Saints Row 2, add a worse driving system, with a camera spinning 360° when you turn it just a bit, add some poorly optimization after being ported from a console, even monster pc's can't run it fine, and i am having problems playing it too, add it to the lack of flying vehicles and the missions being almost all the same, then add that every mission you do, if you hit something make you lose points, making it harder to gain experience, which at later point will help you gain nice items, then there's the cost of items, which is redicously high compared to what mission pays you, at 60%+ of story completed i got almost half of what is needed to buy everything, nice thing is the combat system, all in all this game reminds me of the an old game, True Crime: Street of LA mixed with Yakuza on PS2, , anyway i suggest you to wait for a sale before buying this game, then it might be worth probably, also it's seems it will be a DLC machine, 6 months, 1 DLC every month.


Just great!

Bakken | Aug. 17, 2012 | See all Bakken's reviews »

Although I haven't finished the story I have to say that the world of sleeping dogs is awesome! and so far the characters never disappoint. I left my apartment the other day and spotted a thief who stole a womans purse, being a nice guy and all I ran after the guy just for the fun of it and tackled him to take back the purse. When i returned to the woman she thanked me and gave me some money. This with the addition of great graphics makes everything feel real (in a surreal way course).