Reviews for Men of War: Red Tide [Playfire]


Nice, but quite difficult.

Sulfie | Oct. 17, 2013 | See all Sulfie's reviews »

Men of War: Red Tide is a pretty nice RTS game that I picked up after seeing it because it reminded me of CoH. It is a game made for people that love the genre and are quite good at it, the game can be quite difficult and unforgiving. Each unit has it's own inventory and you can pick up weapons dropped by dead soldiers. The AI is a little hit and miss but the game overall is good and challenging.


This leaves a bit to be desired

DanielZo0 | June 12, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

I was a big fan of the first game but this expansion leaves a bit to be desired. The A.I. pathfinding is awful, you lose about 25% of your men because they run right out in front of machine gun nests, fail to toss grenades over walls etc... There are very few opportunities to capture enemy vehicles, not that it really matters because the enemy hit ratio on your tanks is like 5 to 1. Lots of bugs, freeze ups and the like. Some missions are cool but you make it to the end with a few guys only to find out you have to defend against a tank attack or knock out artillery. Every machine gun nest is backed up by a flanking nest or sub machine gunners. The challenge that was maddeningly addictive in the first MoW has now become ridiculous.


Challenging expansion to Men of War

mutsuriini | June 7, 2013 | See all mutsuriini's reviews »

This is a good stand alone campaign mission pack for the Men of War game system. However be warned this is a single player only. This disappoints me very much as much of the fun of this game is in the coop. This to me is like buying Silent Heroes after playing SHOWWII then finding out its single player only. I still like Red Tide because its got all the goodness of the game system that I love so its still worth the money. I just wish they would release multiplayer next time.


If you like single player RTS, this is for you

albero78 | May 17, 2013 | See all albero78's reviews »

Men of War brought a lot of innovations in the world of RTS. Graphics and gameplay are really well-done. You will need a learning process, but once you're used to keyboard shortcuts and micro-management, saving a wounded sniper will give you a lot of satisfation. This Red Tide is a nice (stand-alone) addition to the previous chapter "Men of War": it consolidates the gameplay adding a very nice single player campaign (attention: no multiplayer here). You will see that the missions in Red Tide are more "commandos" style and you might use some stealth skills since your men are outnumbered. I really enjoyed the whole single player campaign. If you have a choice I strongly recommend to grab the first chapter "Men of War" because it is more complete and various. If you already own it and you want more single-player action, consider this Red Tide as well.


Great but with some mistakes.

Sharptap | Sept. 26, 2012 | See all Sharptap's reviews »

A nice continuation of Men Of War, without multiplayer though. The AI is awful , and you will loss millions of men because they will run into machine gun nests and fail to toss grenades over walls.There is some bugs but you can pass through them. The game can be hard sometimes and can be a real challenge.The new units are great and the graphics could be better.if you want WW 2 RTS COH clone this game is good for you.


Good game but very hard

panz3r88 | Aug. 5, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Men of War Red Tide is a game for player really expert in RTS games. The game is really hard and if you make a simple mistake you will easily fail the mission, so you must plain carefully each move and use in the best way all your available men. Each soldier has an inventory you must manage in the best way to have in all situation the correct resources to complete the mission. If you like RTS and very hard challenges these is the game for you, if you are not good in this game genre you will find it frustating and you will hardly complete even the first mission


Realistic WW2 strategy

maniaks86 | June 18, 2012 | See all maniaks86's reviews »

Red Tide is an expansion pack for MoW. For people not familiar with it - it is realistic strategy that focuses on troop micromanagement. It is quite a challenge compared to other strategies. Players must plan all their actions very carefully and fight against clever AI. It is a special joy when a well executed attack finally succeeds after several attempts. Red Tide offers long single player campaign with 20 missions. It is a well polished and historically accurate WW2 game, strategy fans should not miss it.



Lamcia | Nov. 20, 2011 | See all Lamcia's reviews »

I was a big fan of the FoW and SOLDIERS, but what they've done with MoW, it's just a very, very bad game, with boring missions, and poor controls. Don't play it, kill it with fire!


