Reviews for DiRT Showdown


A chaotic game for Ken Block Fans

BlockAgent | Nov. 30, 2015 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

If you ever wanted to play a game where you could do what ken block does, then this game is the one for you. It has all the drifting, donut-spinning, action of a Ken Block video plus demolition derbies, wrecking races and stunt courses. The game is chaotic in that there is non-stop action going on with timers pressing you to go as fast as you can. The graphics are nice, the gameplay is solid and I did not encounter any bugs or glitches. The multiplayer is surprising fun as well with a good number of event types to compete with other people in.


I enjoyed this, and i use mouse/keyboard

on2wheels | Nov. 26, 2015 | See all on2wheels's reviews »

Not a bad little crash up demo derby/racer, it has all the things a game needs, multiplayer, challenges, career mode, 60fps, but in the end it really made me want Wreckfest to be finished sooner.



Furrek | Sept. 2, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

Forget about realistic driving. Forget about simulator game. Be prepared for... showdown! I like the idea of spin-off games, which change so many things that it could have totally different title, but sometimes these aren't good. How is Dirt Showdown? Well, it's hard. I mean, it's fun for really short time. It's very easy and quickly gets boring. Sure, it's flashy, commentator is trying to be fun (but after few times you will notice it saying SAME THING ALL OVER AGAIN) and have few interesting modes, but that's all. If you are lover of racing games then maybe you would want to play it, just be prepared for something different, and sadly not better.


Wreck them

FrozenFireCZ | Aug. 24, 2014 | See all FrozenFireCZ's reviews »

First of all, I think the biggest mistake was to put the name "Dirt" in this game. There's nothing that can be related to what made Dirt games famous among racing fans and this choice left many people disappointed in the Dirt series. We can only hope for a better future for the upcoming Dirt. The TOUR is really, really short. I mean it took me at least twice the time to finish Dirt 2 Tour or Dirt 3 tour. I had no idea they cut so much racing from this game. Not even a 10 Hour long tour, it's a bit embarrassing. While I'm not sure why, I couldn't make a single Challenge but this might be on my end or just bad luck. Servers never were available. Also, after finishing a race if I decided to press "Send Challenge" the game would crash on me. A bit of search in the Steam Community and I can see there were more people with the same issue. Another less good point is about the commentator which is really, really bad. The choice of words are bad, the vocabulary is very limited and the jokes are, well, they are no jokes at all. However, I still managed to find good things too. The selection of cars are good enough to keep you happy, experimenting several cars while upgrading some of them. The game can look, really, really good. Believe it or not, but I remember when 4K TV's were released on the Market, this game was one of the games for them to show "pretty visuals" on their TV's while having a powerful PC hooked up. You can see this specially when playing at night, in Tokyo which is simply mesmerizing. The lights, the wet floor and the drift really made the game shine during these particular races. So why did I recommend this game? If you can find it for the right price -and never pay full price for it- Dirt showdown is a small but safe bet. Again, I recommend playing this game if you get it for a very kind, cheap price. The game is no more than a snack to eat between meals but while it may satisfy you, it will not last longer if you are chasing to fix your racing needs. Here's hoping for a better Dirt in the future more focused on pure Rally events and races.


Fun, varied racing.

digiconner | Aug. 11, 2014 | See all digiconner's reviews »

This is a pretty fun racing game with a variety of game types, which makes it more interesting than standard racing games. There's the normal race type, but theres also demolition derby types - which are very fun - trick rush (where you have to get the most points by performing tricks) and smash and grab (where you have to hold on to loot which other players steal by hitting you), as well as plenty more. You can also free drive around different areas. Overall, this is a good game, and a fun racing game that deviates from the norm.


