Reviews for Blades of Time: Limited Edition


Limited Edition for fans only.

Furrek | Feb. 17, 2016 | See all Furrek's reviews »

So putting game aside, since I already made a review for normal version, I will focus only on Limited Edition stuff. To be honest, there is almost nothing that would be worth anything to someone who haven't really enjoyed this game. Sure, having OST, some artbook, DLC and few more things is really great idea but since it's nothing for free, you must think about it a little more. Getting this pack while having no idea about this game is no good, at least in my opinion. Maybe if you really love some bonus stuff then you could get it but if you are not, then skip this edition and get just normal one.



PlayTyrant | May 31, 2015 | See all PlayTyrant's reviews »

I loved this game. I'm not quite a fan of the hack and slash genre (leaving God of War titles aside). Devil May Cry 4 seemed boring to me, for example. But this one has something that grabbed my attention since the first time (leaving the hot chick aside). Puzzles that will make you think even during the battle, action, combos... the gameplay will get you hooked for hours. There's also an online mode. The audio is good, the voices are available in a wide array of languages, including Japanese, which gives the game the kind of anime style that some of us like (the character's design don't have that feeling though). Will play again, and very soon!



shadowsclaw | Sept. 14, 2014 | See all shadowsclaw's reviews »

This game isn't anything amazing, but if you get it cheap, you'll spend a fun weekend playing this game. The graphics are good, and the combat is fluid. The story isn't very special. In short, if you get this game for cheap, and you're looking for a fun hack and slash game, then pick this game up.


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DJLin94568 | June 15, 2014 | See all DJLin94568's reviews »

Blades of Time. I can't really say that it is a huge improvement over X-Blades. The game does contain a unique feature where you can clone yourself by rewinding time in order to say kill mobs a fair distance apart seemingly instantly like a ninja with clones of your past selves.You do not get the power until you are a fair ways into the story however... --The Combat-- There are only 4 attacks in the game disguised as a whole bunch of flashy movements. One is the light attack with the standard left mouse, a launch (into the air) attack with the right mouse button, shooting with your gun, and using a spell. And there is no tactical advantage in using any attack in particular (like in Dark Siders 2 where you can chain light attack into heavy attacks for more damage). So you can run around kiting and shooting with your gun for most of the game until you run into a boss with a particular mechanic. If you want to be flashy and cool, then you will use your swords for some reason. Spells in this game are disguised as fire, ice, and heavy spells which ultimately do the same thing. For example, the first fire skill shoots out flames that burn enemies over time in a 3-pronged cone. The first ice skill shoots out ice that roots enemies in a 3-pronged cone. The heavy (I guess normal attribute?) skill shoots out dark streaks that deal more damage in a 3-pronged cone... Seriously... why couldn't they get away from those prongs. Ultimately, they just kill the guy standing in front of you. --The Story-- Whaaaaaaaaaaat? I do enjoy that she likes making herself stronger by having spazz attacks and hallucinations in front of alters, but seriously, get back to the story.... The story overall is very unappealing. It may have to do with the bad pacing, but I couldn't keep myself interested in it for very long. Especially because she got teleported somewhere and lost track of her partner without much of a background story to say why everything happened... then afterwards she wanders around pretty much aimlessly through a random dungeon that she recognizes from somewhere even though she was teleported randomly to that what am I even saying anymore. That's the story for ya in the first hour or two of gameplay. --The Rest of the Gameplay-- There are some unforgiving events where you have to make your way through an area without touching the bad stuff. Or letting the bad stuff touch you. Luckily, you start over very close by in case you do touch it out of curiosity. These are not particularly interesting, they're like random "oh look" nuisances while you make your way through the story. --Outbreak Mode-- This is basically their attempt at a 3rd person over the shoulder MOBA style thing. You can find a similar "thing" called Smite. It's probably one of the most popular (and balanced maybe?) over the shoulder MOBA. You can the normal kits, swords and a gun, and special powers you select at the beginning of the match. The only differences between this and other MOBA's is that online doesn't really work (or at least it has not for me so far). If you're playing single vs AI, then you're just beating on mob spawns, which spawn in greater numbers than your own side. Then you just beat on spawns and towers that have too much hp for a long time until you get to and destroy the enemy base. Oh, sometimes, special mobs that have a few more traits sometimes appear and push with the enemy wave. --Overall Verdict-- This is not a huge improvement over the previous game, all except for the sexy graphics and character. The gameplay is repetitive and boring (though it can be fun at first). It does contain the unique time reversal feature as well. Sadly the story and combat mechanics are a major turn off as there is no particular strategy or engrossing story besides gunning everything down from a safe distance or spamming attacks in a hack-and-slash style that is basically only 1 attack. Oh, and the occasional spells that are ultimately imitations of the same spell with different colors and slightly different aftereffects. Luckily, one thing it has going for it is that there are no noticeable bugs in all of my gameplay so far!


