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Better than I expected

abelfs | March 24, 2013 | See all abelfs's reviews »

Hitman Absolution is to the Hitman saga what Splinter Cell Conviction is to splinter cell series. This is a great game with a great stealth action shooter with an engaging story and amazing graphics. In my opinion, this game reinforces all the aspects that were weak in the previous games. The AI is good, but there are some mistakes for example when you detonate an explosive in front of everyone and just 'hiding yourself' checking a computer you are automatically invisible for the guards. Another thing that I didn't like was that you cannot choose your weapons at the beginning of each level of the campaign mode. More than once I missed my silent silverballers in order to kill a target. However, this is a very good game and worth buying if you liked the previous Hitmans or not.


Different but not bad by any means

LoneWulf14 | March 4, 2013 | See all LoneWulf14's reviews »

If you buy this with the intent of getting a game identical to the previous titles with better graphics you may be a little disappointed. I personally loved the previous Hitman titles but had read reviews saying it wasn't the same. I decided to give it a go regardless and was a little confused why some people had rated this game so badly, it is a great game with a lot of replayability. Players who go for the stealthier approach to this game will have a better experience compared to the players who just shoot their way through a level.


Not a Hitman game

Oakleighy | March 3, 2013 | See all Oakleighy's reviews »

In short, if you want to shoot people as agent 47 this is the game for you. If you want a Hitman game, this is certainly not the game for you. That satisfaction of pulling off a smooth stealthy assassination, which the old games were so good at delivering is completely absent from this atrocious iteration. The King of Chinatown is pretty much the only level reminiscent of the old games. Stick with Blood Money if you want a Hitman experience. If you want to make-believe you're playing Hitman, when you are really playing Agent 47 pretending he's in a Call of Duty game (with the ability to wear costumes or "disguises") then Absolution is for you.


A sequel that doesn't disappoint

Lekes | March 2, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

A sometimes underrated game. Although changing from previous instalments, it is an enjoyable and complex game that allows you to go through levels in many different ways (if you are lucky enough to find them), often leading to me taking completely different routes after restoring checkpoints etc. The openness of previous games is taken from this Hitman, but it doesn't ruin the game, considering the story, and I'm not sure whether it's on purpose that levels get better and better on the way through, or whether it's you adjusting to each situation. It's complex, can be played as many times as we want and there are so many possibilities we couldn't ask for something better


Agent 47

19th | Feb. 22, 2013 | See all 19th's reviews »

Although there have been many mixed reviews about this game, some disappointed with the direction of the series. I thoroughly enjoyed this iteration of the game. It's a fairly story driven game, and most of the levels allow you to decide on how you want to eliminate you target. I would definitely recommend this to others. 7.8 out of 10.


Very underated addition to the series

iaincmet | Feb. 3, 2013 | See all iaincmet's reviews »

I have played through Absolution twice in the past week, normal mode then also hard to get the Absolution achievement. After just over 40 hours play I can safely say I have enjoyed every minute of it. First off I will mention the good, the PC version has many graphics options to suit your system, you may want to knock the bloom levels down a bit as there is just to much glare when its on high. The story itself is actually quite interesting, its long and interlinks the levels together nicely and the way it ends makes me wonder if a lot of reviewers actually went through the entire game. There is a new addition to play style which is Instinct which will help new players to the series to get an idea where enemies are before making a move. Play on the harder levels and Instinct does very little and you have to play the way you did with previous games, sit and watch what they are doing for a few mins before moving. There are numerous ways to actually take out your targets, if you look at level specific challenges you can see the different ways to take people out. For example King of Chinatown has 12 different ways to kill the guy, ranging from 3 different poisonings, single shot with sniper rifle, a few accidents etc. I personally liked redoing the levels to try out the different tactics, kept me interested and going back. Even if it was just to beat my previous score or to beat people on my friends list, it tells you at the start of the level who has the highest score for that section out of your friends. Now the bad things, first off is the fact that the levels can be quite small. The older games were one huge level, a virtual playground if you will, Absolution trims these bigger levels down to bite size chunks. Secondly the enemy AI can be very inconsistent, at times you will do a headshot with silenced Silverballer and a guy that isn't looking at you and not in the immediate vicinity will immediately spot you, this can mean numerous restarts at times. This also brings the save system in, sometimes you can spend a good 20 minutes working you way through a level and you hit a manual checkpoint, activate it and all is good..........Not so, if you mess up the whole level is reset so all the progress you have made up to that checkpoint is gone, guards are back etc. It can be REALLY annoying at times. The game also has a contracts mode, you can pick a level that you have done on the game and mark up to 3 targets. You then have to take them out and make your escape. If you hide the bodies then others will have to do that and also mimic the weapon you had used. Overall success has a score and leaderboards. Create a good one and you will have thousands of players all over the world playing your level. Its a nice addition to the game, creating your contracts and playing stuff that others have done, adds extra life to a fairly lengthy single player campaign. I do feel that the good far outweighs the bad and Absolution is a great addition and welcome return of the Hitman franchise. Don't let bad reviews put you off or you will be missing out on a great stealth based game.