Dirt goes arcade

darkyhbk | June 19, 2014 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

DiRT 2 is probably one of the best offroad simulators of all times, yet Showdown goes arcade in an attempt to please another section of gamers. Mostly everything, from the career menus to the races themselves are very Codemasters-like, similar to their previous games. The only different aspect is the control, which is completely arcade. You mostly race unlicensed cars, and a few licensed ones as well, on tracks ranging from forests to downtown areas. These are really diverse, as are the game modes. You get classic races, time attack, destruction derbies, destruction 8-balls and more, so you'll never get bored. The gameplay itself is solid and fun, while the soundtrack, mainly composed of soft rock, is ok, but doesn't really stand out. Overall, it's an enjoyable racing game.


Crazy box of Kittens.

fishey334 | March 5, 2014 | See all fishey334's reviews »

I got this through a competition and it was absolute fun. The only problem is it felt a bit short and repetitive due to most of time it would seem that you either run around in circles for hours on end or attempting to ram the living daylights of other cars. I anticipated their would be a bit more rally or road racing due it being a Dirt game. Though not to sure I would've bought this game due to the time it took to complete it.



Kevduit | Nov. 2, 2013 | See all Kevduit's reviews »

Now this is the kind of game you want to get when you want to relieve some stress! This game features non stop actions and explosions, destruction and mayhem. It's a game that puts you in the driver seat to destroy all of your opponents. Get bored of playing by yourself? Take the battle online to test your skills with the game, and try to become the top player in the game by destroying all the competition. Truly a game worth getting if you love vehicular destruction!



rjb789 | Oct. 2, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

This is of the more arcade style Dirt games and it is very good! Unlike the previous Dirt games such as Dirt 2 and Dirt 3, this game focuses more on crazy racing with over the top vehicles and races as opposed to the Raleigh style racing that was heavily featured in the other Dirt games in the franchise. The game play is fast and frantic and provides many thrills as you race through the brilliant campaign. The multi player also provides a very fun experience where you can race many of your friends across a wide range of race courses and upgrade your cars to become the best and beat your friends. In short, if you like racing games that are more arcade based, this is for you!


Very fun

Qwertyfour | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all Qwertyfour's reviews »

I'm not much of a gamer who plays racing games, because I usually find it quite tedious, but this game is absolutely amazing. Admittedly, I haven't spent too much time in game, but of the hour or so I've played, it has been complete joy. The arcade twist makes the game very enjoyable in trying to wreck other peoples cars and the free driving is still very enjoyable. One problem I have had is the multiplayer. It seems that I can not get it to work as you have to queue up in a party. It's pretty convoluted and I wished I could play online. However, I still enjoy the single player game very much. I think why I enjoy it so much is that you're not usually driving around in circles but rather smashing into each other, popping nitro, being worried about fast approaching cards and the like. It's the best of Mario Kart and Need for Speed. Overall, get this game if you like realistic racing games but want varied gameplay.


Hours of great fun!

Jimmysil | Sept. 17, 2013 | See all Jimmysil's reviews »

If you expect the classic racing game where you only race to win, then you are wrong. This game brings you much more than that. There is plenty of different racing mods to make sure you won't get bored. The Cars look amazing, and the destruction model is seriously good. One thing you can't expect. Simulation. This is an arcade style game, so if you wan't your car to behave like in a real world this isn't a game for you. But you should still give it a shot. You'll see that it's worth the money.


Fun, but...

Kevduit | Sept. 12, 2013 | See all Kevduit's reviews »

This game, like all crazed up off road vehicle games, featured plenty of customizations to add to your game, and so many tracks to race on. It's a lot of fun to just rip around and past your enemies on the tracks, and get down and dirty. The Graphics on the Dirt games are unbelievable, but the handling of some of the cars can be a little tricky, but I suppose that's what customization is for! You'll find that, if you get the game, you'll be do a lot of the demolition derby because of how action packed it is! I mean, who doesn't love racing against other cars, and completely smashing each other! It is a fun game, but it does get quite boring after a while, and you'll get bored of the races because of how repetitive they are. Don't get me wrong, this IS a good game, but it does have it's limitations on fun.



suvojit91 | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all suvojit91's reviews »

