Reviews for Medal of Honor: Warfighter Limited Edition (NA)


Hard to see through the other shooters but I take MOHW over COD

Gaugler323 | Oct. 24, 2012 | See all Gaugler323's reviews »

(+) Gameplay. Feels like Frostbite 2. (+) Map Design. Well balanced for each team and each classes play style. Like that you can almost always "take the high ground" for a tactical advantage, or get into the thick of it. (+) Recoil. Its good to be playing a game with recoil again. (+) Its not Call of Duty or BF3:Close Quarters. Those games force you to run around the place and scramble around corners. MOHW has different pacing. The way I play anyway, you need to take your time moving up, working with your fireteam buddy. (+) In-Game VOIP. After playing BF3 for the last year, I was really afraid MOHW would use the same crumby voice chat system. (-) UI. I keep unlocking things, but have no idea when or how to do so. I just play and hope I'm unlocking something I want. (-) I wish the bullets had some more bite to them. I don't like that there's a lot of recoil and unrealistic bullets. You kind of need weak bullets with no recoil, or realistic bullets with lots of recoil. I favor the latter. (That may be something I need to just adjust to, but thats how I feel at the moment.. I should step back into MOHAA/COD1/COD2 before guns became recoil free... and see how those guns were balanced) (-) No FOV Slider... I want to bump that up to about 90-100 in-game. (+ / -) Short campaign. Really short. ~4 hours, Its like a Michael Bay movie, a lot of cool things to look at. A fun time, but not very deep. Why I choose playing MOHW over COD. Most people spend most of their time in multiplayer. Map design. Maps in COD have moved into a flat maze of close quarter fights. Sniping is only a gimmick for quickscoping. Any long range shooting, or tactics.. like taking the high ground do not exist. Plus MOHW forces you to work with your fireteam buddy. No teamwork puts you at a huge dissadvantage. I like the teamwork, people working for the objectives. Not just running and gunning. Its not as polished as BF3 or COD... but its a dev team working with a new engine. Can be tough. It's got some bugs but I hope they work them out.