What happened?

thefinalhope | Jan. 16, 2013 | See all thefinalhope's reviews »

Hitman: Absolution is not a Hitman game. It doesn't feel like one and it doesn't play like one. IO opted to take a different, more story oriented linear approach to the wildly successful formula that has made previous entries loved for years. Getting rid of huge open world sand box environments, the game now plays like a story driven stealth game, opposed to a stealth game with story. The story, for what it's worth, is fairly run of the mill. It's solid, it does the job, but it seems out of character for a Hitman game. The voice acting and presentation of the story however is for the most part superb. It's just a shame 90% of the game is 'get from here to here' missions opposed to the classic Hitman style missions. Absolution does have multiple paths to go through and explore to complete above tasks, but again, the game is titled HITMAN, and what you are doing in this game 90% of the time has nothing to do with the title. There are some missions in Absolution that are more open ended and more akin to previous entries. They are the closest thing I got to having fun in the game, but even then they are plagued with bad design choices and small levels/limited choices. The game revolves around a feature known as 'instinct'. This feature allows you to see through walls, help you stay in disguise and other features. It's a shame they added higher difficulties such as Purist which gimps instinct features, but as this may sound appealing to older fans, it actually creates artificial difficulty, as the game is made around this feature. Visually, the game is amazing. High resolution textures, beautiful art design, amazing lighting, it's definitely one of the best looking games on the market and arguably ever made. This alone has made me trog through this title for more than I'd like to admit. The problem I have with this game, is that it doesn't play like a Hitman game. 90% of the time you aren't killing any 'targets'. You don't get to choose weaponry (for the story), you can't brainstorm (there is no map anymore) or meticulously plan your hits and worst of all, you can't look past these flaws. If you've never played a Hitman game before, you will probably really enjoy this game. But to me, Absolution is just another series that started with stealth roots and is turning into another action TPS.


A nice revision for the series

backslashio | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all backslashio's reviews »

Playing the old Hitman games today is hard. The controls felt stiff, gunplay was awkward and graphically even the latest Blood Money looked retro. Now, the series has had a serious change with a cover system, better gunplay, a predicted movement ability and a whole lot of visual makeover. Unfortunately the story isn't as engaging as Blood Money with forgettable characters and the environments are only partially interactive with a very linear approach to taking down your targets. Whilst there's still variations of taking down your target there's less freedom in the levels which make it feel like you're playing an entirely different game - similar to the changes in Splinter Cell Conviction. Overall, a solid if unremarkable entry


It's a hit, man

MarkDeejay | Jan. 8, 2013 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

A straightforward, but great action/stealth game. The previous Hitman games (with the exception of the first Hitman) never caught my attention, because the controls were stiff and the games were never truly optimized making them buggy to begin with. After playing the Hitman Sniper Challenge DLC I was kind of blown away by the new (and surprisingly optimized) engine, even though the DLC had you sitting in one particular spot, without ever moving. But it showed great promise. And the end result shows. Like I mentioned; the game is, at times, (a bit too) straightforward with you moving from one location to another, but ocassionally there's a level where you have more freedom to try out different things. These are the best and the most fun levels in the game since there are multiple ways to complete your objective(s). Thinking of new ways to kill your targets is where Hitman Absolution shows its true potential. The level challenges and achievements also make it fun to replay them. There is so much replayability, it's unbelievable. it will take tens of hours to fully complete it. And then there's the part where you can create and play custom hitman missions. The graphics are nothing short of amazing. There's a lot of detail, variation and there are some great effects and cool animations. The voice acting is also done very well. Same goes for the music. Finishing the story will take you around 10-15 hours if you mix things up (stealth and combat). If you go stealth only it will probably take you double. Verdict: Hitman Absolution is absolutely worth your time.


