Reviews for TERA Collector's Edition (EU)


TERA will rock your socks off

Cynaris | July 19, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

Are you bored of conventional tab-targeting MMOs? TERA is here to shake you up. A fantastic looking, lush world, with many races and classes, all of which gives the player absolute control over it's actions. Forget sticky targeting, this game requires you to move, turn, and aim. It doesn't give you stop. If you do, you will die. But that doesn't mean it is unfair. TERA requires skill, but also rewards appropriately. The game has both PvE which is more of the traditional side of MMO's, but with action-combat, and PvP, which is interesting because there are no factions. Once you hit lvl 20, you are able to kill anyone you want, it's tense, and it's fun. The game features a political system that lets players to compete for territories as potential Vanarchs, there are elections as you can expect, promises, and impact on the world such as prices, or the amount of shops. The game has an interesting crafting system similar to Aion, but without the frustrating bits. This game is simply GORGEOUS. One of the best looking games, not only among MMOs. The world is full of colors, incredible details, all while keeping a steady framerate, it's wonderful. The music is also quite nice, the interface is very solid, and I didn't experience lags either, it is very responsive. I recommend this game highly to everyone.