Reviews for Battlefield 3: Close Quarters (NA) [Legacy]


BF3's attempt to draw in CoD players

Coolicy | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all Coolicy's reviews »

and CoD players should try BF3. This offers an experience very similar to Call of Duty as the maps are more tight and relatively smaller. BF3 has awesome shooting and graphics, this DLC serves as a good stepping stone to draw in some new players. The existing content for similar experience in the base game could use some refreshers as it may get boring quicker. I like this pack because it helped a friend of mine to transfer into BF3 easier, playing this DLC he got used to traversing around obstacles, the recoils of different guns, and sticking closer to teammates just because he plays more. Now he performs better and enjoys the game more simply because it made it more accessible.


Call of Battlefield

Ninjer | July 22, 2012 | See all Ninjer's reviews »

Exactly what the game is, call of battlefield. This DLC isn't what makes battlefield unique, it's for people who like the straight up run and gun with no tactics. It's so easy to cap points and kill people (given you aren't a newb) that it's laughable. The reason I'm giving this a 80 because it combines CoD with BF3. Sometimes people need their mindless run and gun with no tactics, and this feeds that need for a short while. The guns are also amazing (Support FINALLY has a decent aiming machine gun after the MG36 nerf) and the destruction is ramped up (yes, you can tell a difference). Suggestion: Turn off Network Smoothing Factor while playing these maps. DICE did a horrible job with client sided netcode so they added a quick fix (hopefully they fix this damn thing before actually releasing BF4). NSF is better for close quarters, as there is less visible rubber-banding with the game trying to compensate for netcode.


Bought this for my brother...

Gaugler323 | July 11, 2012 | See all Gaugler323's reviews »

I have premium, but I bought this for my brother. He was a COD player, who started playing Battlefield 3 but never got into it. He took a liking to these maps much more. So.. if you like Call of Duty, maybe you'll like this. As for me... I see this as DICE still trying to pull people away from COD and into BF3. Its simply not enjoyable for a long period of time. Its a very dumbed down version of BF3. Conquest Domination simply forces you to scramble around with your squad capturing flags, but the real goal is the constant kills and deaths. No thinking. Just keep running around with your squad, killing and dying. Endless flank routes mean people will be killing you, that you have no chance to see. Campers everywhere. Balanced for classes? Nope. Take shotguns and automatics. If they were going to create a "chaotic" atmosphere, they should have made maps more like COD4, and not MW3. At the very least DICE could have introduced more tactical modes like "Search and Destroy/Bomb Defusal" (No respawning)... or even Squad Rush. But no, difficult modes scares the casual gamers away... and the casual masses bring in the money. So they created this... Dumb down cluster freak. Anybody can hop in and get some kills, die, and feel like an average BF player.


Very Impressive Expansion

ROKET | June 22, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

I was a skeptic at first - I wasnt going to buy BF3 - but after a time and some nice improvements I caved and was very pleased as a result. I managed to nab a limited edition copy of the game and got the B2K expansion but wasnt sure if I would jump on Close Quarters. Fast Forward a few months and here we are with one hell of an expansion. You get 4 great and beautiful maps that give you varied scenery on top of a new sense of verticality you didnt get in the main game. You find yourself checking every corner of your screen for enemies and once you get used to the chaos the game plays wondefully. I rarely got slowdown and playing with the shotgun is oh so satisfying. You also get 10 new weapons and man are they freaking awesome. I love the new AUG in particular and love the value you get in this expansion with not only new maps and guns but also two fun new game modes that really keep things intense. I highly recommend this title - especially if you get it on the cheap here.