Reviews for Guild Wars 2: Digital Deluxe Edition (NA) PRE


I just played the Beta...

setoraven | July 23, 2012 | See all setoraven's reviews »

I must say I found myself with a very nice impression of this beta, because first of all, some detractors keep saying that the game will be ruined by the cash shop even though the cash shop only handles cosmetic items. But anywyay, I really really liked this beta, not only the setting has a very pleasing aesthetic overall, the character design is also pretty damn good, and having a rich enviroment is a key element for an MMO because that's what's going to make you keep going back, and GW2 keeps their promises on that aspect. The battle mechanics are also pretty good, and the starter events are quite breathtaking and even more when you think about how you're fighting a gigantic monster even though you're still at level one. That's what makes the game speak for itself, it shows you a lot of epic battles right from the begining, now, try to imagine how cool the quests will be on more advanced level. So there you go, I reccomend this game a lot because not only it shines on itself among so many MMOs right now, because you can't go wrong with a game that can give you this much and not charging you a monthly bill.


Best MMO in Years!

DeVries | May 10, 2012 | See all DeVries's reviews »

I was a big fan of Guild Wars 1 and have tried just about every free and pay to play mmo that has released with the exception of a few to date. There have been mmo's I have liked better than the original GW, but until GW2 was released there has not been a mmo since World of Warcraft and GW1 that kept me interested long after hitting max level, and even enough to roll 3-4 characters to max level. This game with the way they have changed so many of the things that made traditional mmo's tedious and boring. Yet added and enhanced the things that made other mmo's good. Having scaling, ongoing, and perpetual dynamic events occurring all over the place all the time that were much more story based than anything in Warhammer Online or Rift. The PvP, especially the WvWvW is so addicting I don't know when I will have time for regular questing, crafting, or personal story quests. Once you jump into PvP you don't want to leave. From the simple tasks like bringing resources to your outposts and guarding resource carts so they arrive safely at your barracks and castles. To jumping into the large groups that are defending or attacking certain points on the map, no matter what your playstyle is, even if you typically only like to play PvE, you can still assist by helping assemble siege weapons, build defences at outposts, repair walls and doors, etc. There is something for everyone! The combat system in the game is probably one of the most fast paced and 3rd person RPG combat system ever in a mmo, Age of Conan had a fairly unique combat system but it was more of a sequential combo system, where the combat in GW2 flows very smoothly and seamlessly. You can dodge out of an enemies attack radius at anytime, you do not have to wait for your skill to finish proc'ing, most abilities flow with each other unlike other mmos where it feels very clunky going from a melee attack to a ranged and vice versa. The story in GW1 was amazing, so I expect nothing less in GW2, but during my beta weekend I spent more time in PvP and just running around the amazingly rendered zones to have gone through much of the story. But the parts I did go through were very enthralling! Lastly the fact that the game is Buy to Play with no subsequent necessary monthly fees, it doesn't make you feel obligated to play because you paid for X amount of time. All in all, great game, 2 thumbs up, and if you were a fan of GW1 or any past mmo, you definitely should check it out!


Beta: Guild Wars 2

khryon | May 6, 2012 | See all khryon's reviews »

The current state of game is in Beta and is in it's entirety, quite impressive. However, some may be put off by the difficulty of the game (no more spank and tank tactics). Please remember that this game is still in Beta and this review is solely based on said state. The visuals itself are a marvel to look at. The art-style and direction matches the medieval fantasy world feel. With varying graphic options, even low-end computers may enjoy the game. Of course, graphically, if set on the highest settings, the scenery is a wonder to behold. NPCs are also varied, so you won't be seeing the same model over and over again, which is quite refreshing. The sound/music is abundant. It's nothing memorable, but there are undoubtedly detailed SFX that really puts the polish into the game. If you are playing on a virtual surround sound or surround sound system, you'll notice the varying distances of sound as well as bird chipper, water and other overlooked sounds. Gameplay-wise, Guild Wars 2 is quite different from the rest. There is no "Holy Trinity" as in the Tank, DPS, Healer role (though there is Guardians, Warriors, Thieves, etc...) and aims to recreate a whole new skill based system. Guild Wars 2 also punishes players who, in most MMOs, can just sit there and tank monsters. Well, not anymore. If you do decide to sit there like a duck, you'll literally die in 5 seconds. The game, running on a cool-down based system and also twitch, means that you'll have to dodge, roll and circle strafe your way to victory. All in all, the current beta is extremely fun and challenging. There are a few balancing issues with classes being underpowered but overall, feels very polished and complete.