Reviews for The Secret World (EU)


A superb MMORPG

Neonberry | Jan. 9, 2014 | See all Neonberry's reviews »

If you are tired of the endless clones of fantasy MMOs that keep flooding the market here is something exciting for you to try out. The modern day setting of The Secret World is and engaging, good looking one full of the urban legends and stories of old. There are a few innovations besides the traditional go there and kill 20 of whatever. The game for example involves puzzles. And by puzzles I don't mean talk to 5 different people and the character will piece it together. You WILL have to do research on the internet to figure them out (or check up a walkthrough). The skill system is also quite an interesting one. Without going into an in-depth explanation I just tell one of the aspects I loved about it: everyone can master all skills so you can easily switch between different roles (provided that you have the right gear). And let's not forget the best part: being a modern day MMO you have a cell phone. Yes, a cell phone that will save you from running across half of the world to retrieve the rewards for your quests. So all in all The Secret World is one of the greatest options for someone who lusts for something new in the genre and is not afraid to spend hours with trying to figure out which musical notes are missing from which composer's which piece.


A refreshing game

MrEverybody | Sept. 21, 2013 | See all MrEverybody's reviews »

The Secret World is a modern day MMO which wants to change some rules from classic MMO's. The point is that, this game, is a game with a lot of fresh new ideas: the modern day world, the fact that you can play every kind of classes and get every single abilities with one character, there is also no numbered levels (you get Skill and Ability points each time you reach a fixed number of experience), the "investigation" quests that will make you truly think in order to solve various mysteries, the dimension idea (which means you can play with someone from a totally different "server", add him to friend, quest with him or group up and do some instances. The servers are not limitations anymore.) In my opinion, this game has to be enjoyed and not rushed, most of the quests that are given to you tell you something about the area you are in, so the background of the game gets bigger and bigger through the game (and the voice acting is most of the time really good). So, to conclude, I would say that TSW really changes from what we're used to in term of MMO's, and if not rushing it and enjoying the nice background is my best advice to enjoy this game, the end game content (either PvP or PvE) keeps getting regularly updated by Funcom so it anyway doesn't lack end game content for you to play.


Modern day MMO with great ideas

bradysam | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all bradysam's reviews »

Firstly, I want to say that I love the premise for this game. It's set in the modern day world where myths and legends are coming to life and magic is returning. The first chapter is very well done and the story really shows promise. However, once you're in the second area is seems to start degenerating into a typical MMO. There are plenty of go here and kill x amount of enemies quests and the combat starts to feel very samey. Whilst there are investigation quests throughout, which I feel are an excellent touch they seem to appear less and less the more you go through the game. These are excellent because they let you fully interact with and explore the world they have created and you have to really think about what the solution could be. I made it through to the end so that I could see the story through, and it ends up average. They keep adding episodic content to the game, which is essential, as otherwise the end game content is just running the same dungeons with increasing difficulty for better loot. Overall, it's a well thought out game, but I get the feeling that due to budget or time constraints they couldn't quite get it fully realized. It's definitely worth playing if you're a fan of the setting as it's quite interesting, but unfortunately it comes across as just another MMO for the majority of the gameplay.


Something slightly different for an MMO

PowerGreen | May 24, 2013 | See all PowerGreen's reviews »

This just sucks you in nicely. You can customise your character very nicely by mixing two different weapons and then making your deck. Want a shotgun and a blade? Go for it! Me, I'm just working my way through elemental magic and a shotgun right now. I prefer the levelling to the endgame, and with 3 factions and a handy 3 slots, I can have hours of fun without a sub. It even gives you 30 days of sub benefits with the game purchase, so you can feel the power of the bonus from day 1. The questing is quite nice, and doesn't do too much hand-holding with sparkles and such like. Something you have to thing. Overall, a refreshing change in an MMO. Thumbs up!


Game with interesting potential that just didn't live up to it

Pilgrim6 | May 14, 2013 | See all Pilgrim6's reviews »

The Secret World really had a high promise. Game centred about mysteries, secret societies and their connection to the real and other world. However the fact is that in combat the game doesn't offer anything special and just feels mediocre, graphics definitely look out of date and the main story lines are decent at best. One thing the game did live up to are the investigation quests (usually finding involvement of one of the secret societies in a historic events) that really require you to think hard and use your brain wits. That however doesn't bring salvation to the whole game just adds something actually interesting and funny. It's setting especially at the beginning is quite entertaining (honestly how many MMOs set in current time can you play?) and you visit many locations around the world. The dialogue animations feel nice but same as the rest of the game, not in a visual way. Another thing that gives some points to this game is the fact that you can mix up the classes so you are not bound just to one. That at least adds something new to the combat system. The fact is that the game transferred from monthly subscription fees to buy to play which definitely helped it by bringing the game more players. In the end however I must say the game does feel grindy and as much as I try to point out it's good moments, there just isn't enough of them. This gets 65 from me and large chunk of it is just for trying something new. Whether the game is worth it or not depends on your priorities.