Fits in nicely among the men of war series

liquidsnake78 | Nov. 20, 2011 | See all liquidsnake78's reviews »

Already having played 2 of the men of war series games, i was skeptical, how good this stand alone expansion would be.... The game takes us back the classic world war 2 era . The units and weapons are a huge improvements , the tanks are awesome :D.As i played the game saw that the graphics and detail are awesome. It very well gets the player in to the world war 2 atmosphere. Some of the problems with the game are controlling each unit and commanding them at every time gets a lot tough especially if you are under attack and sometimes the game becomes extremely difficult and one sided.I run out of ammunition many times have to be very calculative. There are 20 single player missions and will take a considerable amount of time to finish them all perfectly . The game sorely misses out on a great chance to have multi-player and co-op ,It kinda becomes a bit too stressful and very hard playing against the ai at any difficulty :( co-op would have helped but the graphics and atmosphere is great , highly recommended , if you are a fan of the men of war series.


Suprisingly Good

unFortunee | Nov. 18, 2011 | See all unFortunee's reviews »

Red Tide is my first Men of War series I played and to my surprise it was good. Granted I may have low expectation for starter, but this game is very well made. As I read other review, I understand this game is more single-player oriented of all MOW series. This is a very risky take for a strategy game yet it win me over. At first glance at gameplay, I can only think this game is a Company of Heroes clone with weird control system. After few mission I rate this as more micro-oriented COH rival. I recommend this for any strategy fan. Learning curve required is pretty steep but not as steep as say Sins of a Solar Empire, but after few mission you'll have your fun and cool moments out of this game.


Men of war: Beauty

Swifty | Nov. 6, 2011 | See all Swifty's reviews »

Just looking at the trailers of this game doesn't give enough information. Experiencing it first hand gave me such a delight that other RTS games couldn't satisfy. This was also quite a challenging experience which takes much more out of you than other RTS games but it is well worth it! Based of the Red Armies 'Black Coats', you must plan well thought out attacks on the enemy and the stealth missisons were especially enjoyable! Also, this is much more singleplayer focused than MoW but don't think that means it's multiplayer is rubbish because you will be severely let down! Hours of multiplayer and singleplayer fun! Definately reccomend! :)


Red Army's 'Black Coats'

faraany3k | Sept. 2, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

Men of War: Red Tide is a more singleplayer focused expansion pack for MoW. Game introduces a special Soviet faction 'Black Coats' and we exclusively play as them in a long singleplayer campaign. Game has improved alot since the first MoW and Red Tide is the perfect example of how well developed and polished the franchise is. We face off many of the Axis armies in a diverse and engaging scenarios.The AI and interface improvements have all come together wonderfully well. The addition of many support abilities has greatly increased the fun factor of the game.Specially Naval Support abilities are a novel concept, a highlight that shows how 1C is continuously evolving there great franchise. Men of War: Red Tide is more of a evolution of the franchise. If you are a fan of MoW and its rich and deep gameplay, you will definitely love this newest offering. With its long 20 missions long campaign it is worth every penny. Undoubtedly the best MoW experience yet.


Red Tide - The Might of the Red Army!

gypsy39 | Aug. 10, 2011 | See all gypsy39's reviews »

If you loved 'Men of War' this title is a no-brainer. In many ways this game exceeds it's predecessor in that I found the missions to be better designed and they had a more in-depth feel. For one thing there are historical accounts that unlock as you progress through the campaign which is a nice touch. It makes for a good read and gives you a better understanding of the dire struggle during those dark days. The entire campaign itself is long which I liked a lot. I kept thinking is this game ever going to end? (but in a totally good way) There are a couple very challenging missions where the game reverses and becomes "Nazi-Tide" in which you will literally be swarmed and overwhelmed by Germans. The emphasis in this game however is mainly on attack, which does make it more enjoyable tactically. It's set just before the turning point of the war, where Germany starts retreating back to Berlin. The focus is on special operations type missions, where you will often be deployed with a small number of troops to raise hell behind enemy lines and assault specific targets often with very little support from the regular Soviet forces. Which leads me to where this game falls a wee bit short. Way too often they give you very stingy load-outs with hardly any ammunition. Which leaves you constantly scrounging for supplies, this can get frustrating at times because when you have a slightly larger group it becomes difficult to manage who needs ammo or even finding enough of it, especially when you're in the midst of battle. The other thing to realize before going into this game is that you will play as the Soviets and only the Soviets, unless you get a mod or use the editor. If you're accustomed to having multiple campaigns from different perspectives like other games in this series, you will not find that diversity here, at least not with the vanilla version of the game. Having said that you will be facing different Axis forces: Italy and Romania in addition to the Germans. This is a great touch which you don't often see in WW2 games, where far too often the spotlight is solely on Germany. The true highlight of this game I thought was that as a mission progresses new areas of the map open up, similar to 'Men of War', but much better executed in this game. The mission "Neptune's Broken Trident", is a perfect example of this. You start with a defensive mission where you will be pushed to the breaking point, then as the German assault finally sputters out much to your relief, you have to gather your forces and immediately go on the counter-attack with a huge new section of the map opening up. That mission alone was pure gold and left me with a huge smile on my face and the feeling that this was the greatest game ever. This is a fantastic title - a must own for history buffs and armchair generals alike!