Servicable stealth game, bad Hitman game

Teix | Jan. 7, 2013 | See all Teix's reviews »

Did you enjoy the previous Hitman games and want more? Then you might want to skip Absolution. This game plays like Splinter Cell with disguises. Unfortunately, the disguise system is made almost useless by the fact that enemies can detect you even if you are incredibly far away from them, leaving stealth as your only option. The level design, while not necessarily bad, is linear and does not reward exploration. This is made worse by the fact that the game puts the items required for a good assassination near the exact place where to execute such assassination. How convenient! The story seems like it has some potential, but that is all squandered away by the end of the game. That said, it's nowhere near a bad game. It looks fantastic, and some missions are very fun to play through. It's just... not a very good Hitman game.


The new Hitman

Angeluzian | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all Angeluzian's reviews »

After picking up the game recently I started playing immedietly as it was downloaded. I played it for many hours and I can say the game is just amazing. It's fun, How you can kill everything in different ways is so intresting. Good music, nice nuns, everyone's enyoyment! :)



Sanako59 | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all Sanako59's reviews »

Like Dishonored before it, it’s actually a true pleasure to play a game that lets you tackle it from multiple angles. After several years of increasingly totalitarian games where you’re very much following a pre-determined path, it’s nice to have a game that doesn’t just encourage improvisation; it requires it.


Good stealth-action game

Xibalba | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all Xibalba's reviews »

Great looking game, with a nice and solid graphic but i am a longtime fan of stealth games and I always though Hitman was one of the best series of the genre. But this was a major step back from the series. Instinct Mode-linear levels kill the exploration and others "sandbox" things from the original series, nice how work the disguise system, another step back is the planification of the mission completely removed in this title.


Great stealth game, perhaps not so great Hitman game.

overburning | Dec. 20, 2012 | See all overburning's reviews »

A highly enjoyable stealth game, although some may find it a problematic Hitman game. Levels are smaller and divided into sections, there are also quite a few missions where the goal was to evade rather than to kill. Still, the game is still highly replayable with different solutions, and plenty of 'accidents' to try out. The game is also beautiful to look at, with diverse environments and highly detailed textures. Biggest problem as of now is the new disguise system, where people can spot you from afar, thus encouraging a stealth approach, often playing like Splinter Cell or Deus Ex Human Revolution (IO is working on a fix though).


Great Stealth Game, Starring Agent 47

POOTDISPENSER | Dec. 18, 2012 | See all POOTDISPENSER's reviews »

Now I've waited years for this game, and I have to say it's a bittersweet reunion. It's the Hitman we've known, refined with stunning graphics and new and improved gameplay mechanics. Problem is, Absolution turns out to be a stealth game more than the franchise was famous for: Sandbox assassinations. The game is story driven, and levels are more linear then what was shown before the game was released (Streets of Hope, King of Chinatown). What really dropped the ball hard on this game is the disguise system, which is a serious flaw to the game. Different outfits grants you access to areas like in previous games. However the problem is, you have to avoid NPCs with the same outfit as you, which defies logic of having a disguise in the first place. And this is where the game's Instinct comes in: You can use it to see NPC paths, objects of interest and avoid detection. It drains up pretty fast on higher difficulties, and relying on sneaking is the better (or rather the only) option to scurry past a guard. The cover to cover mechanic is excellent I have to say. A plus point is the cinematic visuals and sound, but what left me baffled was the number of Hollywood C-List talents working on this game. Which sadly went to waste, when the real star here is David Bateson all along. I don’t feel the added presence of the talents here, which is a huge miss considering that the story is supposedly more focused this time. If you’re a casual gamer or a stealth fan, this is the game to get. If you have been following Agent 47 since Codename 47, well you’re still probably going to get this any way. Just keep in mind that it’s now much more stealth-oriented. Contracts Mode gives you a closer experience to the original Hitman formula, so do check that out.


Great game, but not a great Hitman game

igzaustion | Dec. 15, 2012 | See all igzaustion's reviews »

As a fan of the Hitman franchise, this game was a definite purchase for me. However, it does not feel like a Hitman game. With the exception of only a few chapters, this game feels more like playing a scripted movie than acting out your own story. The replayability is severely limited by this. On the other hand, the game is well polished, and I never got bored with the story. I would recommend this game to fans of story driven action games, but it's not for everyone, especially not Hitman fans with unrealistic expectations.