Dirt Showdown is an arcade spin-off of the Dirt series featuring over-the-top Hoonigan, Demolition, and Race events. published and developed by Codemasters for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Features: 1)NO HOLDS BARRED RACING EVENTS - Trade paint and use nitrous to blast past rivals in DiRT Showdown’s racing modes. Courses are littered with obstacles to deliver adrenaline-fuelled racing across spectacular courses. 2)BONE CRUNCHING DEMOLITION DERBY EVENTS - Crash, smash and bash your way through a range of demolition derby events, pushing our stunning damage engine to its spectacular limits. 3)EDGE OF CONTROL HOONIGAN EVENTS - A new accessible handling system lets you go wild in free-roaming, freestyle stunt parks. Welcome to DiRT Showdown - a new world of driving delirium. gameplay modes: Racing-Race-off,Domination,Elimination Demolition-Rampage,Knock out,Hard target,8 ball Hoonigan-Trick rush,Head to head,Smash hunter Party-smash & grab,Transported,speed skirmish.. Rating: Gamespot-8/10 Gametrailers-8.5 IGN-7/10


Just fun

insideracing | July 7, 2013 | See all insideracing's reviews »

Very arcade game. For the simulation freaks it is a poor game. Nice to have a good graphical-wise game for a destruction derby like one. Again, those gymkhana races are really annoying and should be optional, and in this game it is even worse because you don't have even the option to drive with manual shifting. Anyway, a nice game to spend some time and have some fun.


Fun but could have been better

spycid | July 5, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

The game is uber fun and amazing one to play with friends but the game deviates a lot from it's original and fails to be a proud successor and spin-off. Despite the game being flat out arcade style racing, it fails bring innovation and a refreshing gameplay.If you like to have fun with your friends then it's a must buy title for you.


Fun, but..

parcelu | June 9, 2013 | See all parcelu's reviews »

So much fun! Love the demolition derby part the best. Great to play with two people or a group! Had a great time playing it! BUT he has a down side: -Rubber band racing. If you don't know what this is, it's when the CPU adjusts its speed according to you. Say for example in a race, a "beginner" lap time would be 1:30, "intermediate" would be 1:15, and "expert" would be 1:00. If you have the difficulty set on beginner, you can run 1:00 lap times and the CPU will still be right on your tail. Why is this just a HUGE downside? Well, it's annoying. Two, here's a way you always, always win. Just sand bag the race until the last lap, then just use the boost on the last lap in the last couple of corners and pass everybody and win the race. Seriously? Why would you try to achieve the best lap times if the CPU will be right on your tail anyways?


Great fun, but very straightforward

myromance123 | June 6, 2013 | See all myromance123's reviews »

I pretty much love all the racing games that Codemasters puts out. This is because they know how to implement good racing AI, well designed tracks, and properly adjusted car controls. Dirt Showdown has all of that, which makes it awesome! Yet, at the same time it's lacking something. When you start out the game, you can choose a racing agenda (usually start out with the Pro). From then on, it's pretty much just clicking the next race and continuing on. There isn't a great depth of car customisation, and the choices are rather limited. Fret not though, the racing modes are well worth the purchase. Having the head-to-head one-to-one drift races making donuts is serious fun. The best racing mode has to be however, for me at least, Knock Out. Imagine sumo wrestling. Now imagine the ring being elevated. Now imagine that the sumos are actually cars. Catch my drift? You get to bash other cars and get rewarded for it, and really fight to stay in the ring while pushing others off. This is probably the most fun amongst all the racing modes. From the graphical aspect, the game looks stunning. From the controls side of things, it's been well set. The gameplay mechanics won't hinder your fun, but at the same time they won't fully satisfy your hunger for some serious racing. Should you get this game? Heck yes, even more so when it goes on sale in GmG (it'd be a waste not to buy it then). Will this be your game of the year? No, it won't. It's good fun, but as others have said it is very arcade-like. On a last note, sadly Dirt Showdown doesn't work in Wine or CrossOver yet. This means Linux and Mac users won't be able to play this for quite a while (if ever).


Could Be Better....

