Reviews for Homefront: Ultimate Edition


Not-so-ultimate Edition

Scorpy | Dec. 28, 2012 | See all Scorpy's reviews »

As I mentioned in another review, Homefront was one of my most anticipated titles for a long time. It story held great promise, and the crew attached really made up one of my favorite ensemble teams in a long time. The game itself, however, fell short of what I (and I assume most other educated buyers) was expecting. Homefront looks like a generic fps game when taken at face value, however the story has many underlying themes that really take a while to sink in. Once they do, it's very easy to enjoy the game for what it is: a great experience. Seeing this sort of ravaged, dystopian future represented in a way that is uncomfortably realistic is very off-putting. Much like the 1984 film Red Dawn (and its terrible 2012 remake), the story involves a massive invasion in our own backyard. Although the concept may seem familiar, its execution is impressive and scope unimaginable. Where the game falls short is its actual content. Here it is quality over quantity. For its price, that may not be the best attitude to adopt. The story is short. VERY short. Whatever little story there is fantastic, and coupled with the amazing atmosphere of the game it truly makes for a great package. There just isn't enough of it. Not enough to earn a purchase, anyhow. I won't mention the tacked-on multiplayer modes because they are completely dead. Not a soul is playing this game online. The Ultimate Edition is a huge letdown, as it contains only extra multiplayer content. Anybody who's played Homefront before knows its multiplayer is a desert wasteland. Therefore, I cannot recommend this pack and can only suggest getting the base game of it is cheap.


Simple, yet entertaining

DeaD | Dec. 26, 2012 | See all DeaD's reviews »

Homefront is a first person shooter, which doesn’t want to redeem the world, but does an awesome job anyway. The story is great, the graphics are nice, sometimes really spectacular. There aren’t so great physics like you could ruin the environment, but it doesn’t really matter. The game offers online multiplayer, where you can get points that can be used to unlock new weapons. After some kill streaks you are able to use vehicles, airstrikes or even small air drones, which makes the multiplayer even more fun. There are many weapons like a pistol, a submachine gun, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles mounted weapons and so on. So if you ask me, whether it is worth it’s price or not, i’d say don’t think too much, there is a war going on soldier!