Reviews for TERA (NA)


Different in it's own way

PM_DMNKLR | Feb. 5, 2013 | See all PM_DMNKLR's reviews »

Not all MMO's are the same, even the pay-to-play ones like WoW and Tera. Tera's visuals are breathtakingly superior to most other MMO's, the stories go deeper, but the mechanics are different in a way that there is still some learning curve to playing it successfully. At times it can begin to feel repetitive, but hey, nothing in life is perfect, right? It would be nice if the price would come down more, but all-in-all, for a subscription-based game, Tera is actually pretty nice. Next version is coming soon, so you might want to invest in this one soon to get ready for it. Just sayin' ;)


Decent MMO

Darkslayer16 | Aug. 2, 2012 | See all Darkslayer16's reviews »

The game looks amazing and the combat is great, but the leveling is extremely grind heavy. The first time you fight a boss or bam and have to block at the right times and learn it's attack pattern it's amazing. The problem is when you know the pattern and have to fight the same things over and over it loses a lot of it's appeal and the PvP is terrible.


Amazing RPG

ruready12 | May 20, 2012 | See all ruready12's reviews »

Amazing visuals, unique, huge playerbase and the world is big enough to keep you in for months. There are many quests and the PvP Keeps you hooked on the game far after the end. The gameplay is original and feels different from all other RPG"s out there. Crazy monsters and creatures to fight and a variety of weapons to kill them with. This game is a must-buy and I would recommend it to anyone.