F1aw1ess | May 30, 2013 | See all F1aw1ess's reviews »

Great game, but could be better. Its a really fun "get-in and go" racer, but not for hardcore simmers. The graphics are smooth, music is good, game modes are fun! Fun times!


A great game

kalil | May 30, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

DiRT Showdown is a great game, combining the excitement, action and realism of DiRT, an arcade with bumper cars of high quality. Gameplay: 9.5. It has a very real and dynamic gameplay. Technology: 9.0. What I wanted to highlight the game were the shocks, and has done very well, it seems I'm in the cockpit of the car on impact. Graphics: 10. A HDR and stunning colors with an excellent quality of textures on all cars, people etc.. It deserves note. Sound: 9.5. One of the best things is to play sound and headphones to the maximum to live realism to all ears. Innovation: 7.0. There is not much innovation, but realism and hours of fun are guaranteed.


Pretty good, but not the best

chrisdolman22 | May 28, 2013 | See all chrisdolman22's reviews »

Despite being something of a fanboy of the DiRT series, I have to say this game did not quite meet my expectations of a Codemasters release. Sure, the graphics are fantastic and the game is very polished, but I have to admit I feel a little underwhelmed at the variety of events. After the first section of the campaign mode the game modes will start to feel a little repetitive. Don't get me wrong, it's a very well made game, but sometimes it feels like something that could have been released as a game-changing DLC as opposed to being a full release. It's fun to jump into, but it won't demand your attention day-in, day-out like DiRT 2 & 3 did for me.


DiRT Showdown

StevieOnline | May 24, 2013 | See all StevieOnline's reviews »

DiRT Showdown is arcade racing at it's best. Codemasters have made a great start on a new spin-off franchise. Hopefully this game is the first in a whole line of follow on's. All racing fans should find something they enjoy in this game whether it's destruction mayhem or competitive racing sessions. Play the single player world tour or go online and compete against friends or strangers. Either way there's a great deal of fun to be had that extends way beyond the single player career. It's a game that will constantly have you coming back for more for a very long time.


This game will be remembered for one thing.....

rossa14 | April 17, 2013 | See all rossa14's reviews »

.....And that one thing is the fact that in creating this game, Codemasters may now be able to put less "extreme sports" focus in their main DiRT games from now on. My first thoughts about this game were that the cars felt a bit slow; you don't really get a good sense of speed or feel that on-track excitement you might expect from games in the series (even in compared to similar modes from the main DiRT games). Maybe that's down to the lack of a cockpit view? Or maybe that's just part of the of the whole smash-em-up style the developers were going for? Either way, it's a game that - after an hour - will make you wonder what more it has to offer you; and that just isn't a good thing if you are expected to put down your hard earned cash. It's an OK game if you can get it cheap enough, and It's good if you are looking to kill a bit of time..... Just don't expect that amount of time to be big though.


one-trick pony

boris73 | Jan. 4, 2013 | See all boris73's reviews »

First up, lets start with the positives: It looks pretty nice. Right, thats the good stuff over with, now the not so positives: It's just... kinda boring really. After about an hour, I felt I had experienced all there really was in the game, and I was already tired of it. There are endless dull loop track for racing events that lack the challenge that you got from previous dirt games, or you can play some demolition-derby style games, which - lets face it - are essentially smash-em-ups against AI bots, and has that EVER really been very thrilling in the long-run? Actually the best and most enjoyable aspect of this game I found - and I don't just mean in relation to the rest of the game, I did actually enjoy this mode - was the challenge-based content. This is where I spent most of my play-time in the game. Having to perform jumps or find tokens or drift around certain areas, etc... It was the closest thing I found in the game to being fun, creative and requiring even a modicum of skill. But that said, drifting really is ludicrously easy in this game thanks to the silly physics and arcade handling, so its less of a challenge than it was a fun diversion. If a single-player car death-match type game appeals to you, then give this game a try... but if you were looking for a driving challenge and the thrill of exciting fast-paced travel along beautiful courses... nope.. not here.