Fun on deal

Krim222 | July 7, 2013 | See all Krim222's reviews »

Wouldnt pay full price for this game but it is pretty fun if your out of games and you get it on a bargain. The gameplay is reminiscent of Heavenly sword for the ps3. Story is not the best but the gameplay is fun albeit a little repetative


An average action game, with horrible writing.

Crazee | Feb. 20, 2013 | See all Crazee's reviews »

This game looks pretty. Whilst playing I spent most of my time admiring the surroundings and artwork. Unfortunately that's where most of my enjoyment stopped. The writing is awful. The English voice acting was so bad that I switched to Japanese and just read the captions (which were not great). The game is takes too long to give you new skills, especially the ability to play with time which should've been introduced far earlier. The combat is ok, it's fairly smooth but offers nothing special. I feel the game would've been better without the ranged combat option. As with most action games, I found it more comfortable to use a gamepad. Overall it's okay if you just want something you can load up and get some puzzles and combat done, but there are much better options available. The DLC that comes with the Limited Edition pack is not worth it in my opinion. I'd skip it and just get the base game when it's on sale for really cheap. Bottom Line: An avarage action game, that offers nothing special.


A homage to Prince of Persia

MalekTaktak | Jan. 26, 2013 | See all MalekTaktak's reviews »

This sequel to X-Blades is actually pretty decent... graphics wise. Getting the hang of the controls is very easy for this third person adventure game à-la Prince Of Persia. The level/character design is surprisingly well done, there are lots of enemies to fight like you'd expect from a hack and slash game, but also lots of quick easy parkour sections, some cheap but acceptable puzzles, extremely challenging bossfights and very boring cutscenes. Overall, the graphics are loveable, although it's almost the same style games like Darksiders use, the music is pretty average, nothing you would notice on spot unless you're paying attention to it, the gameplay gets really repetitive after a short time and the story isn't captivating at all. The reason I have played this game was only because I got it gifted by a friend, otherwise, just wait for a sale because paying full price just isn't worth it.


A nice hack and slash game, with good looking main character

axeldna | Nov. 24, 2012 | See all axeldna's reviews »

I played the first version of this game (X-Blades), and have to say this is way much better, if we talk about graphics, game story and gameplay (yes, everything is better). About graphics, both games are good, but this is a more recent game so it has to be better. However, X-Blades has some kind of "toon" characters, and Blades of Time has more realistic ones, which makes more sense because the game is not for children, but for teenagers and beyond. About story, this has been improved a lot, just because the first game all you could understand was: Ayumi went to a temple, found some monsters, killed them and then she left. Blades of Time has a better explanation of events in game, so when you play, you really know why Ayumi has to move on. About gameplay, X-Blades had a linear gameplay (you have only one way to follow), but this game gives you choices to follow game story. There is much many skills and powers available to learn and unlock for Ayumi (the main character), making the game really fun, because you want to keep going to get Ayumi's maximum level. Besides, when I was playing with Ayumi, I felt some kind of Devil May Cry fighting style, and that was good because I liked Devil May Cry. There is one more thing, Ayumi has a time power, where she remembers her past (in fact, she summons another Ayumi from past) and you can have more than one Ayumi at the time. This was a very nice feature. So, the game itself is some kind of mix between Devil May Cry and Prince of Persia, with a good looking main character, and that's enough to make it a really good game. I really recommend it, you won't regret if you like hack and slash games.


Yet another underrated game

Cynaris | July 19, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

I don't even really know where to start, the game is just so nice, and a pretty good value, it's hard to understand why is it so overlooked. The game has solid gameplay, and it is a huge improvement over X-Blades. It is your average simplistic hack and slash combat, with a scantily clad heroine. But even if this sounds generic, the game itself isn't so much. Enemy designs, and story is actually quite good. Not fantastic, not great, but good enough to keep you going. There are surprises as well. The game also boasts a time manipulating mechanic, that allows you to turn back time, and copy yourself meanwhile, even multiple times, to let them do the exact same moves on the exact same enemies, except now with combined power you are able to take them down more easily. It is abusable, but that's part of the fun. It really makes you feel powerful. The game also has a good variety in zones, and sets different challenges up ahead the player, such as avoiding sunlight in a level, as it can melt you in seconds. Overall a nice game, and a decent investment. The bonus DLC is much more straightforward, no powers Ayumi has, but you can play it as Michelle. It's much more action packed with constant fighting.