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A Refreshing Change.

silkgmg | May 10, 2012 | See all silkgmg's reviews »

Whilst it suffers from "copycat syndrome" in many regards - from it's basic levelling system where you purchase new skills, to the cookie cutter questing where you're asked to go and kill 10 guinea pigs because they eat too many lettuces; there are things that set TERA apart and stop MMO boredom from rapidly setting in. The first thing that should impress you, assuming you have eyes and can see, is the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The only exception would be the tutorial level the graphics aren't that interesting - but get past that and you'll be seeing rolling hills and gorgeous scenery as far as the eye can see. This is the unreal engine at it's best. There's a lot of effort in design too - from unique and varied characters/races to terrain and landscape, things that make you stop and look, and actually enjoy the world. The second and most important thing is the combat. In most mmo's combat is something you'll be spending most of your time doing, and finally here’s an MMO that has turned it into something fully interactive and interesting. Levels and gear and stats all play a part, but this is skill based, full action combat. If you miss, it's because you missed. If you get hit, it's because you didn't dodge. As more and more skills get unlocked combat turns into something quite wonderful - my archer now enjoys a combination of charging up a power shot, then a second as the mob nears, then a kick to it's face and a shooting bounce backwards, finished off by a machinegun-esque volley. Combat abilities can be added to your hotbar and used manually, or you can use the very intuitive chain system whereby spacebar activates the next logical move for you - or you can even set up your own chains to dictate what spacebar will do and when. Whilst TERA advertises that it is control pad friendly (and indeed it is) - I did prefer using the keyboard/mouse and have had no issues in doing so. Both systems seem to work pretty much spot on. If you want something that challenges the now stagnant combat system in most MMOs, and dont mind that most other MMORPG norms remain unchanged, then TERA is worth a look.