Could be better...

Lekes | Dec. 29, 2012 | See all Lekes's reviews »

Departures from the main series games are never good. Is in this case is the same? No, the creators really, put their order to the main series Dirt fans feel at home, just a little different. The game offers us a great atmosphere. Why? Exploding fireworks, great colors, the emotions of people around whom we go, there is nothing, I, I fell into this game really great. For this is a nice solution Demolition derby is really cool and can be great fun with them. In addition to the new things we have here the dirt. He drives great, of course, terribly easy, as befits a series Dirt, but I think the fans like it. It is a pity, that the 3/4 game, the game becomes monotonous (which can be a worry), things start to get bored. Developers need not just at the end we make the usual racing showdown that simply do not fit. I know that many miss this game a wide berth. I, however, started to it and I really liked it. I really recommend it to fans away from the major races in the dirt 3 and briefly caught up in the world of entertainment. My Rating - 7/10


Not a true DiRT title

RaidenHayabusa | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all RaidenHayabusa's reviews »

This game was truly nothing but a disappointment, the graphics are fantastic (as you expect with any Codemasters racing title) but that is the only upside. I found the gameplay to be very uninteresting and boring, the lack of a speedometer I felt really took away from the game. The "new" game modes were all very dull and there are none that stand out as being even half decent. The game is very frustrating at the best of times, the game itself gets very repetitive rather quickly, the career mode is the worst the series has produced and is just an endless series of crappy events. If you want to play a pretty looking, car destroying kind of game then I would highly recommend the FlatOut series (although not FlatOut 3 that game is worse than this one!) Wait for DiRT 4 because this game leaves you disappointed on every possible level


Big dissapointment

Raggamuffin | June 21, 2012 | See all Raggamuffin's reviews »

If you're a big fan of DiRT series you'll be very dissapointed. No rally. Only one race with licensed cars. All tracks are from DiRT 2 and 3. Also there's no cockpit view. Why?? They put away all of those things I liked about these racing games. The game is fun, that's true. But if you want good derby or frenetic racing, try Burnout or FlatOut Ultimate Carnage.


An average racing game

simonsix | June 15, 2012 | See all simonsix's reviews »

For a shot time it feels like an entertaining game. The handling is very easy, but the destruction derby mood of the game could be a little bit frustrating. lengthy load times, and what you get is an average racing game


The Return Of Destrucition Derby

samtman | May 26, 2012 | See all samtman's reviews »

First up if you are after the rallying of the dirt series you will need to look elsewhere. This game is fun something that has been missing along time in the racing genre. The game contains quite a number of different types of events including normal races, knockout, 8 ball and Hoonigan events. Compared to earlier dirt games this is lacking in content especially in the career mode. Accept it is not a realistic game and you will enjoy it knowing you can be crusing along in 1st and all of a sudden someone smashes you and you end up in 8th. The addition of boost is a nice feature to mean you can catch up when lagging behind after a smash. This game would have had a lot higher a mark if it had more courses and content but still a worthwhile purchase if you are after a change from playing racing sims. Just remember this is not dirt 4 but a spinoff.


A dissapointment for the older fans.

Gh0st233 | May 26, 2012 | See all Gh0st233's reviews »

First thing you're going to notice when jumping in the game are the vehicles. No longer can you drive fancy rally cars like Subarus, Lancer Evos and so on, and so forth. Instead, you get beaten up cars that have been modified for Destruction Derby. Sure, derby is fun, but whenever it comes to racing games, I'm all about the reality. I loved DiRT 2 and 3 for the rally. The physics in the cars were amazing. Here? There is no old feel to the driving, it feels much more arcade-ish. Also, one more thing that has really turned me off by a longshot, is that they have removed the cockpit view. I've expected more of a DiRT game, however, I've lost trust in Codemasters. However, for what it's worth, the game is fun to play to some extent, especially if you like arcade racing games, but if you're an old fan of DiRT games, and racing simulations in general, this title shouldn't be looked that much upon.