Back on duty

Madafix | Dec. 13, 2012 | See all Madafix's reviews »

The most iconic assassin is back. It may not please everyone, but still we've waited a long time and for most part it has been worth it. Absolution is a good game. However, at times it fails being a great Hitman game. Sure, during the years the franchise has changed dramatically, but this one may be the greatest change yet. Instead of familiar setting where the player gets a handful of contracts diverse and interesting characters all around the world this game is more story oriented. It starts with Agent 47's encounter with Diana - his only friend - after which all hell breaks loose. It's a refreshing way of playing the game, when the story sets the tone and variety of the hits. But at times it was not rewarding. Absolution had way too many 'escape the guards' sequences in which usually no hit is made. Overall it is a great game. It has its flaws, but still I've enjoyed pretty much every minute of it. However, I'm not so sure of blindly buying the next Hitman game, if nothing else is changed.


Good Core, Fatal Flaw

NCampbell | Dec. 13, 2012 | See all NCampbell's reviews »

Having played and enjoyed Hitman games in the past, I was expecting big things from this graphic-ed up reboot. The killer, KILLER mistake I found was the game's use of save/check-pointing. I'm putting this up front because it really spoiled the game for me. There's no ability to save other than at set checkpoints, and if you restart from a checkpoint you LOSE ALL PROGRESS. Everything. Disguises, enemies knocked out. It's as if the game actively sets out to discourage experimentation. Having to restart an entire level because you made a mistake in the second or third stage is a massive pain in the proverbial, I honestly have no idea what the developers were thinking when they implemented this terrible save system. Other than that, the basic stealth is quite passable. It's moved away from the 'hiding in plain sight' mentality of previous games, to something that feels a like it's more about the game systems than the level scenarios. Graphics are gorgeous at points, but the game often lags randomly. There are better looking games that run on my system at silky smooth framerates, so it makes me wonder if more time could have been put into optimization. Quick note, I'm using an Nvidia video card, AMD was involved in developing the PC port so if that's what you've got the game may run smoother.


A different approach for 47...

tehwabbit | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all tehwabbit's reviews »

I eagerly awaited the arrival of Hitman: Absolution since it was announced and overall the game is really good, but it isn't quite a hitman game. This time 47 is in it alone after being asked to kill his handler, no agency support, no fancy gadgets, 47 must think on his feet. The first thing that you will notice upon starting is that the disguise system has been revamped.. a lot. No longer can you simply take out a police officer, steal his clothes and blend in amongst your new collegues but quite the opposite, anybody in the same outfit as you will start to question your disguise - This is an annoyance at the start but makes perfect sense in reality. The game allows you to combat this issue by allowing you to use "instinct" - an assasins creed style feature which not only highlights enemies & 'accidents' waiting to happen, but whilst being used allows you to blend in with your surroundings for a limited time. The levels are visually stunning and varied but unfortunately start off with some quite close quatered environments which involves 47 evading(or killing...) various law enforcment officers and guards. A few levels in the game opens up a lot more, however the levels are now structured into 3-4 smaller sections which seem to be linear but really aren't - Levels can still be completed in multiple ways. Outside of the Story, there is a "contracts" mode which allows you to play through any level of the game - whether you have completed it or not, and set up a 'contract' for other Hitman players to attempt - whether it's simply killing a lone target with an accident or butchering half of china town dressed as a vicar...the decision is yours! Overall Hitman: Absolution is definitely worth the playthrough but could easily put off players until the game really opens up. Stick with it and try not to get hung up on the old Hitman games and you will have a blast!


Left me kinda cold... not in a good way...

boris73 | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all boris73's reviews »

First of all, the game looks really nice. Its VERY heavy on the bloom, to ridiculous levels, but overall visually its quite a striking game. When the game works well, its a lot of fun stalking around, picking the right time to attack someone, sneaking through areas, setting up traps, even giving up on the stealth and just shooting your way through can be very satisfying... unfortunately i found the game to be a bit buggy sometimes, where the AI wouldnt react properly (ie their walk paths would never take them to the traps i had set up - sometimes they would never even move from their initial spot, when they were definately supposed to)... it could make the game kinda frustrating. There are some incredibly fun levels, but by the end of it i just felt myself being kind of indifferent; I was hoping to feel some kind of emotional connection or satisfaction in the conclusion, but it was sadly lacking. Fun game, but not a memorable one. It is also rather guided and easy to be honest.


