Reviews for Cities in Motion: Ulm DLC


In the spirit of Transport Tycoon

killlerkirsche | July 26, 2012 | See all killlerkirsche's reviews »

Well, actually this game is just like the old Transport Tycoon from MicroPose. You take responsibility of a transport company for 100 years. Just like its ideal Transport Tycoon you have also to watch at the economy and set your prices. There are several types of vehicles just like bus, tram, metro and also ships and helicopters. The DLC has a pretty good value for its money, although the map is small and not everything is covered with buildings. Also you have an huge amount of money for building which will gives you besides the abandon space enough room for experiments. In my opinion, if you liked games like Transport Tycoon and are interested in getting that DLC, you should buy it.It is cheap and adds some new interesting content.


First a joke then reality

hisnameisrob | April 25, 2012 | See all hisnameisrob's reviews »

The Ulm DLC started as an April Fool joke (perhaps because it is a small and little known city?) on the Cities in Motion forum in 2011 but has now been released for real. To a degree it is disappointing to get yet another German city for the game but having played it I see it is different. The map is fairly small and only seems to be about 40% covered with buildings. This leaves plenty of space for experimentation with surface level metro lines which most maps do not have. In addition to this the scenario begins with an unusually large amount of money available for building. There seems to be only one totally new building but the map has a nice balance of commercial, residential and industrial buildings and there are several that seem unfamiliar to me despite having played all previous cities a lot. I think this DLC represents good value for money at £1.59 and I recommend getting it if you like Cities in Motion.