Reviews for Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box (NA) [Legacy]


Good Game, DLC Clarification

Squiffy | Sept. 26, 2012 | See all Squiffy's reviews »

This is an excellent game; it's a free-roamer's dream. Every intersection has an event, as well as a ton of leaderboard-style challenges that will pop up as you roam (fastest to go from X to Y, mostly.) There are hidden routes to find, billboards to smash, friends' times to beat and loads of smashy goodness. Now, for some quick clarification on the DLC. As Roket mentioned, not all of the DLC will be available to you. This is not because of false advertising, but because EA shut down the DLC servers. If they were still up, you'd be able to download them just fine. I've heard there are ways to force the game to unlock all the DLC through savegame modification, but I wasn't bothered enough to care about a few different cars. I'd be happy with just the base game. So, the game itself I'd give a 90 or higher, but because EA loves shutting down servers and discontinuing support for games far too soon, they lose out on some points for that. Like I said; still a great game without all the DLC.


Awesome, awesome game

Cooberstooge | Sept. 2, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

For this having been the only Burnout title EA chose to let us PC users have too, I'd say they picked well. I've sunk well over 300 hours into this one, and there's no sign I'll be stopping anytime soon. The game looks absolutely fantastic, and the framerate is rock solid, and was even on my eight year old machine. Powersliding around corners is fast, tricky, and shocking - one wrong move, and you'll spin out and slam into a wall. Crashing isn't necessarily bad, though - the crash cam is awesome, with you being able to watch your ride torn to shreds, flipped over, and slammed to bits. Paradise City is an awesome setting, with racing in the streets, through canals, around the sides of mountains, and airborne across the rooftops. Exploration is key in this one, since there's so many things to see and do, and you'll always be discovering fantastic new viewpoints to admire the world from. The soundtrack is awesome, with classic tunes mixed into the sounds of the stars of today. The cars are the things to hear in this one, though, especially when you kick into nitro going through a tunnel - the cars often sound more like wild animals than machines when that happens. Highly recommended for all racing fans, and especially for those who like it a little over the top. Burnout Paradise has that and more in spades.


Okay Game but Not as Good as Burnout 3

ROKET | June 30, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

When I bought this game I expected tight controls that would let me zip around the streets with ease but found clunky, problematic controls instead. I also thought the game would be visually stunning as well but later realized that there were gaps and inconsistencies in textures and models here and there. From a gameplay standpoint the game wasnt bad but as mentioned before - the controls didnt do the game any favors. The world mechanics were also very clever and cool but part of me wanted to experience Burnout 3s set events again rather than drive around an open world looking for stuff to do. The world itself was fun with jumps and things to destroy everywhere but many aspects where copy and pasted across the map and that got old fast. I used to love the challenging crash mini games of the previous title and was very disappointed that they didnt make a come back in this game. In terms of DLC - you get SOME extra cars and motorcycles but there are still MANY other DLC packs that you just DONT get and that cost upwards of $10 or $15 for near to nothing at all in terms of content. This is another game I never went back to playing after I quit. Not Recommended.