Great but could have been better

Edg3k | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all Edg3k's reviews »

The game itself is amazing, the mechanics and the gameplay are both fun and immersive, the missions and a little to linear though and alot of player choice has been taken out. But seeing as this followed Blood Money which was in many opinions the perfect hitman game it isnt bad. The Glacier2 engine is fantastic and when you actually get to the later levels you can really appreciate what it has done (ie the corn fields). My problems with the game are minor and could have been easily fixed. The lack of choice when it comes to starting weapons is a big downside but explained through the story but while its legit I dont imagine a highly trained and bred assassin walking into a situation without some sort of weapons on him and expecting to find stuff. The new Instinct Mode is essential unless you like wandering around for over an hour trying to find your way onto the next part. This was not a feature in the old games and unfortunately to some of us feels more like a cheat mode, pointing you to your next step, it breaks the flow of the game and if not used, leaves you blind. The Professional Edition is NOT worth the money due to the fact that the weapons may only be used in the contracts mode and not the main game, unless you plan playing contracts alot dont bother with it. Also if someone uses a DLC pack in a contract you cannot play said contract if your missing the clothing or the gun from the DLC. Upside, game is flexible even though very linear, the game play is fun and interesting and the game is worth buying for sure but you may feel like its lacking something.


Awesome Game

korbeen | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all korbeen's reviews »

That's a nice game, remembers me of Hitman 2, more of an action game. It's an amazing new world, but if you were expecting a game like Blood Money you'll be disappointed, you don't have the same liberty to scout the surrounds since even with disguises the npcs will know you aren't one of then very quickly so, if you want to pass unnoticed you will have to be hidden most of the time. For veteran players of Hitman i think it will take some time until you get the new mechanics, since you can't roam around so easily and it's very hard to make the perfect hit (nobody sees you doing something suspicious, you only killed the marks and so on...). The shoot outs are a very nice part, with active cover and the ability to carry all the guns on the inventory (you can hide assault rifles, snipers and shotguns on your suit...). One thing that i miss a little is the loadout selection on the beginning of each mission, but still it's a nice thing that you have to improvise your actions. At the end of each mission you'll see your score, and you'll also see which of the challenges you complete. While the story isn't a high point of the game, and there are few memorable characters along it, the dialogs between the people around the maps are awesome, some of then will make you at least giggle. The contracts mode is very fun, since you'll receive the mission from other players to play a mission and kill up to 3 targets and you'll have to follow specific instructions for each contract/targets example you have to kill every target with a katana wearing a chip-monkey costume without being caught by anyone. You can also make contracts, and it's very easy, you just have to actually beat the contract the you are proposing, and so you'll make sure it's not impossible. The AI have some flaws and sometimes it will see you in impossible places, like corners, and it's very disappointing when a guy on the second floor of a build in the other side of the room recognize you and blow your disguise. This game have received a lot of negative reviews but i think that most of then were made by people that didn't give the changes a real fight chance. It's a fun game and it's is a Hitman game, but it's different from blood money.


Good Stealth game

TomoSojiro | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all TomoSojiro's reviews »

As a hardcore fan of the previous series i must say this next addition is still a welcome one. Yes the disguise systeem could use a tweak and some other stuff here and tehre. But overall it still feels very well done. If u're a fan of hitman be sure to pick this one up :)


Great Game

auronkast | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all auronkast's reviews »

"familiar and yet significantly different experience from other Hitman games." Is how Eidos first described the game. It is indeed very correct, there are Hitman-like missions but they're not the majority, this might extremely upset some hardcore fans, the feeling of the other games is all there though especially during the assassination missions. It follows a linear narrative instead of the mostly disconnected missions of Contracts and Blood Money and even the many side-missions from Codename and Silent Assassin which were the more story-driven games in the franchise. Overall the gameplay's excellent the difficulty level is extremely high when set to the higher difficulties and the game is not disappointing in the least, it all depends on perspective though. Hitman fanatics who refuse change should likely avoid but most people will enjoy the game I believe, I know I did and I've played all the others.



mgremont | Dec. 7, 2012 | See all mgremont's reviews »

I've prepurchased Hitman and play a little bit more than an hour and i'm very disappointed by the game. I've played all hitmans and this one is very different from the others. He had a checkpoint system and a cover system and i dislike both. Maps of missions are smaller than last hitman because they are splitted by step. I dislike the game because i can't find the pleasure of the other hitman but it's my point of view and lot of my friends love the game.