Even more campaign for the fans of MOW

wengart | July 28, 2011 | See all wengart's reviews »

Where Assault Squad caters to the multiplayer crowd Red Tide focuses on the campaign minded player. With a variety of tough assault, defense, and stealth mission. Red Tide contains several hours of campaign fun for those of you who prefer singleplayer over multiplayer.


Excellent Game

pharaoh13 | July 27, 2011 | See all pharaoh13's reviews »

This game and its' predecessor Men of War have quickly become my favorites as far as tactical combat for World War 2. The graphics and interface are very well done, and there is a wide variety of weapons, vehicles, scenarios, etc. No other game gives you quite the same feeling that every man counts and has a purpose. Is it perfect? No. Sometimes your soldier will decide to heal himself while still being fired on by the enemy or not make optimal use of the equipment he has. But despite some small quirks like these, this game does a remarkable job of making WW2 action come alive.


Bigger and Better Men of War

Pskult | April 9, 2011 | See all Pskult's reviews »

Played MoW? Want more of the good stuff (the big battles, the destructible environment, the sense of fighting war on a bigger scale)? Then buy Red Tide, you won't be disappointed. The only unfortunate part is that Red Tide only focuses on the Soviet side, meaning you won't get to play with either the Allies or the Axis this time around - but that really shouldn't bother you as there's more than enough content here to go around. You haven't played Men of War? I suggest you do so, then - it's an eminently playable, if very different kind of war strategy game. You will be incredibly frustrated if you try to play it on a macro scale, moving your men as if you were playing Company of Heroes or Starcraft. No, this is a game where every single soldier, tank, AT gun or armored vehicle needs to be carefully micromanaged as well as you can, and their every move executed with caution. Each soldier has an inventory, which can be used like in any RPG - you need to make sure they have ammo, grenades and health packs if you are to advance at all. Death is a matter of one or two bullets (for tanks, a single well-placed bomb will blow a track or destroy a turret, which will require repairs - or in a worst case scenario, destroy your vehicle outright). Cover will save your life, but buildings can easily be destroyed by a well-placed TNT charge or a tank rumbling through it. I don't think I can emphasize this point enough: practically everything is destructible, and oh my that destruction is beautiful. That said, this is a punishingly difficult game, and not something for the casual player. Especially defence missions (of which there are plenty) can become incredibly frustrating as the enemy sends endless waves of tanks at you and your few AT guns. Sometimes it feels these missions rely more on luck (whether or not the shots from your AT gun merely glances off the armor of the approaching StuG, or if it penetrates and disables it) than skill - also they put your micromanagement skills to the test as you have to attach guns to trucks, get a driver in the truck, drive the truck to the right spot, deattach the gun, place the gun, and then do the same again and again all the while the enemy is amassing. For that reason, attack missions is where this game shines, and Red Tide has more of them than MoW. Seeing your carefully planned attack come to fruitition is a wonder to behold. The spec-ops missions are also quite a bit of fun, but they can drag out into a long load-save fest, depending on how patient you are. But all things considered, this and its predecessor Men of War is definitely worth a play, if for no other reason than that they are unique in their genre. Not for the casual, easily frustrated player, however!