100% killer agent

cristiano171 | Dec. 4, 2012 | See all cristiano171's reviews »

Graphics and Sound The graphics are stunning, something that caught my attention was the technology they used depth of field in this game, know that effect when you look at an object in front of the landscape or the background image is blurred? Well, they got it and add a dramatic effect and makes the game even more beautiful. Not to mention that the graphics are very good, especially the detail of the environments. Of course not everything on the islands is a bed of roses, is a clear superiority of graphics Hitman Absolution running on a good PC. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 can keep the beautiful game, in my opinion the Xbox360 has overcome the Playstation 3. The soundtrack is simple and effective, and packs all instrumental moments of tension and action that the game provides, nothing that will be remembered as the classical music playing Ave Maria at the wake or the convent as seen in other series. conclusion Hitman Absolution has fulfilled its mission to bring Agent 47 back to our screens, even more deadly, maybe a little slower and lazy due to the cuts that the missions had. Despite some lapses in the way the story is told and this division of tasks into pieces, is a game that must be played. For those who already know the series is a must to upgrade in the history of Agent 47, and for those who do not know a title is mandatory, because the way the game mechanics is applied allows me to say that a game is unique and that will surely make you spend hours playing.


The return of agent 47

panz3r88 | Nov. 23, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

After many years the new Hitman marks the return of agent 47 with a great stealth game. All the element of the series are still present: in each level you can decide the best approach to kill the enemy using all the instruments and weapon. If you perform the assassination in the best way , at the end of the mission you will receive a better score. One good point of the game is the possibility to select the level of difficult between the many available: I think that if you want to enjoy the game you should try the hardest difficult level and disable the istinct mode. The game in this case becomes a great challenge. If you love the Hitman series and the stealth games in general, Hitman Absolution you should consider to buy this game.


New innovative gameplay.

fable2 | Nov. 21, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

the new features that Hitman Absolution provides makes it one of the best assassins games ever , the new way of shouting , the amazing melee killings styles , and the great variety of weaponry make it nothing but awesome. we also don't forget the way he hide his face from enemies who may know how may like . and the game play makes you think of the time that the designers spent just to make it that perfect. and one of the cool features they got there, is only the people who were in the scene are being alerted about your presence. that way you wouldn't find everyone in the and anywhere just looking for you and try to sweep your head. and one of the great things, you have the choice of not killing everyone to pass through , and you can use your environment to help sneaking out, and that's pretty much cool thing , makes you wounder the developers didn't think of that before. overall rating of the game it's cool game and worth the play time you spent to it.


Overwhelming disappointment

Mikester7 | Nov. 21, 2012 | See all Mikester7's reviews »

Not sure what they mean by groundbreaking AI, as it is probably the stupidest AI I have seen in a very long time. Alerting guards into armed combat results in a few taking part in a shootout while the others stand around doing nothing, blissfully unaware of the gunshots ensuing a mere twenty meters away. Reloading your checkpoints results in enemies previously killed prior to the checkpoint respawning, causing your reload to sometimes require a full restart of the level. Terribly unresponsive controls when behind cover cause you to feel stuck to the wall sometimes. The game runs terribly, crashing every 5 minutes on average on my GTX670 as well as the frame rate feeling very rough even though it is running at about 60-80 fps on max. (nvidia driver update improved the crashing to every 10 minutes *rolls eyes*) Hitman: Absolution is an avoid until it gets under 10 dollars, anyone a fan of the series shouldn't bother playing, otherwise you will be deeply saddened.


Great Comeback

IganX | Nov. 11, 2012 | See all IganX's reviews »

SInce the last Hitman game released, all of us fans of the series have been waiting for a game which can compete with any of the series. There have been none. With updated graphics, enhanced gameplay, and the awesome possibilities you get on your assessination attempts, this game is a must play.


Most Anticipated Game?

YouCallMeNaz | Sept. 11, 2012 | See all YouCallMeNaz's reviews »

For the past couple of years, the Hitman franchise has been praised for their great graphics. And throughout the years, the gaming company that started the franchise managed to sell over 2 million copies of the game. So fiest your eyes for something that is way out of this world! Hitman Absolution will definitely climb their way up the ladders to reach the top!


Cant wait!

Oddboll | Sept. 11, 2012 | See all Oddboll's reviews »

After playing the sniper challange and seeing what glacier 2 can do, and watching all the gameplay footage, I can say that this game will rock the gamermarket. Its an awesome franchise and this will prove to be a worthy follow up on blood money!



Songit | July 21, 2012 | See all Songit's reviews »

Hitman is the another game who all can play and want to play, because hitman never gets old and the agent 47 always bring us new tactics.. wonderful game!